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Everything you need to know about Caleb Walker

  There are many people in the entertainment industry who get fame not by their own performances, but by the demise of another celebrity. There have been many people in the history that replaced their siblings in the film industry and got fame. One of such events took place in the release of the famous… Read More »

The Dive into the Deep Web

  There is the surface web and there is the deep web. The internet as people know is not “whole.” When an ordinary person searches on the web he receives information from what is called the surface web or the web which is visible to every person. On the other hand, there is this “deep… Read More »

Who is Melania Trump and her net worth?

All about Melania Trump net worth Melania Trump formerly knowns as Melania Knauss was born in Yugoslavia (now Slovenia), in the current wife of American president Donald Trump. She has a college degree in fashion and architecture bur pursued her as career as a fashion model. She became the legal resident of United States in… Read More »