A four-legged robot to receive an innovation to provide a helping hand in the field of agriculture
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By Admin - May 20, 2020

Spot has had the spotlight for way too long now. Spot is Boston Dynamic’s four-legged robot, and it is made to resemble a dog. Spot has been all over the internet recently where it was seen playing the role of a doctor and performing dance moves for some TikTok videos.

Rocos is a robotics company based in New Zealand, and they have recently partnered up with Boston Dynamic to bring diversity to what Spot is capable of doing. Herding sheep and inspecting crop yield can be a hectic task, especially when the land under consideration spreads over hundreds of acres. Rocos plans on making Spot capable of inspecting and harvesting crop yield and herding sheep.

Not only this, but Spot could be remotely controlled from a hut or even another country. Spot is now said to be nimbler, it can handle a more rugged terrain, and can also carry infrared and LiDAR cameras. Rocos has released a video online in which we can see Spot in action, while it makes an agricultural worker’s work easier.

These recent innovations to Spot can prove to be a great help, especially in the recent times of labor shortage. Spot has scene numerous innovations over time, and could easily be regarded as one of the best helping hands in the market.