A USB stick that is said to shield the users from harmful 5g signals is a scam
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By Admin - May 29, 2020

5g networks started spreading in the UK last summer. Being a new and expensive technology, the network has not seen daylight outside of urban areas yet. Even though the network exists on such a small scale, critics have popped up with the health issues that these networks might cause.

People believe that 5g technologies might result in the spread of the coronavirus and increase suicidal rates amongst people. It is also said that these networks are not safe for the wildlife either, especially the birds, causing them to drop dead as soon as they come in contact with a 5g signal.

BioShield Distribution, have tried and utilizing this fear of people to their own advantage by scamming them. They have introduced a new USB looking device into the market, that goes by the name 5GBioShield and is said to shield its user from so-called harmful 5g signals. Their USB is said to have a holographic nano-layer catalyzer, that balances, and re-harmonizes harmful 5g signals through a process of quantum oscillation.

When Pen Test Partners dug into this so-called savior, they found a circuit board and a LED light. This £339.60 USB was no different than a £5 USB stick.

BioShield Distribution is not the manufacturers of this USB, instead, it is only a distributor, however, they still believe that 5GBioShield has gone through sufficient research and development and it is not a scam. At the same, they have also refused to provide any details regarding their research.