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How many zeros in a billion Really?

9 zeroes On the “long scale,” one billion is 1 million million, or 1 and 12 zeroes (1,000,000,000,000). The long scale is still used in some European countries (France, for example). The UK switched to the short scale in 1970/71. On the “short scale,” one billion is 1,000 million, or 1 and 9 zeroes (1,000,000,000).… Read More »

The Role of Pediatric Eye Doctor in Improving Child Vision

  Parents always ask why there is a need to take your child to a pediatric eye doctor. The answer is that there are two types of doctor’s pediatric optometrist and pediatric ophthalmologist. Both types of doctors are there to treat your eyes and they examine, diagnose and treat eye diseases. They also prescribe your… Read More »

Torn hip flexor symptoms

  Hip Flexor Strain is known as torn hip flexor. Hip flexors are muscles, which helps human in moving their knees and legs, HFS occurs when one or more muscles become stretch or torn. You can bend your knees and flex your helps with the help of hip flexors. Hip flexor can stretch or tear… Read More »

Careful Use of Pharmacy Sig Codes

  Pharmacy Sig codes are used by medical staff, paramedical staff and doctors behind the counter to save much of their time but using them carelessly and wrong interpretation can lead to serious problems. The medical staff uses them to accelerate their data entry process. These sig codes are programmed in pharmacy or hospital computer… Read More »

A Victory Wrapped in loss: Panthers Vs Saints

American football is no doubt a cruel game. Injuries are very common in this game especially during the contact between two players. Such an injury has turned the joy of victory into tears. Last Thursday panthers got the much-needed victory over their rivals that is New Orleans Saints. But unfortunately, they got the victory but… Read More »

Cause and Treatment of Black Dot on Tongue

  There are many people who get a black spot on tongue. A black dot on tongue can mean a lot of things, it may be harmful and a symptom of a disease or just regular changes in the mouth. The black dot or dots may occur at any part of the tongue, tip, side,… Read More »

Understand Hip Flexor Muscle Pain

  The human body has thousands of muscles and each muscle has a purpose. Even a single muscle is pulled or is not working properly, the entire organ is affected. It is important to excise, but too much pressure, while exercising or doing a cardio or workout, can pull the muscles causing severe pain. The… Read More »