Final Fantasy VII Remake — Airbuster Boss Guide(HARD DIFFICULTY)
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By Admin - April 20, 2020

What is a video game if it does not make you feel like throwing your controller at the wall? And what is a villain that does not make you pull your hair out? Final Fantasy VII has got you covered with its bosses, so keep a stock of controllers nearby. Airbuster has to be the Shinra’s one of the biggest atrocities against mankind. Get your team in order, this Boss is about to make you tremble with fear and desperation!  

A Peculiar Robot!

Shinra just does not stop causing problems. This time Shinra is proud to announce the Airbuster. Well, this might not be very pleasing news for you. You will encounter this mean machine somewhere in the seventh chapter of the game, and the fifth number boss among other bosses that you will be encountering. Before the battle, Heidegger, appears before your squad in front of the reactor of sector five and threatens them with his powers and his grasp over the world. Once he is done, he plants a charge bomb, and at the same time, the Airbuster appears. As the charge bomb has been planted, you have no more than twenty-five minutes to defeat this boss. The first thing that you notice as you come face to face with the Airbuster is that he is huge!

What Are You Looking For?

Defeating a boss is not always about your strategy on how you decide to attack him, but it is also about how you defend yourself. Here are a few prominent attacks that the Airbuster will make that you need to be on a lookout for:

  • The lightning attack: Airbuster is a robot and has a lot of electricity built inside of him. He will utilize this capability of his to charge you with the lightning attacks and they are one of his most deadly attacks. So, maintain your distance from the boss and keep a keen eye on the lightning that starts its production from the base of the boss. When you see him producing the lightning, make a run for it
  • GunfireLaser beams
  • Airbuster’s jets: the Airbuster will fire these jets periodically and they will knock you to the ground.
  • Big bomber
  • Flame thrower
  • Tank buster layer

The Airbuster is huge, and his capabilities to defeat you are as big as his size. Therefore, prepare your battle properly.

The Best Way to Take Down Airbuster

The Airbuster is bigger, meaner, and more powerful than all three of you combined. Hence, you cannot take down this monster solely through strength, but you need a strategy, and need to be careful regarding the decisions you take in the reactor five.
You will be controlling Cloud when the battle begins. You can make use of your melee attacks, but the best you can do is avoid all the attacks that come your way and save your health for later. But, do not linger to close for the melee attacks and stay aware of his lightning attacks. In case you start taking too much damage, switch to Barret. Barret’s Lifesaver ability can be of great use. Not only for the Lifesaver ability, you will be making a lot of other uses of Barret as well. Use Barret to combine the Elemental Materia and the Lightning Materia and fire Lightning-infused bullets at the Airbuster. Keep in mind that Electricity is the robot’s biggest weakness. Once the Airbuster diverts his attention from Cloud to Barret and Tifa, make sure you utilize this time properly and give the robot a good amount of damage.

The Second Phase

In the second phase, Airbuster is deadlier than ever. Airbuster comes out with his Tankbuster Laser. The laser can be seen coming from miles away, hence it is easier to dodge. However, if you manage to get hit by this laser, bid farewell to the battle, for it will decrease your health a lot. As a part of his tactic, the boss might split off his arms and send them to fight you separately. Once this is done, focus your attacks on places from where he took off his arms as that becomes his weakest point for the time being. As the Airbuster nears his death, he will sway to the side of the catwalk, making him out of the reach of the melee attacks. During this time make use of Barret. Airbuster will give in all his efforts while going down, so look out for those last moment attacks and keep throwing attacks at him to finish him off.

What else can you do?

The Reactor 5 Keycards play a major role in the battle and you will find them in the labs before the battle. The keycards can be used to remove parts from the robot. This will slow him down, make him weaker and reduce his capability to use explosives against you.

It is Difficult, but not Impossible!

Airbuster is one of the most difficult bosses to defeat in the game, and developers have also made it look like one. One look at the boss and you lose it. I believe that if it were to come out of the screen you might strain your neck trying to look up to it. In the first glance, the robot looks like something coming straight out of a scrapyard. It is this huge piece of metal, made by clumping smaller pieces of metal together. If I had to rename it, I might rename it as the Iron Giant. The way this robot has been designed has a huge role to play in the game, and in the tactics devised to defeat it. The fact that a lot of small pieces of metal have been clumped together, make way for the strategy to take down the Boss bit by bit. Every bit removed reduces its capabilities. Here the developers have given the players to bring in their creativity and decide on what parts do they need to scrape off to take down the boss in the most efficient manner.
The developers have also gone very realistic with this boss. This boss is shown as a type of robot and the robot is meant to be running on electricity. Electricity remains the most lethal power of the robot. On the other hand, electricity also remains its biggest weakness.
 It is going to take all three of you, and your best strategy to defeat this boss. I repeat, do not go easy on him or you might spend ages stuck on this very Boss.