A YouTube Video Shows What Happens Inside A Rocket as It Blasts Off into Space
By Admin - 2020-05-17 05:30:36

Ever wondered what is happening inside a rocket once it takes off and heads off to space? A video was recently posted on YouTube, “If Rockets were Transparent”, by the channel that goes by the name of Hazegrayart.

As the name of the video suggested, the video animated the inner workings of four distinct rockets manufactured and operated by NASA and SpaceX. The list of rockets included NASA’s Saturn V, the Space Shuttle, and SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy. With that being said, the rockets that appeared in the animations were all from different timelines giving the viewers an idea of how far the space industry has come over the years. The video even included NASA’s Space Launch System, which is still under development, to put light on how it will operate and what similarities/differences it shares with the Space Shuttle that retired in 2011.

And amazing attention was paid to the detail by highlighting different kinds of fuels in the tanks using different color combinations. Red is used to represent Kerosene RP-1, orange for Liquid Hydrogen LH2, and finally blue for Liquid Oxygen LOX.

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It was seen that NASA’s SLS shares some similar structures that have been carried over from the retired Space Shuttle, such as the two boosters that could be seen on the outer shell of the rocket. This is because the rocket will be using LH2, and owing to its lower density, the rocket will require larger tanks.

Falcon Heavy and Saturn V use kerosene during the first stage, and this can cause certain environmental damage owing to all the carbon dioxide that the burning fuel produces. Hence, the upcoming SLS will be using a mixture of LH2 and LOX. This mixture of fuel is expected to produce lots and lots of energy with water as a byproduct.

Tesla Roadster, placed on top of one of the rockets, proves that the animator has included even the slightest details associated with the history of the industry.

The video is a great way to satisfy the burning curiosity of the enthusiasts who are looking forward to learning more regarding this field. Hopefully, this video will motivate other content creators to create similar content to convey information and knowledge in the simplest way possible regarding the space industry.