All about Adrian Broner Net Worth 2020
By Admin - April 8, 2017

Many people think that the boxers earn more than other athletes. Well, it is not true.  There are, however, a few boxers who may be rich, but most of them are average earners. Among the many famous boxers is the American Boxer, Adrian Broner. Like many other people who search for the celebrity’s net worth and want to know how much rich their favorite boxers are, you may want to know about the Adrian Broner net worth.

Adrian Broner, full name Adrian Jerome Broner was born on July 28, 1989. He was born in Ohio US. He has an orthodox stance of boxing. Like many other boxers he also has many nicknames such as Lil Brother, Can Man, etc. He is a professional American boxer. He is also a former four-weight world champion. He has many titles under his name. He also held the WBO Junior boxing title from the year 2011 to 2012. He held the WBC lightweight title from 2012 to 2013. He is well known for his style and defeating his opponents quickly. Back in December 2012, the Ring magazine ranked him among the top five best boxers of the world. Here are a few facts about Adrian Broner and his net worth.

Adrian Broner net worth

Adrian Broner Net Worth in his early years

Adrian Broner began his career in 2008. It was the same year when he was known as a professional boxer after defeating David Warren Huffman, Allante Davis, and Ramon Flores in first round knockouts. He did not earn too much in his early years, but his net worth in 2012 was $ 890,779. It was then when he started earning more money and also got various contracts.

During the year 2013, his net worth was 1.2 million dollars. He won the first lightweight championship in November 2012. The next year Broner won the WBA Welterweight title defeating Paulie Malignaggi. During the year 2014, his net worth was 1.6 million dollars.

Current Adrian Broner net worth

The next year proved to be more fruitful for Adrian Broner. He won the International super lightweight championship and also defended the title the same year. His style of fight and his remarks make him famous. During 2015 he won several boxing titles.  His net worth increased from 1.6 to 1.9 million dollars.

During the year 2016, Adrian took part in several championships in the US. He is one of the most successful American boxers. He has a total of 33 wins, and 24 of those are by knockout. His nine wins are by decision.  He is one of the most successful boxers who has earned a lot. During the year 2016, his net worth was 2.4 million dollars.

Adrian Broner has also been a part of many controversies. These controversies have no impact on his net worth. Many boxers who go not controversies end up losing their share, but Adrian Broner does not seem to lose any share. Search, and you will find out that as of today, Adrian Broner net worth is $3 million.

As of April 2020Adrien Broner’s net worth is more than $10 million. The boxer credits this fortune to the success he had in the ring. He has emerged victorious 33 times by losing only three times