Torn hip flexor symptoms

torn hip flexor symptoms


Hip Flexor Strain is known as torn hip flexor. Hip flexors are muscles, which helps human in moving their knees and legs, HFS occurs when one or more muscles become stretch or torn. You can bend your knees and flex your helps with the help of hip flexors. Hip flexor can stretch or tear with sudden movements, such as, jumping, kicking, changing position while ruining. Other factors like weak muscles, stiff muscles, not warming up and falls can also leads towards  hip flexor symptoms.

Who is at Risk?torn hip flexor symptoms

The athletes who do not wear protective padding and equipment, and who participate in contact sports are at highest risk. The football players, hockey players, soccer, rugby and those who ski and cycle are top of the list.

Torn hip flexor symptoms

  • At the time of injury, patient usually feels a sudden sharp pain, cramping or pulling sensation in front area of the hip or groin.
  • Pain may be allowing minimal continued activity, in case of minor strain.
  • If the injury is much serious then patent may also be unable to move and walk without limping. In this case, a patient cannot continue his regular activities.
  • During such activities like running, going upstairs and kicking, a patient with this condition may feel pain when lifting the knees up.
  • Patient may also feel a limp, tenderness in the top area of hip.
  • It may also possible bruising and swelling.
  • It is also common, when a patient move after a long rest, he feels pain and stiffness, specially walking up in morning.
  • A visible deformity may be appearing in case of injury that is more intensive.
  • When a patient tries to lift the knee against resistance, then he feels lack of strength.

RICE formula for Relief:

After the injury, use RICE formula as soon as possible:

  • R-Rest: After the injury, the patient should take rest. He should limit the movement, amount of physical activity and use their hip as little as possible. Stop all activities, which cause pain.
  • I- Ice: ice the affected area for 20 minutes every 3 to 4 hours for 2 to 3 days. However, keep it in mind that ice must not be applied directly to the area. First wrap the ice in clean cloth and then apply on the affected area. It will help in reducing the swelling.
  • Compress: To support hip and keep swelling low it is compulsory to use bandages. Bandages will help in healing the torn area. Don’t wrap bandages too tightly, because it will increase the swelling, tingling, coolness and pain.
  • Elevate: Elevate the injured area on pillow while lying down, sitting and applying ice. To help in minimizing the swelling and for relief, keep the affected area above the level of heart.


A doctor may also suggest exercises to the patient. These exercises may help in stretching and strengthen the flexor muscles and other muscles that provide support to flexor muscles. Doctor will guide patient to do proper activities so that a patient can come towards his routine life with torn hip flexor symptoms.

Careful Use of Pharmacy Sig Codes



Pharmacy Sig codes are used by medical staff, paramedical staff and doctors behind the counter to save much of their time but using them carelessly and wrong interpretation can lead to serious problems. The medical staff uses them to accelerate their data entry process. These sig codes are programmed in pharmacy or hospital computer system. They are designed to have a set of instructions. To make an example you can say that a computer can be programmed for 1TBID which means to have “take one tablet by mouth once daily.” They are also present on pharmacy labels. They are also programmed to represent specific dosage and drug. For example, if you are confused about LIP20 then it means Lipitor 20mg.

Pharmacy Sig Codes Save Time

Pharmacy sig codes can save time but you have to be very careful that they may have many risks associated with them. These codes contribute to serious medical errors. For example, once a physician prescribed the anti-drug inflammatory drug to a patient and instructed to take one tablet twice daily with food for elbow and shoulder pain. The pharmacy added the description with one tablet daily with food for elbow and shoulder pain but the patient was taking the medicine correctly.

Safe Use of Pharmacy Sig codes




With the above-mentioned example, you have come to know that these Pharmacy Sig codes can lead to serious medication errors but you can reduce them with below-mentioned strategies.

  • These sig codes must be used by administrative persons who are using a standardized process. Do test them to verify that they are working correctly.
  • Do not allow your medical staff to enter new sig codes into the hospital computer system. For chain pharmacies, they should not be allowed to enter at store level.
  • Make use of sig codes that are used in daily routine. It is your moral duty to remove and delete outdated sig codes from pharmacy computer system.
  • Must avoid using dangerous pharmacy sig codes. List of confused drug names can lead to serious misunderstanding and error. This can lead to add the names of unintended product names and drugs name. For example, novo7030 can be used to represent NovoLin, NovoLog Mix extra.
  • During the process of dispensing, the name of the drug written on prescription should be matched to manufacturer product and computer labels.
  • Make sure to match the instructions written on the prescription with those printed on the labels of the medicine to avoid serious mistakes and errors.
  • It is very important to verify the direction and usage of the medicine with the patient.

When expressing numerical quantity, they must be written in Roman numerical to avoid misunderstand and confusion. It is a short note of doctor to the patient. If you go more deeply the data can be translated in other languages. Common people cannot understand these pharmacy sig codes. For example, the code QID will not be understandable by you but in actual, it means “four times a day”.


Pharmacy Sig Codes List




A Victory Wrapped in loss: Panthers Vs Saints

A Victory Wrapped in loss Panthers Vs Saints

American football is no doubt a cruel game. Injuries are very common in this game especially during the contact between two players. Such an injury has turned the joy of victory into tears.

Last Thursday panthers got the much-needed victory over their rivals that is New Orleans Saints. But unfortunately, they got the victory but lost much more. Their best player Linebacker Luke Kuechly went down. He is their defensive leader and a high-effort paradigm. All the hopes of the fans were dashed in the perfect way. This has not only worsened the taste of their win but has left a lot the panther’s supporter in despair. The focus is no more left on the Super Bowl Hangover; it is now on the heartbreak the panthers and their fans suffered. It was very disappointing for the fans to see that their superhero is struggling to breathe. It is damn easy to know the reason behind another concussion suffered by Kuechly. It is all beyond the worst ending what could ever have been.

A Victory Wrapped in loss Panthers Vs Saints

Kuechly Injuries, a New Event?

It is so very typical of Kuechly to get injured which clearly manifests his passion for football. He always makes panthers wins every week. He has always been an array of hope in the disappointing seasons. He has a complex recent history of getting a brain injury. His last concussion made him miss three games. Such scenario put his fans into the question of either he will be fine again or not. As there are many players who left the game without accomplishing anything just because of such injuries. That is why Kuechly fans are feeling helpless and are praying for his speedy recovery. Although many panthers have such company lines in their heads like “next man up” but for the Kuechly the void will not be filled without him.

The big lead against Saints:

Thursday winning, 23-30, has been big news but the even bigger news is the injury of the star Linebacker Luke Kuechly. He went down when there were just five minutes left in the ending of the game while running after Tim High tower. The status about the Kuechly comeback is totally unknown. It was a touchy scene to watch the star lying on the cart and begging for air .The panthers at this stage were really close to blowing another fourth quarter lead at home for the very second time in four days when this tragedy happened. Panthers consider Kuechly as one of the key members of their team. He is certainly the soul of the whole team. The post-game atmosphere becomes morose as loss of Kuechly is monumental for the panthers. Probably the injury Kuechly got was not a leg injury as cameras caught him sobbing and in distress turning the screen into a scary scene.

Forthcoming Events:

Carolina will play their next match in Carolina on 27 of November. The game will go on. It will not postpone because of Kuechly injury keeping up “the next man” strategy. The next man will surely be up again but will never fill the gap which Kuechly has left. His fans are still in the hope of his fast recovery and are in a hope of seeing him in the upcoming matches.

Secrets About Mole On Tongue Only A Handful Of People Know

Mole on Tongue


Moles are a part of the body. These are the black pigments which are hereditary. But there are a few people who have moles on their faces or body in excess. Many people also have a mole on tongue. These are small black spots or black freckles on the tongue. Not many people like a black dot on their tongue, it is why they look for treatment and apply various medications and methods to remove the black dots. These black dots not only look awkward on the tongue but also hamper the function of the taste buds. Here are a few ways to treat the black spots or get rid of moles on the tongue.

Mole on Tongue

Black mole on tongue

If there is a mole which was not present before, then it can be harmful. It is vital to have a proper medical checkup. There are various reasons for the mole to occur on the tongue, a few reasons are hazardous such as cancer. Many people also categorize the black spots as moles. However, it is important to know the actual thing before applying the treatment.

Change the oral routine if mole on tongue

One of the reasons that there is a black spot on tongue or a mole is bad oral habits. Many times bad oral habits and eating things that can cause allergic reactions cause the mole. It is important to leave the food that causes allergies. Also, to overcome this problem it is vital not only to brush the teeth but also to clean the tongue. Regular  washing and cleaning of the tongue will remove the mole on the tongue. There are many tongue cleaners in the market which can be effective in removing the moles.

See a doctor

Getting a proper check up is a must. What seems like a mole on tongue might be a dark black spot caused by hyperpigmentation, tongue piercing or tongue cancer? Only the physician can tell the actual reason. A mole is not dangerous at all, no matter where it is on the body. But one has to be sure that it is a mole and not a symptom of a bad disease. A small black dot on the tongue does not always mean a mole.Sometimes the dark spots on tongue have various other symptoms too. These symptoms include pain in mouth, difficulty in eating due to the selling of tongue, etc. it is why seeing a doctor is vital in this situation.

Get a surgery

One of the easiest ways to remove a mole from tongue or any other part of the body is surgery or laser removal. Removing the mole from the external part of the body may not have any side effects, but removing the mole from the tongue might cause problems.It is, therefore, important to treat the problem using a natural way rather than a laser surgery. The small freckles on the tongue may not look good, but getting rid of these freckles with care is important. The mole should never be removed without aproper prescription.

Easy to do hip muscle stretches for tight hips and hip flexor pain

hip muscle stretches


The hip is one of the body parts which is in constant motion. If the muscles in the hip are put under stress the hip can start aching. The hip also has the smallest and the largest muscles. If there is a lot of pressure put on these muscles, it can cause severe pain in the hip flexors. To get rid of the pain many individuals take medicines and painkillers, while the treatment and natural cure for hip flexor pain are in hip muscle stretches. Following are the best and easy to do hip strengthening exercises which are good for tight hips and the hip flexor pain treatment.

Hip muscle stretches

There are two types of rotator exercises that can be performed for the hip flexor muscles. These are the internal and the external rotators. To perform this exercise, the individual has to sit on the chair lifting the left leg over the right leg over the thigh. Then the individual has toe press down the thigh gently down and tilts forward until feels resistance. Perform the same for the right leg for 10 minutes. The external stretch involves raising the ankle high above and resting it on the thigh while in a sitting position. The individual has to grab the raised knee and press towards the shoulder. Holding this position for ten minutes is agreat way to relax the hip muscles. These two are the easiest hip muscle stretches.

The floor hip muscle stretches

These are also extremely important stretches that one should perform to cure the pain in the hip flexors. The floor stretches are excellent hip stretches for hip pain. To perform this exercise, the individual has to lie down on the floor facing downwards. The individual ahs to pull up the right leg towards the chest until the knee touches the chest. When in this position, the individual ahs to stretch the left leg outwards until feels the stretch and pull. The hands should be straight in front under the face. The individual should hold this position for at least five minutes and change position. These stretches are also excellent for hip flexor pain treatment.

The hip extensor stretches

These are also the easiest to perform stretches. The individual just has to be in a standing position and extend the leg on the chair. Then the individual ahs to reach out for the foot and stretch the leg as much as possible until feels the stretch. It is an excellent stretch for the hamstring too.

It is important to perform exercise on regular basis to get rid of any kind of muscle pain. The athletes (especially the runners) who are fit are only because they perform the stretches on regular basis. Although they run and that is also an exercise, but the muscles need relaxation in a particular manner and that manner is to perform the hip muscle stretches. The success to relieve the pain in the hip is proper and hip related exercises.

Cause and Treatment of Black Dot on Tongue

Black Dot on Tongue


There are many people who get a black spot on tongue. A black dot on tongue can mean a lot of things, it may be harmful and a symptom of a disease or just regular changes in the mouth. The black dot or dots may occur at any part of the tongue, tip, side, or under the tongue. It is important to know the cause of the spot as it can help treat the problem. It is not necessary that it has to be a single dot; it can cover the entire tongue. Here are the details of the causes of a black dot on the tongue.

Black Dot on Tongue

Causes of black dot on tongue

Many people ask what black tongue causes are. Many people are worried if they have a disease or it is just regular pigmentation of the tongue. It is not only the humans that are affected by this problem but many animals also have a black tongue. Here are the causes of the black tongue causes in humans.

Hyper-pigmentation and treatment of black dot on tongue

Hyperpigmentation is a harmless cause of the black spot on the tongue. Hyperpigmentation can occur due to excessive production of pigments in various parts of the body including the tongue. This problem can be handled by surgery. Laser surgery is one of the best treatments of getting rid of the black spots on the tongue. But, it is important to know and be absolutely sure that the cause of blackness on the tongue is due to pigmentation otherwise surgery can damage and cause more harm.

Oral cancer and treatment

It is one of the rarest causes of the blackness of the tongue. It is a severe condition which also has some other symptoms such as difficulty in swallowing, sore throat, hoarseness, jaw misalignment, etc. chemotherapy is one of the best treatments for this kind of tongue problem. Another way is to have a surgical operation which removes the cancerous cells from the affected area.

Tongue piercing and treatment

Many people like to pierce their tongue. It sounds great and might be fun and crazy, but it is a harmful act. It can leave behind dark spots on the tongue. Piercing of tongue also produces purple spots on tongue. The treatment is only in treating the piercing infection and also taking proper medication. The best way is to avoid piercing the tongue.

Exposure to chemicals or allergic reactions

Many people develop a small black spot under tongue or all over it due to allergic reactions. There are many medications that have chemicals which might affect adversely. The best way to treat such problem is to stay away from the allergens that cause it.

These are the causes of the black dot on tongue. Applying these treatments in time will treat the black spots. People who develop even a small tiny spot must have a proper check up and treatments.  If left untreated, a black spot might turn the entire tongue black and cause other diseases too.




Understand Hip Flexor Muscle Pain

hip flexor muscle pain


The human body has thousands of muscles and each muscle has a purpose. Even a single muscle is pulled or is not working properly, the entire organ is affected. It is important to excise, but too much pressure, while exercising or doing a cardio or workout, can pull the muscles causing severe pain. The same is the case with the hip flexor muscles.

Causes of hip flexor muscle pain

There are various causes of this pain such as:

  • Contraction of the hip muscles
  • Quick and forceful movements while playing a game such as a soccer or martial arts
  • Repeated heavy exercise which makes use of these muscles such as cycling upwards
  • Improper hip flexor strengths
  • Pushing the muscles too much which causes tight hip flexors
  • Pressure applied on the muscles such as an outside force by falling down on ground, etc.
  • Exercising when already tired

Remedies and treatments of hip flexor muscle pain

There are a few home remedies for hip flexor pain treatment such as:

  • Ice: Using ice can be a great way to relieve the pain. Using a piece of cloth to wrap the ice and applying it on the affected area for fifteen minutes helps relieve the pain. Massaging the affected area also reduces the pain.
  • Heat: heat is used to relax the muscles. Applying a warm piece of cloth over the muscles relaxes and opens and warms the tendons of thehip.Also, it is better to apply moist heat on the sore area. It is better as it gets absorbed also.

What are the hip flexor muscles?

The hip flexor muscles are the muscles that flex the hip. In simple worlds, these muscles allow the lifting of knees and bending of waist. These muscles are deep inside the abdominal cavity. The hip flexor muscle pain occurs when these muscles get strained. The strain is caused by sprinting or kicking and putting a lot of pressure on the hip flexors. The pain is felt in the upper groin at the point where the thigh meets the pelvis. Many people confuse this pain with the groin pain.

Symptoms of strained hip flexor muscles                   

                                hip flexor muscle pain





Following are the symptoms of the hip flexor when it gets strained or there is a pain in the hip.

  • Severe pain caused while sitting or standing
  • Tenderness of muscles
  • Swelling of hip muscles
  • Weakened hip flexor muscles
  • Hip flexor bruises
  • Pain felt while kicking, running, or moving
  • Pain in the front area of hip

Exercises for the pain

The best way to get rid of this pain is to take proper medication and do exercise on regular basis. Perform special exercise which related to the hip muscles such as the hip flexor stretches. Performing the quadriceps stretches also helps ease the pain. It is important to treat the pain as it can become a greater problem if not treated. As soon as the symptoms start to appear, exercise, massage or take pain relievers. It is the only way to get rid of the hip flexor pain.



Black Spots on Tongue: Causes, Remedies, and Tips

Black Spots on Tongue: Causes, Remedies, and Tips

The discoloration on the tongue is one of the temporary occurring diseases. These spots don’t have any chronic effect on the human health. These black spots can occur due to a plethora of variables. One of the most common causes is the deficiency of any mineral in the human body. By and large these black spots do not play any vital role in the detouring human health but meanwhile act as a symptom to manifest that it’s time to strictly monitor the diet. These Black Spots on Tongue can be cured by multitudinous ways. They can appear on human as well as on animal’s tongue.

Superstitious beliefs of Black Spots on Tongue

There are many superstitious beliefs and myths attached to these spots as well. Some beliefs 5thatb these spots are a sign of good fortune and good luck. These myths also consider these spots as a good Oman. They also sometimes attribute these spots as under the influence of some magic spell.

Causes of Black Spots on Tongue

Some tangible causes behind these spots encompass

  • yeast infection
  • hyperpigmentation
  • due to pregnancy
  • oral fibro
  • tongue piercing
  • Allergic reactions
  • Anemia
  • Bacteria overgrowth


Natural and Artificial Remedies:

There are many natural remedies to cure these spots. Applying potato juice or lemon juice regularly can assist in fading these black spots. Apart from these juices, Aloe Vera can also be applied on the tongue. Ergo the patient suffering from these spots first try out all the necessary remedies before opting for some antibiotic. But if these black spots are not fading within few weeks after the use of all remedies. It is an alarming situation and the victim should consult some physician. This Black Spots on Tongue if become chronic can eventually lead to oral cancer.

Kinds of Black spots on tongue:

Generically, when bismuth combines with some traces of sulfur in the mouth saliva the black substance on the tongue appears. These black spots can be of various kinds depending on the size and intensity of the spots. Although these spots most of the time are merely hyperpigmentation but the kind and size of these spots can measure the adverse effect of the spots. Sometimes the kinds of spots are due to hairy tongue and can be cured by simple home remedies. The spots can have some bumpy effect due to some injury or allergy. Hence the kind of the spots depict the level of the intensity of the effect.


Some Important Information:

These spots are the independent age factor. These spots can appear on the tongue of infants till old. These spots can be the result of intake of unhealthy food or consumption of large quantity of alcohol. Hyperpigmentation is considered as one of the main cause of black spots on tongue. Sometimes drinking coffee in excessive amount can cause black spots. There are many sources and health related websites which can provide entire information pertaining to the tongue.Ensuring proper hygiene and brushing the tongue can help in fading of the Black Spots on Tongue.







Ongoing current situation of the US Election 2016

US election 2016


Undoubtedly the biggest debate this year has been about the US election 2016, which is nearing its end now. There are only a few days left until either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be named the new President of the United States. The tension and excitement continue to rise with each passing day. It is no secret that as the most powerful and strong country in the world, the results of the US elections will impact not only America but every country in the world as well. The final election day is scheduled to be on November 8, which is only days away now! In this article, we quickly recap everything that has happened during the elections campaigns and electing process so far.



US election 2016
US election 2016

Presidential Elections in the United States

Before we begin to highlight the ongoing scenario of the current election situation, it is first crucial to understand what how the presidential elections in the United States work. There are 51 states in the United States, including the State of Columbia. Each state has a predetermined percentile of vote’s weight in the electoral voting system. With a few exceptions, the voting is carried out on the winner-takes-all basis. However, this makes it clear that the popular votes are overshadowed by the electoral votes in the end.

What it takes to be President of the United States?

When you are talking about the leader of the biggest and most powerful country in the world, the candidate was chosen is expected to be very influential and fulfill many requirements as well. However, contrary to popular belief, such is not the case for the president of the US. What it takes to be the president of the superpower of the world is

  • You only need to be American-born
  • You should be above the age of 35 years
  • You should be residing in the United States of America for at least the past 18 years or more
  • The two final candidates running for the presidency finally should be representatives of the Republican party and the Democratic party respectively



Back in 2008; When Barack Obama was elected president

If we take a quick look back in the year of 2008, we can see what happened when Barack Obama was elected president to better understand how the presidential elections work in the United States. When Barack Obama was elected President, he only had 53 percent of the total popular votes collectively of all States of the US. However, he had a total of 68 percent of the total electoral votes.

US Elections 2016 see Hillary Clinton VS Donald Trump

The two people the world is seeing competing against each other to triumph and become the head of the biggest military superpower in the world are Hillary Clinton (wife of former US President Bill Clinton) and Donald Trump (New York-based Businessmen). In February of 2016, there were state-level elections held that officially nominated one candidate from each party. This candidate was scheduled to run for President in the elections later that year. However, those candidates were only nominated and not confirmed until July 2016. However, the party conventions that were held in the year of July saw Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump emerge victorious and as the final candidates who would run for President later in the year. However, when the name of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump emerged as final candidates for Presidency, it was much of a shock for many people. These two are dubbed as the most ‘unpopular’ and ‘least expected’ candidates in the history of US politics.

Controversies surrounding the current presidency candidates

There has been a fair share of controversies that have surrounded both Clinton and Trump as soon as the election campaigns for both were launched.

Controversies about Donald Trump

It wouldn’t be wrong to say the Donald Trump has proven to be the most controversial candidates in the history of the US elections.

  • Trump sparked controversy right at the beginning of his campaign when he labeled the Mexican immigrants in America as ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals’.
  • There have been rumors suggesting that Trump has not paid one penny to the federal income tax department, despite being the owner of millions of dollars’ worth of property and business.
  • He has had an ongoing verbal war with several people.
  • He has targeted the Muslims of the United States and the rest of the world; openly labeling them as ‘terrorist’.
  • Trump has engaged in a series of abusive social media tweets regarding several matters throughout his campaign.
  • The tape has been released showing trump verbally abusing woman; clearly showing he has no respect for women or minorities at all.
  • More than a dozen women have blamed him for sexually assaulting and keeping sexual relationships with them. This includes a Miss Universe as well.

Controversies about Hillary Clinton

If we talk about Hillary Clinton, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this woman is the perfect proponent for feminism and has been scoring high amongst people because of this factor. In addition to being a ‘woman of substance’ who has a political background and is all for ‘Feminism’ and ‘equal rights for women’, she is the wife of the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton. Hence she has been the first lady already and knows how the job is done! But this did not spare Clinton of controversies and allegations that she had to face as soon as she launched her presidential campaign.

  • Hillary Clinton has been blamed for getting donations for her charity foundation named the ‘Clinton Foundation’ by unfair means.
  • In October 2016, an email arrangement of Clinton was revealed that exposed the fact that she has indeed been involved in an unfair monetary exchange with a third party.
  • A controversial biography of Hillary Clinton was launched as soon as she began her campaign. The autobiography criticized how Hillary was aware of her husband’s extramarital affairs and illegitimate relationships. She was also labeled as a power-hungry, egocentric and cunning woman.

Voting results so far

Hillary Clinton has been in the lead ever since the beginning of the elections. However, the recent turn of events has seen the gap between Clinton and Trump draw narrower. Though visibly Clinton can be seen in the lead of the US elections 2016, but the final result can turn out to be anything. The world is anxiously waiting for November 8.