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Caleb Walker


There are many people in the entertainment industry who get fame not by their own performances, but by the demise of another celebrity. There have been many people in the history that replaced their siblings in the film industry and got fame. One of such events took place in the release of the famous movie Fast and the Furious 7. Everyone knows the franchise and is one of the biggest Hollywood hits. It is the movie which gave rise to a star, Paul Walker. Upon his death, a few scenes were shot by his brother Caleb Walker who is now a celebrity.

Short bio of Caleb Walker

The walker brothers are known for many reasons. Everyone knows Paul Walker who was the star of the Fast & Furious series. Caleb M. Walker is Paul walker’s sibling. His full name is Caleb Michael Walker. He is also known as Caleb M. Walker and Caleb B. Walker. He was born on the 4th of October, 1977 in California USA to Paul Walker III. Caleb walker has a brother Cody walker who helped in the making of the movie. He has two older sisters Amy and Ashlee walker.


 Caleb Walker

The marriage of Caleb Walker

On the 19th of October 2013, he got married to Stephanie Walker. The wedding took place at the Dove Canyon Country Club CA. Caleb’s wedding was not big news at that time. Soon after the death of Paul walker, the wedding became a big hit. The reason was that his brother Paul was his best man. There are thousands of photos of his wedding available on the web that features his brother. He is still married to Stephanie.

The career in the entertainment industry

Although he is not a very famous actor yet, but his part in the Furious 7 earned him a little respect. He has however appeared as the son in the 2012 film the ultimate sacrifice. He has been invited to various TV shows. He also guest starred in “Teens Wanna Know” as a guest. He then worked on the movie Furious 7 in place of his brother.


The scenes of Furious 7 Shot by Caleb

There are a few scenes which were shot by Caleb in place of Paul. These are as follows:

  • The scene in the garage where Mia and Brian are talking early on in the movie
  • The scene in Abu Dhabi, the scene in which Dom crashes the car taking it into another building
  • The scene on the bridge in LA where the team is discussing their next move
  • Just before the final sequence of events where Brian talks to Mia on the phone
  • Some parts of the final fight in which he fights Tony.
  • The famous scene where the bus is about to fall off the cliff and he climbs back up.
  • The ending scene where the cars part; it is obvious isn’t it!

These are a few scenes which were shot by Cody and Caleb both. At current Caleb does not have any plan to make movies or be the part of the film industry of Caleb Walker.


The Dive into the Deep Web

Deep Web


There is the surface web and there is the deep web. The internet as people know is not “whole.” When an ordinary person searches on the web he receives information from what is called the surface web or the web which is visible to every person. On the other hand, there is this “deep web,” it is the web which is hidden. It is also known as the dark web. It is the invisible part of the internet which is not found by the ordinary search engines. These are the websites which are protected by passwords and are not listed on the search engines. It is something which is well-known to those people who want some information which is not visible or available on the local search engines.

The actual search of deep web

What will a person do if he needs to find some information about a person or an address or a hidden place? Google does not answer those questions, does it? He will search the deep web to find a person on the web that stays hidden or doesn’t want to be found. It is the web which has the hidden information. It is the web which contains high-quality data. It is where the actual search is performed by various individuals to find what is not available otherwise.

High-quality data of deep web

According to a study, the dark web provides 10% more accurate results than the surface web. Any person who searches for information will also get 10% more data. The dark web provides more data as compared to the data found on Google, Yahoo etc, and it is more accurate.

Myths about deep web

Many people think that accessing this web will cause them some harm. It is something that the government authorities have hidden, and many other myths.  It is not true at all. It is the web which contains academic information, medical records, legal documents, scientific reports, databases, govt. resources, secret conferences, etc. The information found on the dark web is not similar to that found on the surface web. It is better, effective and truer.

Another myth is that it cannot be accessed by an ordinary person. Well, it may be a little bit true. The fact that a person needs special software to dig into this web or access to special sites makes it a little difficult.

Deep Web

How to access it?

Accessing the deep web is not a problem if a person has the right resources. There are a lot of software which a person can install to access it. There are a few sites available on the surface web which helps dig into the dark web. These websites may not give 100% “deep” results but are a way in.

The deep web gives realistic and better search results. It is why it has been named as the dark web. It has secretive information. It has the information about the people who do not want them to be seen. The surface web is only 10% of the entire web. 90% or even more is the dark web.

Who is Melania Trump and her net worth?

All about Melania Trump net worth

Melania Trump formerly knowns as Melania Knauss was born in Yugoslavia (now Slovenia), in the current wife of American president Donald Trump. She has a college degree in fashion and architecture bur pursued her as career as a fashion model. She became the legal resident of United States in 2006, after a year of her marriage to the president. Melania Trump net worth is estimated about $11 millions, which is not dependent on her husband’s wealth, but she herself has started a jewelry and watch line. Donald has a prenuptial contract which will not allow Melania to have much share in his wealth after divorce.


Things you do not know about Melania Trump net worth

  1. Melania can speak up to 5 languages and English is not her first language. She can speak German, French, Serbian and Slovenian.
  2. She is running many charity causes including The American Red Cross, The Police Athletic League, Fifth National Love Our Children Day, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Boy’s Club of New York.
  3. She has been a face of prestigious magazines like GQ, Front, InStyle, Vogue and Bazaar.
  4. Instead of supporting her husband political campaign she has been not that political active. But with that she always supported her husband causes whether they are about immigrants, even though she herself being an immigrant. Or about revealing Obama’s age she said,that, Obama the president at that time, should show the certificate of his birth because it is not her husband demanding but the whole America who have voted for him and even those who do not have.
  5. Her wedding dress costs $100,000 and it took 550 hours to get it ready. And her wedding ring has 12-carot diamond that costs about $1.5 million.
  6. She had a star-studded wedding and her wedding ceremony included Bill and Hillary Clinton, Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Kelly Ripa and Rudy Giuliani.
  7. She first refused to give Donald her number as he saw her in a party back in 1998. But later contacted him after the party.
  8. She was blessed with a son in 2006 named, Barron Trump and she spends time with her by taking him to sports practices and helping him doing his homework.
  9. She is the third spouse to her husband.
  10. Her house has crystal chandeliers and murals printed on the walls, and house is decorated with marble and 24-carot gold.

     Melania Trump net worth
    Melania Trump net worth

Melania Trump net worthpolitical appearances:

She has been a major support to her husband and once said to a reporter in an interview

“I encouraged him because I know what he will do and what he can do for America. He loves the American people and he wants to help them.”

She prefers Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump to speak for her father. Instead of proving to be a gold digger she formed her own business line so Melania Trump net worth became up to $11 million approximately. She is an inspiration for many Americans.


Yes, portions of the speech appear to be directly plagiarized from Michelle Obama’s speech.

You can see the comparison here: Part of Melania Trump’s Speech Sounds an Awful a Lot Like Part of Michelle Obama DNC Speech


melania trump net worth

Melania also stated in an interview with Matt Lauer that she wrote the majority of the speech herself with “just a little help”. So this means she either lied about writing it, or plagiarized the speech herself.

In any sane election year either would be considered major gaffes, but this is 2016 and it barely registers on the list of awful and/or stupid things done or said by the Trump campaign.

Considering that Melania isn’t a politician herself and that English isn’t her first language it’s more likely that she had a speech writer.

So, why did the speech writer lift parts of the speech from Michelle Obama? There are only two explanations:

  1. The writer was lazy, did a search for “first lady convention speeches” and did a little copy/pasta, OR
  2. The writer intentionally sabotaged the speech by inserting plagiarized lines from Michelle Obama’s speech

Either scenario should be damaging for Trump as it yet again reinforces the dysfunction and amateur nature of his campaign.

Interestingly, Donald Trump once praised Michelle Obama’s speech: Donald J. Trump on Twitter

UPDATE: It has also been pointed out that a portion of her speech included a lyric from Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” which has gained internet notoriety for its use as an online meme/prank called a “rickroll”.

Did Melania Trump include a Rickroll in the middle of her convention speech?

This would appear to suggest that the Trump campaign was indeed trolled by a subversive speech writer.

UPDATE #2: A Trump Organization staff writer (and ballerina? Is a Ballerina to Blame for Melania Trump’s Plagiarized Speech?) named Meredith McIver has come forward to claim responsibility for the “accidental” plagiarism in Melania’s speech: Trump campaign blaming ghostwriter Meredith McIver for Melania plagiarism scandal

Read her full statement below:

melania trump net worth

Still no word how a “rickroll” made its way into the speech.

I urge everyone to await confirmation from Trump PR man John Miller on whether or not “Meredith McIver” is an actual person.

More of my thoughts on Donald Trump and the 2016 presidential election:


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