What’s So Trendy About Yandel Net worth 2016-2017 That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

Yandel Net worth


Yandel is a famous musician and besides it, he is a well-known songwriter and producer. He has the Puerto Rican nationality and he is in the field of music since 1995. His actual name is Llandel Veguilla Malave. The thing that made him more famous was his duo with Wisin. This thing made him more popular all around the world because of their great music. Together they are winning the hearts of millions of people around the globe. In this article, we will discuss the net worth of Yandel Net worth.


Yandel Net worth

Early Life of Yandel

Yandel father’s name is Julio Veguilla and her mother name is Lucy Malave. He was born in January 1977. His birth place was Cayey in Puerto Rico. He has two siblings named Gael and Linnette. The amazing thing about Yandel is that he got the job of a barber in his town right after completing his studies. This was the time when he entered in the field of music. At school, he met his friend Wisin. They both have the same interest for music so they form a duo on the year 1998.

Music Career of Yandel

In the year 2000, they made a debut album with Los Reyes. This album did very well and it was so successful that they sign with a subsidiary of Universal whose name was Machete Music. In 2003 they both release another album named My Life. This album also did a good business. His famous album named Pa’l Mundo was so successful that they touched the heights of fame. At the end of 2005, they gained a lot of success and fame. The two friends show their dedication to music and due to this they established their own brand and the label was WY Records in the year 2013. They did it after their Lideres Tour. The recent album Dangerous is going to release soon.

The Solo Career of Yandel and Net Worth

Yandel started his solo career in the year 2003. His two albums were released in the year 2013 and in the year 2014, they were certified Gold by RIAA. His solo career was also successful like his career with Wisin. This is the main reason he is liked by many people all around the world. Yandel net worth with his friend was USD 40 Million but his salary is not known yet. His fans search his Bio and Wiki pages all around the world.

Yandel is a married man and his fans don’t know his past relationship and dating history. For a long time, he was in the relationship with his girlfriend named Edneris. After a long term relationship, they got married in the year 2004. They now have two beautiful children and they both are sons. His fans have never heard rumors about Yandel dating another girl and cheating his wife. For this reason, they are enjoying a very happy married life. It is for sure that they will never get separated and divorced.


Susan Alice Buffett – the Daughter of a Business Icon

Susan Alice Buffett


Everybody knows the lady Susan Alice Buffett because of her great charitable works. She is an American humanitarian and she is the daughter of a great business icon named Warren Buffett. Although she belongs to a very wealthy family but she is famous because of her charitable works. He held a very honorable position in many related organizations. In this article, we will discuss about her life and her work in detail. Let’s have a look.

Susan Alice Buffett

Susan Alice Buffett as a great Humanitarian

Susan Alice Buffett is the most powerful humanitarian of America. She holds the position of chairman in three big charity organizations in the America. She is also the chairman of Sherwood Foundation. She also owns a charity organization whose goal is to eliminate poverty and to devote to public education. There is another organization named Susan Thompson Buffett foundation and she is serving this as a chairman. The goal of this organization is to deal with the health issues related to women. This is the largest organization of this group and the net worth of this organization is about USD 4 billion.

Susan Alice Buffett Work for Childhood Education

The best thing about this lady is that she also handles many early childhood funds and the main theme of these funds is to work for the early childhood education. It is for those families who have a very low level of income and thy can not afford the education of their children. She is so dedicated to her wok that she is the director of many non-profit organizations including many foundations that are African-focused. The main sectors of her works are education, children, health, and family issues. You will find her involvement in many other causes like trade, debt, AIDS etc. she is also working for the improvement of Africa and many African People.

The Life History of Susan Alice Buffett

She was born in 1953 in Omaha. Her short name is Susie. She is the elder child of the business icon Warren Buffett. Her father is a billionaire businessman and a great investor. In 1970, her parent separated and they remarried and remained together till 2004. Her mother also died in this year because she was suffering from cancer and she went through many surgeries, radiations, and facial reconstruction. In 1983, Susan Alice Buffett got married. Her husband name is Allen Greenberg and by profession, he is a lawyer. They first met in Washington. They faced a lot of hurdles in their married life and it results in ending their relationship in 1995. E is

Susie has god remarks about her father and she said that he is a simple man and he doesn’t care about money. It is said that he is the second richest man in the world. Susie told people that he is a little bit boring and people don’t like this thing a lot. He loves to have a simple lifestyle and money doesn’t matter a lot to him. He also enjoys the USD 10 hamburger from McDonald.



Five things about pewdiepie net worth

pewdiepie net worth


We all are aware of the fact that social media is now a great source of earning. Among them is YouTube.  With the help ofYouTube, you can satisfy your urge to act, sing and teach and learn.  YouTube is also away of launching successful Channel. Anyone can earn irrespective of thefact of his gender, nationality, race or latterly anything  Pewdiepie is also one of them. There are many peoples who earn fame and money through YouTube.Pewdiepie is one of them. He is one who becomes amillionaire through his own YouTube channel.If you want to getinspiration and knowledge about pewdiepie net worth  read the following article.

pewdiepie net worth

The introduction of PewdDiePie:

FelixArvid Ulf Kjellberg also was known as PewDiePie.  He is Swedish comedian and video producer. Vlogs and Let’s play commentaries are sources of his fame. He was born on 24 October 1989. He took admission in industrial economics as well as in technology management. During his studies, he made a YouTube account. However, in 2010, he lost his interest in studies due to thecontinuous disappointment of his parents.  Finally, he switched toward his YouTube channel. He started producing its content. He started selling Photoshop art channels and hot dogs to earn money to produce contents.

YouTube subscription:

It is a fact that he may face some problems in the start for establishing a YouTube channel.  However,since 15 august 2013,It is one of the most subscribed users on YouTube. In December 2013 it was included in the list of spotlight channels by YouTube organizers. Since then this channel never loses its position and is still increasing. Now there is more than 54 million subscribers of this channel. Amazingly this channel received more 15 billion.

Types of videos:

The main focus of videos is generating funny commentaries while playing so this is thetype of let’s play videos. Moreover, his videos contain horror and actions games. He also launches vlogsweekly, and they are known as Fridays with pewdiepie. Here it is worthwhile to mention that he is asolo worker of his YouTube channel. It is he who writes produces and even camera man. His videos shows, energetic action filled with profanity. His videos are always changing. his videos and their language are becoming more real and profession. He himself feel guilty of using stupid childish  words. He admits that his early videos are raw and unprocessed now he is paying special time towards editing.

Net worth:

Well after reading lines above it revealed that he is paying special attention towards his work. It took times to reach the current position. All of these activities result in producing great revenue. SO his total earning ornetworth is $61 million.


Everybody Is talking about his network and popularity. No doubt he earns great money and fame through anunusual way. According tohim, people highlight his net worth than his charity work which is somewhat disappointing. So he also participatesactively in charities. He says when  his charity works are not as highlighted as is his income. He donated some money to WWF and participated in a fundraising show.

After knowing about pewdiepie net worth, one is much more interested and is inspired about his objectives and must set a worth during target.

Knowledge about lil durk net worth

lil durk net worth



Some people are rich enough that their monthly or even daily expenses are equal to net worth or lifetime income of someone else. Source of income of those millionaires are diversified. Some of them are abusiness person,some are anartist, and other are asportsman. Lil Durk is also one of them. He is popular American singer, rapper, and songwriter. He is active in the field since 2011. He got fame in such a short span. For further details about lil durk net worth read following article.

 lil durk net worth

Who is Lil Durk?

Original name of LilDurk is Burk Banks,whereas his stage name is Lil Durk .He was born on 19 October1992 in Chicago. He started his career in 2011. Initially, he started his career with another Chicago-based rapper chief keef. He has a passion for work. As a result, he released two singles. His brother D Thang also worked in some of his videos. He marries to Nicole and has four children whereas his two sons are named Zayden and Angelo.

How he manage to earn $20 million

He reported that he has to face tough time since his childhood. He has been facing responsibilities since his young age after his father jailed when he was only seven years old. At times, they didn’t have anything to eat.  A fierce neighbor made things worse. All these things were the reason of earning and proving as one of the billionairesingers in America. Well just like all other singers and especially rappers. Lil Durk is also traveling for his career. He is mostly traveling since he joined this career. He tends to travel more with Jeezy and is known to give good performances all the time. Moreover, he is named under the list of 20 richest rappers alive.

Legal issues:

At the age of just twenty-fouryears, he has to face legal issues. Those were not some easy one but created a great mess for his life. As in 2011, he was arrested for keeping theillegal weapon and was kept in the jail for about three months. Again in 2013, he was charged to keep theillegal weapon. Again in 2014 policies broke into his house for keeping guns. However, he cleared without any charge.


No doubt LilDurk went through many tragedies after being in asinging career. First of these were death(murder) of his cousin McArthur Swindle who was popular because of OTF NuNu on 31st may , 2014.About after a year his Manger Uchenna Agina was shot to death in Chicago. This happened just 2 days before his debut release.

After knowing lil durk net worth, it is demonstrated that money and fame are never easy to earn. One has to work hard and has face issues. It is enough to raise one`s spirit who thinks that working overnight is enough for fame and money. These two things have nothing to do with age, race or religion.


Facts about Diggy Simmons Net Worth 

Diggy Simmons Net Worth


Over the past few decades, there have been a lot of people who have got fame and are among the richest people in the world. In the past only highly paid actors or only people in business were rich, today you will find that almost every professional has a person who is among the richest. One of those professions is a Rapper. There are dozens of American rappers who are among the richest people today. One of those rappers is Diggy Simmons.

Daniel Dwayne Simmons who is also known as Diggy Simmons (his rapper name) is a famous American rapper. He is also one of the youngest rappers who got such fame among the crowd. People all over the US love his work and enjoy his compositions and songs. He is a brilliant model and actor too. Although he focuses more on being a rapper, still he is an excellent actor.  He was born on March 21st, 1995 in Queens, New York, US. He is currently 22 years of age, and he is already one of the most famous celebrities in the US. You may have information about many other rappers’ net worth; here is Diggy Simmons Net Worth.

Diggy Simmons Net Worth

Diggy Simmons Net Worth in his early years

People all over the US love his music. It is his albums and mixtapes which give him fame and also make him rich. He started back in 2009 with his first mixtape known as the first flight. It was a huge hit, and there are more than a hundred thousand downloads. Diggy earned a lot of money through this mixtape. At that time he got almost a million dollars worth.  His next albums and songs got him more fame.

Another video which earned him a lot of bucks was the “made you look” which went viral. This video not only games him fame but also assured future projects. The people loved the video and wanted more. He became even more famous when the next year Billboard named him “Artist to Watch 2011.” It was then when he started to do more for his fans. It was when the Diggy Simmons net worth went up.

Current Diggy Simmons net worth

Diggy Simmons is a very talented rapper and a musician. His mixtapes are a huge hit with the crowd. His salary in 2013 was $495000. You can imagine how much his net worth will be now. Since then he has been releasing many albums. He also has many famous Singles in his name.

There are many factors which play a vital role in his net worth. His net worth is not just because of his songs and rapper career, but also from his clothing line. Diggy also has a clothing line known as Chivalrous Culture. He did not run it for a long time, but it did help increase his net worth. Today the net worth of Diggy Simmons is 3.75 million dollars. You can guess the success he has from this net worth at this young age.

Best & Secret Review Arnold Schwarzenegger net worth 2016-2017-2018|You need to know !

Arnold schwarzenegger net worth



Some peoples are multi-talented and multi-tasking personality and manage everything so perfectly that seems like they have super powers. So they people works hard, definitely having a marvelous mind and have great fate too.

It is true that they have to work hard and faces many difficulties in acquiring fame and money. As it is said that “all is good that ends in good.” One of such personality is Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger. He is actor, writer, politician, activist, investor, businessman and philanthropist. So let`s have a look at Arnold schwarzenegger net worth and earning sources.

Arnold schwarzenegger net worth

Who Is Arnold Schwarzenegger:

He was born on 30thJuly 1947 in Austria. Schwarzenegger is weight trainer, bodybuilder, businessman, investor and above all he is an actor. He also worked as a professional body builder .He took weight training when he was 15 years old. He also won the title of Mr. Universe at the age of 20.He won this title for seven times.

Acting Career:

His life as an actor started in 1984 when he took part in blockbuster movie “The Terminator.”Besides terminator, he has many great films in his career. These are Commando, The Running man, Twins, Predator, True Lies and many others. Many of his films were so successful that it resulted in a sequel .Sword and sorcery and Conan the barbarian and terminator

Arnold as a Businessman

No doubt  was rich even before he enters the world of showbiz as an actor. He is also a successful businessman. His first business was a partnership between him and Franco Columbu. They started abusiness of bricklaying. He then invested his earnings in real estate .He also invested in restaurants and  in shopping malls. Later on,he and his wife started SantaMonica a restaurant. He owns production house named as Oak Production.

Worthy net worth:

All of the above mention activities and career were not only satisfying his instinct but also providing him reasonable cash flow and wealth. His net worth was $800 million in 2006.At one time when he has massive investments in different countries in real estate at that time, it was impossible to judge his net worth. Besides all these investments and earning he always thinks that money can’tmake him happy.


It’s observation that most of the millionaire wants to participate in a politician so did Arnold. He is anactive participant of Republicans. He was selected as governor of California as38th governor. He occupies the office from 2003 to 2011.


He is basically a human loving personality. He participated in politics to serve people of his country. This love doesn’t end here. He is also a philanthropist. As a part of his human loving activity, he worked for the Red Cross. He recorded several public service messages for donating blood.

After reading details of Arnold schwarzenegger net worth, it is clear that the fact that money is never easy to earn. Moreover one shouldn’t stick to the fact that to earn money is the only objective we came in this world. Money never satisfies a person.





How to make wood in little alchemy?

how to make wood in little alchemy


There are thousands of android games which you can download. These games are of various types and genres. For the past few decades, the game developers have been experimenting and trying to come up with brand new gaming ideas. One of those ideas is to make stuff. You may know about the games in which you cook using different ingredients, baking or bakery, etc. You must have heard about the games which involve growing plants or crops, etc. the thing is you will find all sorts of games. You may search a game and find out about creating various household items such as the little alchemy.

The Little Alchemy

The Little Alchemy is an interesting game. It is, in fact, a game through which you can learn the basics of making various items. For example, if you add earth and fire, it becomes lava. It is a very addictive game too. Once you start playing it, you will not want to stop unless you find out what you can create more combining different items. It is also a very interactive game which allows the sure to use his mind and imagination to create new things. You can mix different items and elements to create fun items. The best part is that in every combination, you will find a little puzzle to solve. Once you create an item, you will want to mix it with other items to create new items.

how to make wood in little alchemy

How to play the game

When you start the game, you only have the basic items for the combination. You get air, fire, water and earth. You have to use your imagination to make new items combining these elements. For example, you can start by combining earth and water, and it will create mud. Now you can use that mud to combine it with fire to make a brick. The possibilities are almost endless. You can create rain, human, love, life and much more.

How to make wood?

Many people do not know how to make wood to make house or fences and thousands of other items which depend on wood. If you are wondering how to make wood in little alchemy, here is an easy way. Just like all other items you create combining various items. You can easily start creating wood using items such as tools plus tree. When you combine tool and tree, you will get wood. Now you can use the wood to create numerous other items such as dams, axes, pencils, fences, coffins, tents, even Trojan horses. So, there is not a limit to what you create. All you need is to know this easy way to create wood in the game and start exploring more.

It is a very exciting and unique game. You can get it on Play store and play it on your Smartphone. It also has leaderboards, and you can keep track of your friend’s activities. It is an easy game to play and have fun. It is a good game for kids who want to learn something new.


WWE Net Worth of Super Stars – Revealed

WWE Net Worth


Net worth is also known as net wealth. You can define it as the total assets owned by the company or an individual minus the total liabilities that they have to pay. The word net worth is used when we are talking about the monetary or economic position of a person or a company. In more simple words we get the net worth when we subtract debt from the asset.

WWE Net Worth

WWE is an American company also known as World Wrestling Entertainment. The owner of this company is McMahon.  He established it in 1952. The main source of income of this company is professional wrestling. It also has a direct venture in many films, product licensing, music, and product sales. No doubt WWE is the biggest Wrestling Company in the whole world. The best thing is that it hosts about 300 events in a year and the championships are being broadcasted in 150 countries. It has about 36 million viewers all over the world.

Net Worth of WWE

The head office of WWE is located in Connecticut. It has its branch offices in many major cities of the world. The two major shows WWE are SmackDown and RAW. The company shared its record last year and according to them the net worth of WWE is about USD 658 million. The income has been increased to 21% as compared to previous year. The company faces ups and downs each year in terms of its international revenues. No doubt it has an earning of USD 169 million with 45% increase annually.

The source of income of this company is from WWE Network, Live events, TV, WWE shop business and venue merchandise. About 256 million content hours have been viewed by network subscribers and it is the biggest network provided by broadcast and cable operators.            

YouTube Viewers – The Complete Makeover

The most amazing thing is that the YouTube viewer has about 8 billion views all over the word and it is the highest followed sports brand on it. It is the complete family of McMahon who is the CEO of the company and he is also the stakeholder to promote WWE. No doubt it is a complete makeover. His family is also the part of this company. His wife Linda, His Son-in-law Triple H and his children Stephanie and Shane are the owners of about 75% equity of the company. His family members have 90% voting power.

All the people are aware of the role of McMahon in the development of this company but his wife has also played a considerable role. She played a very silent role for the growth of this company. Wrestlers are the key element of this company and to support this company they receive high amount paychecks. Because they are the WWE superstar so they deserve these perks. At the start, the salary of a wrestler begins with six digits ad it goes up to million dollars accordingly. The least amount they receive is USD 150,000 and it goes up to USD 9 Million.





The Miz net worth – Greatest WWE wrestler

The Miz net worth


The miz was born in the year 1980, 8th October. The birthplace of miz is Parma, Ohio, USA. The real name of miz is Michel Gregory Mike Mizanin but a very few people know about this for the reason that he is famous for his ring name. The miz has earned a good repute in the wrestling world. The passion of a person can lead him to the sky heights and same is the case with miz. He was really very passionate about wrestling thus he worked hard and earned a good name in the wrestling world. Other than wrestling, he is also an actor as well as a very popular media personality for the reason that the reality shows loves to feature him for the reason that he is an interesting person and the people love him to see on the screens. The miz is at present signed to WWE. A really popular TV show The real world: Back to new York featured him and after that miz got much popularity and the miz net worth was increased with a drastic change for the reason that the people have started loving him more as they come to know more about him. The net worth of miz is approximately $ 5 million. Yes! the miz is married and the most amazing thing is that he is married to the ex diva of WWE and you will be surprised to know that name i.e. Maryse.

The Miz net worth


Some basic details about Miz:

The full name of miz: Michel Gregory Mike Mizanin

The date of birth of miz: 8th October 1980

The miz is popular as wrestler, actor

The birthplace of miz: Parma, Ohio, USA

The ethnicity of miz: White

The miz net worth and salary of the past year: $ 5 million and $ 650000.

The miz net worth (from the year 2012 to 2016):

  • The net worth of miz in the year 2012 was $ 140620
  • The net worth of miz in the year 2013 was $ 196978
  • The net worth of miz in the year 2014 was $ 200000
  • The net worth of miz in the year 2015 was $ 265000
  • The net worth of miz in the year 2016 was $ 300000

Some further details about miz:

Early life details about miz: From the childhood, the miz was interested in the wrestling but he was interested in swimming as well as basketball too. As mentioned above, he got fame after coming to the MTV show. After that, he quit his business studies and worked hard to earn a good repute and the miz net worth is the proof of his uphill struggle and hard work. The year 2004 was proved really very lucky for miz for the reason that in that year, he tends to make the contract in the company of WWE and was become successful and earned a huge amount of $ 1000000. The campaign added much to his fame as well as the miz net worth.




Solange net worth: How much does she worth?

Solange net worth


The Solange is known for her stage name but as a matter of fact, her real name is known by a very few people. She isn’t merely a singer but also a model, songwriter, actress, and a popular stage celebrity. She is known to be a great singer because of having a great passion for her in singing for the reason that she was very much interested in music from her childhood as she used to participate in the singing competitions in her school. At a very young age of 16, she successfully released her first album which was named as a solo star. The people loved it a lot and she got fame for this. After that, the Solange net worth started to increase with each passing year.

Solange net worth



Some personal details about Solange:

The full and real name of Solange is: Solange Piaget Knowles

The date of birth of Solange is: 24th June 1986.

The birthplace of Solange is” Houston, Texas, USA.

The birth sign of Solange is: Cancer.

The height of Solange is: 172 cm.

The hair color of salonge is: black.

The weight of salonge is: 56 kilo

The eye color of solange is: brown

The ethnicity of salonge is: Afro-American.

Solange is popular as: Singer

Solange net worth is: $ 5 million.

A list of most popular albums by Solange:

Here are a few albums by Solange which are amazingly popular and solange has earned a handsome amount of money by them.

  • Sol-Angel (Earning: $ 96000 )
  • Hadley St. Dreams (Earning: $ 102,000)
  • Solo star (Earning: $ 125,000)
  • Don’t touch my hairs
  • Cranes in the sky

A few more facts about Solange:

Early & Personal life:

The name of the mother and father of solange is Tina and Mathew. The nickname of her is solo. He was much passionate about acting and in her early life, she started to practice acting as well as dancing in the theater. At the age of 17, she got married to Daniel Smith who was 19 years old at that time. Within very short time period after her marriage, they were blessed with a baby boy. But unfortunately, the marriage wasn’t lasted for so long and they people got separated in 2007. At the present age, she is committed to a new boyfriend of her, named Alan Ferguson.

Here are a few details about salonge awards as well as nominations. The year 2008 was proved really very lucky for the salonge for the reason that in that year, she was granted ASCAP award for the reason that her song named ‘get me bodied’ got very famous and people loved it more than any other song of her. Also, was nominated as the best artist in the year 2009 as well as the year 2012, but wasn’t awarded.  The solange net worth is $ 5 million which is the proof that she is loved by the people all over the world for her songs as well as her amazing way to perform.