An application developed to help in the fight against COVID-19 seems to be compromising the privacy of its users
By Admin - May 24, 2020

While the world is busy fighting COVID-19, developers are springing up and developing applications that can help reduce the spread of this pandemic.

One of these apps is Care19. Care19 keeps track of an individual’s location and places he has visited in the last 14 days. This way the app tells him about all the people he could have possibly made contact with. When a Care19 user is tested positive, the app immediately notifies the authorities so they could seal the area or take relevant measures to prevent the spread of virus in that particular area.

When it comes to sharing the location, people are very sensitive about their data. Care19 developers took their consumers in confidence by telling them that the app was not leaking their data, and it stood safe with them. however, Jumbo conducted a survey recently only to find out that data from Care19 was being provided to Foursquare. In their defense, the spokeswoman from Foursquare clarified that all the data being provided to them was not used for any commercial use, but discarded instantly.

As soon as the pandemic started spreading out, the health authorities have decided to have the necessary applications developed, in an effort to control the spread in any means possible. The problem arises from the fact that most of these health authorities have limited knowledge regarding technology. It can be pretty evident from the Facebook scandal that people are very sensitive when it comes to their privacy. Nevertheless, authorities have decided to dig further into this matter, and protect the privacy of Care19 users in the future.