Whooping Babyface Net Worth

Babyface Net Worth

The world of stardom has seen great stars with a net worth valued at million dollars. The celebrity fame thrive due their talent. Babyface born as Kenneth Brian Edmonds is an American singer, song writer and record producer. Edmonds is known for great performances around the world. He earned his name from his performance during teenage. The journey to fame started with La Face records in 1989. The record gave him immense success in beginning years. Babyface net worth always remains interesting subject for his fan and money enthusiasts. Let’s…

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Rapper South Park Mexican Net Worth

South Park Mexican Net Worth

A popular rapper in music world born as Carlos Coy known as South Park Mexican from his stage name is a rapper with sensational music. He is the founder of Dope House Records and Convicted Felon. The amazing stage name is derived from is a neighborhood in Houston Texas where he was born and lived during early life. The journey in music world started from 1994 and then fame came for this Texas boy. Coy founded Dope House records with the collaboration of his brother and friend. South Park Mexican…

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Jason Derulo Net worth – His Way to Millions

Jason Derulo Net worth

We all know about Jason Derulo. Well if you don’t know then don’t worry. He is a famous singer and a superb dancer. In this article, we are going to tell you about Jason Derulo Net Worth. So very happily his net worth is USD 10 Million. He has collected such a big amount of money through his concerts. He collected more money after selling his platinum record album. He also gained a lot of money while judging a dance reality show. Everybody is a fan of this singer and…

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Nelly Furtado Net Worth- How Rich Is She?

Nelly Furtado Net Worth

In singer’s dynasty, people consider Nelly Furtado as a bombshell. She is a famous singer, a songwriter and an actor with attractive blue eyes. Nelly is so talented that she has rocked the hearts of millions of her fans through hypnotizing voice. The outclass singer was born in Victoria. At a very little age, she decided to choose music as her career which proved to be a very wise decision. This Canadian singer is still delivering fantastic numbers. Her songs will remain on the top of the list of evergreen…

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How much is Young Thug net worth?

young thug net worth

The original name of the young thug is Jeffery Lamar Williams and was known as Liljeff during his childhood. He is the famous rapper and popular among the community because of its unique style, vocal style, fashion, and personality. He was born in 9th may 1992 in Atlanta Georgia, USA. His nickname is YT or young Thug.He has the positive reputation beside of the destructive personality all his fans love to see and listen to him.The young thug net worth is getting higher day by day because of his quality…

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Mimi faust net worth – Famous Reality TV Star and Business Women

Mimi Faust net worth

  Mimi Faust is a famous reality TV star and she is also a famous business woman. She is also the famous cast member of a TV show named Love and Hip Hop. She was born on January 1st , 1970 in Virginia. She has one child. Mimi was brought up by a single mother and Mimi named her child after her. She earned her success by being in the relationship with the producer of Love and Hip Hop TV show named Stevie J. This person is the famous producer…

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How much is Luis coronel net worth?

luis coronel net worth

  Luis coronal is the famous stage singer. His original name is Luis Miguel, Coronal Gamez. He was born in Tucson Arizona USA on 3rd February 1996. He has popularity because of Mexican style music and singing. Because of the popularity, luis coronel net worth is very high. At the age of six, he sang his first song and practice in the church as he used to go on Sunday prayers for the singing of the choirs, after that he started practicing boxing. After some time of playing boxes, his…

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Keyshia Cole – Net Worth of the Famous Singer

Keyshia Cole Net worth

Keyshia Cole is a famous singer and she belongs to America. Besides singing, she also composes and writes songs and she is also a talented recorder and producer. Keyshia Cole was born on October 15, 1981,in Oakland which is a city in California State. Her Mother name is Frankie and her Father name is Virgil who is a boxing trainer. She never lived with her father and she even doesn’t know him till a paternity test confirmed that Virgil is her father. It is all because Keyshia’s mother and father…

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All about the Jared Padalecki Net Worth and wealth

  Television and movies are regarded as one of the fastest ways of making large amounts of money. Actors and actresses charge hefty amounts from their producers to act in their projects. The more popular an actor is the more money he will be charging in return for his acting services. With all the glitz and glamor associated with celebrities and stars of television and film, fans are often curious to find about the lives of these stars. This writing is also about one such star from the famous series…

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How much is Gigi Gorgeous Net worth?

Gigi Gorgeous net worth

  Gigi Gorgeous is Canadian actress, model, and the internet star. Her original name is Gregory Loren. She is famous for the YouTube fans. Her fashion related videos have about 150 million views. Gigi Gorgeous net worth is not much high but she is satisfied with it. She is courageous and hard working lady, she is doing her work and earning a pretty good amount through her career, although she is cricized by some people because of transformation from the man to transgender but she didn’t care about it and…

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