3 Stellar Fighting Games Worth Giving a Shot
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By Alexandra Wade - June 5, 2023

In all of gaming history, no genre has been more popular than fighting games when it comes to settling scores and really proving who’s better than the other. From 2D to 2.5D, and then ultimately to 3D, fighting games have continuously evolved to become a genre with a surprisingly large and dedicated fanbase. Naturally, in such a saturated genre, some games have proven to be better than others based on a range of factors. Down below we list 3 fighting games that absolutely deserve your attention!

First up, we have Guilty Gear Strive, the latest edition to the Guilty Gear series which made big waves in 2021. Strive took the Guilty Gear formula and dialed it up to eleven on all fronts. Featuring fan favorite characters in the roster, superbly polished gameplay and a rock-centric soundtrack that really gets you in the mood to win it big. Strive also continues the overarching Guilty Gear storyline, which adds yet another layer of depth to the game. Ultimately, you should really strive to get the game especially if you’re just newly entering the realm of fighting games.

Next up is an old-but-gold title, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Released in 1999, it is considered one of the best Street Fighter games of all time. It’s also regarded as one of the best fighting games of all time, and for good reason! The gameplay and visuals are fluid and polished, and each character in the diverse roster sports three distinct super moves, which ultimately allowed for greater customization options for its time! The best part? The game still has a huge following two decades later!

Getty Images/ AFP/ John Macdougall

Lastly, we look at Tekken 7. Tekken has been a household name for fans of fighting games, and the 7th mainline game refines the Tekken formula from the ground up. With better graphics, more characters, better gameplay and a great story mode, Tekken 7 is a great game to get into while we wait for Tekken 8!