A Solo Vacation
By Alexandra Wade - February 28, 2022

A solo vacation isn’t something completely unheard of. Many people don’t consider it because well not many people want to be alone. But you see being alone on a vacation is only one part of this journey. Going on vacation alone can be a life-changing experience. Yes, you may be hesitant but take a look at what you can gain from traveling alone.

Getty Images/Mike Kemp

A big part of a solo vacation means being selfish. You literally don’t have to consider anyone else’s preferences but your own. With that said you can travel where you want, stay where you want, eat where you want. The list is endless, you can do whatever makes you happy without thinking how it will impact someone else’s schedule. You could even cut your trip short or extend it if you want. This type of freedom allows you to let go and let loose. Life can be extremely overwhelming at times. We are constantly bombarded with work, family, and friends.

A solo vacation gives you the opportunity to simply focus on yourself and unclutter your thoughts. Traveling solo allows you to get to know yourself in a more intimate way. You won’t have the distractions of work or even friends. This type of vacation gives you a chance to do some much-needed self-inspection. During this time you will be able to truly embrace yourself and your surroundings We all feel guilty for needing a day off even if we are already overworked. But with a solo vacation, you are able to rest without feeling guilty. Yes, vacations usually mean going to different places and exploring. But if you aren’t up for it, you don’t have to. You could literally book yourself into a nice hotel and stay in bed all day if you want to. Point is, a solo vacation is all about you and your needs, stay indoors, go exploring, it’s totally up to you.