Alternatives To Coffee
By Andrew Parker - December 4, 2022

Everyone loves the smell of a freshly made cup of coffee. So much so that most people can’t get their day started before they have had a cup of coffee. There are actually many people who drink more than one cup of coffee a day. This is because caffeine gives you that boost of energy and it tends to taste really good. With that said, you should also know that if you drink loads of coffee a day, your body will often go through coffee withdrawals. This speaks to that sluggish feeling you get if you don’t drink a cup of coffee. That’s why you should look into alternatives for coffee.

Let’s face it, coffee is amazing. There are so many different kinds of coffee that you can drink and it helps that it gives you a boost of energy. However, those caffeine headaches aren’t good so you need an alternative from time to time. Your first alternative would be green tea or matcha tea. Now don’t roll your eyes just yet. We know that you may not like tea because of its taste but what you don’t know is that there are hundreds of different teas available to you. This includes green tea and matcha tea. Both these teas do have trace amounts of caffeine in them so you still get that boost you are looking for.

Next, we have water. Yes, you read that right. Water is the best thing that you can drink for energy. Now we know that regular water can be a bit boring. After all, you do drink it daily. However, you can actually switch things up when it comes to your water. You can simply add a few fruits and even vegetables to your water. This includes lemons, strawberries, and even cucumber if you like. You see adding in these items will leave your water tasting new and fresh.