Steve Harvey Net Worth

steve harvey's net worth


When we talk about the most popular American Comedians, how can we forget the Steve Harvey?  He is known for his amazing talk shows. This guide is all about Steve Harvey’s net worth in 2019. No one can guess who he was before?

He was youngest of his all siblings; I guess those were 5 in number. He spent his childhood in Cleveland. He managed to work as an insurance salesman and mailman as well, during the early days.

How Steve harvey became a well-known comedian? When he was just in his 20’s, he performed in a local club, which became the reason for his popularity as a comedian. Why he did so?  He performed at the local club as a comedian for the reason that he was facing severe financial issues at that time and he was in real need of financial support so he choose to support himself.

Tse is much more to tell about his struggling days but at the present, he is known for his comedy not all over the America, but all over the world. He appears in lots of Television talk shows and in radio shows as well.

The fans of Steve Harvey really want to know about him. They frequently ask about his net worth. If you really want to know it, you are standing here at the right place. When you Search it, you will find lots of different figures, but here I am going to tell you the accurate net of steve Harvey.

As Per reports of 2019, Steve Harvey’s net worth is 100$ million. After knowing this, you will feel surprised and you will try to find out the main sources behind his net worth.

Steve Harvey has become one of the richest rapper in the world with Larry David, Jerry seinfeld and Ellen DeGeneres.

How Steve Harvey managed to make $100 million?

To answer the above question, you need to have a deeper knowledge about his career. If you need to have a quick look at his career, you are here at the right place.

Steve Harvey was born in 1957. Steve Harvey did a lot of odd jobs only for the reason that he was poor financially. Steve and his family were in real financial need so he chose to do so. He is a well-educated man, undoubtedly. Except doing the job of salesman and postman, he also did well as an amateur boxer in his early days.

The year 1996 was proved really lucky year for him for the reason that he gained much popularity in that year. What was the reason behind? He was already known on the television before that but he managed to release his own sitcom, named as, The Steve Harvey Show, which became the reason for his popularity for the reason that he earned so much from this and his sitcom won him lots of awards as well.

He became friends with Cedric, one of the popular entertainers, during his sitcom filming. In the late 90’s, both of them embarked on The Kings of Comedy trip and it was one of the highest grossing as well as amazing comedy tours for both of them because it earned them the total amount of $19 million. With the passage of time, Steve Harvey’s net worth is increasing more and more.

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Steve Harvey Early Life

Steve Harvey was the most youthful of five youngsters destined to Eloise and Jesse Harvey, a coal excavator who passed away in 2000 of dark lung sickness. Comic, on-screen character, radio host, essayist. Conceived Broderick Steven Harvey in Welch, West Virginia, on January 17, 1957.

At the point when Steve Harvey was youthful, his family moved to Cleveland, where he moved on from Glenville High School in 1974 preceding going to his home state to go to West Virginia University. Subsequent to completing school, Harvey spent his mid twenties working at various occupations—protection businessperson, postman, even wannabe proficient boxer — without discovering anything that truly appeared like his actual calling.

Harvey in the long run found that on the stage, performing stand-up comic drama without precedent for 1985. In the wake of sharpening his demonstration during a few time of exhibitions in little clubs, he verged on becoming showbiz royalty before the decade’s over, making it to the finals of the Second Annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search in 1989.

From that point, Harvey’s profession truly took off. In 1993, he assumed control as the host of Showtime at the Apollo, the celebrated internationally syndicated theatrical presentation taped at Harlem’s unbelievable Apollo Theater. Harvey would remain on Showtime at the Apollo until 2000, yet his facilitating obligations on the famous show were a long way from the main thing on his plate.

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Steve Harvey as the King of Comedy

On that visit, called The Kings of Comedy, Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer joined Bernie Mac and D.L. Hughley on a four-man trouping street demonstrate that turned into an unexpected across the nation hit. In 1999, The Kings of Comedy turned into the most astounding earning comic drama visit ever to date in the United States, rounding up more than $19 million.

Steve Harvey and his three sidekicks wound up plainly national famous people, a status just increased by the arrival of Spike Lee’s 2000 narrative, The Original Kings of Comedy, which caught the features of a two-night appear in North Carolina before a colossally energetic group of onlookers.

Fans who saw the show on screen felt a similar way; the film, which cost just $3 million to make, in the end earned more than $38 million in the cinema world.

While Harvey’s part as the Kings of Comedy’s M.C. remains the most notorious execution of his profession, the entertainer utilized the notoriety that originated from the motion picture as the establishment whereupon to manufacture a virtual limited sight and sound domain.

So finally we have discussed all about steve harvey’s net worth.

Soulja Boy Net Worth

Soulja Boy net worth


Net Worth: $30 Million dollars
Age: 28 years
Born: July 28, 1990
Place of Origin: Chicago, United States of America
Source of Wealth: Rapper/Song Producer/Actor
Height: 175 cm
Star Sign: Leo


Soulja Boy is a world famous professional rapper, song producer and actor. His birth name is DeAndre Cortez Way. He belongs from Chicago, Illinois. In 2007, he launched his first single ‘Crank That (Soulja Boy)’. The album gained him worldwide success.

After then, he became a world renowned rapper and song producer. According to reports, Soulja Boy net worth has reached to $30 million.

Early Life

Soulja Boy a.k.a DeAndre Cortez Way was born on 28th of July, 1990. His star sign is Leo. He was born in Chicago, USA. At the age of six, he moved to Georgia with his family. Knowing his passion for music, Soulja boy’s father provided him with a recording studio. Soulja Boy’s age was 14 at that time.

In 2005, Soulja made some music and posted on a famous song-sharing site. He got a good response. He then decided to use social media and made accounts on Myspace and YouTube. In 2007, he recorded ‘Crank That’ and launched his debut independent album.


Soulja boy is an internet sensation and that is the main reason for his success. A mentioned earlier, Way shared one of his very first music on a famous song-sharing site and got a positive response. After getting a good response, Soulja used social media to expand his music career. He shared his music on social media platforms.

In 2007, Soulja got success when he released his song ‘Crank That’. The song was a huge hit and got number one position on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The success of the song led him signed by Interscope Records.

Soulja Boy’s next two albums failed to get attention from the audience. From 2011 to 2014, the musician released numerous mixtapes. These mixtapes gained him major success. The Universal Music Group signed Soulja Boy in 2014. After that, the rapper released several albums, singles, and videos and get world-wide success.

In 2008, Soulja Boy launched his official line of clothing ‘S.O.D clothing’. And in the same year, the musician released his famous shoe line ‘Yums’. In 2012, the singer launched his another line ‘BLVD. Supply’. This line has a store in Los Angeles, California.

In January 2009, Way announced to the world that he is going t released his own cartoon titles Soulja Boy. But this animated series only had one episode so far. In October 2011, Peter Spirer released a documentary about Soulja Boy. The films contain some of Way’s live performances clips and interview of his father. The DVD Verdict panned the film due to its low visual quality.

As per 2018, Soulja Boy net worth is around $30 million.


Below are some of the best highlights of Soulja Boy career.

BET Hip-Hop Awards, Best Hip-Hop Dance, (2007)

  • (2007)
  • ISouljaBoyTellEm (2008)
  • The DeAndre Way (2010)
  • Plug Talk (2015)
  • Loyalty (2015)
  • Real Soulja 4 Life (2016)

Travis Pastrana Net Worth

Travis Pastrana net worth


Travis Alan Pastrana was born on October 8, 1983, in Annapolis, Maryland to Robert and Debby Pastrana. He is an American expert motorsports contender and trick entertainer.

As of 2018, Travis Pastrana net worth is $20 million.

He is a single tyke and was keen on hustling since the beginning. His folks got him a BMX bicycle which he rode and performed stunts with. At four years old, he got his first cruiser and participated in dashing occasions.

He has enrolled numerous wins since he got into dashing and has won titles and X Game gold decorations. Pastrana did in school as an understudy. He went to the University of Maryland.


He made his first presentation at the X Games. In that equivalent year which he made his first introduction, Freestyle Motorcross had its first rivalry and Pastrana was only 15 years of age.

He participated in the opposition and commanded with a high score and in the long run won the gold award. He has been contending in different extraordinary games and has won titles and X Game gold decorations in rivalries, for example, Motorcross, Supercross, Freestyle Motocross and Rally Racing.

In 2005, Travis Pastrana contended in Rally America National Championships for Subaru Rally Team USA and won four straight titles. In 2006, he won three golds awards; Moto X Best Trick, Moto X Freestyle, and Rally Car Racing.

He made his NASCAR make a big appearance at Toyota All-Star Showdown at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale on January 29, 2011. Before that in 2010, Pastrana set the world record for quickest rising of Mount Washington in auto dashing utilizing his Subaru WRX STi.

Travis Pastrana has earned generously from his picked games having been associated with the games from an exceptionally youthful age. He has a total assets assessed to be in the district of $30 million which he has hauled in through supports and his investment in hustling and tricks occasions, for example, The X Games, Red Bull X Fighters, Dew Tour and Rally America.

As of 2018, Travis Pastrana net worth is $20 million.

Kevin Hart Net Worth


Net Worth: $150 Million dollars
Age: 39 years
Born: July 06, 1979
Place of Origin: Philadelphia, United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Actor/Comedian
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Star Sign: Cancer


Kevin is a renowned comedian and actor. He belongs from the state of Philadelphia, USA. Hart’s full name is Kevin Darnell Hart. Apart from his stand-up comedy career, Hart acted in many movies. Some of his famous movies are Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Little Fockers, Scary Movie 3.

His first stand-up album ‘I am little Grown Man’ was a major hit. Currently, the comedian is living with his family in Los Angeles. As of 2018, Kevin Hart net worth is $150 Million.

Early Life

Kevin Hart was born in Philadelphia on July 6, 1972. Hart’s father was a cocaine addict. So Kevin’s mother raised him as a single parent. Kevin’s childhood was not an ideal one. His elder brother’s name is Robert.

To surpass his difficult childhood time, Hart used humor and fun to deal tough situations. He graduated from George Washington High School. After that, he moved to New York and then to Massachusetts where he worked as a shoe salesman. He also his job as a stand-up comedian in one of the Philadelphia’s nightclubs.


Kevin Hart has won many comedy competitions. In 2001, Judd Apatow cast him for a TV series. The TV series’ name was Undeclared. After the series, Hart acted in quite a few movies. Scary Movies 3, In the Mix, Paper Soldiers, and Little Fockers are some of his movies.

Kevin’s first stand-up album, I’m a Grown Man was a huge hit which put the actor on a successful path. This album was launched in 2008. The comedian released his second album in 2010. The album name was ‘Seriously Funny’. Then the actor released three more albums.

TIME magazine put Kevin in its 100 most influential people list. Due to his comedic style and success, Kevin Hart is considered one of the Kings of Comedy. Kevin’s second album was also a big hit.

During his film career, Kevin Hart has acted with numerous celebrities, including Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Ice Cube and more. He also hosted Saturday Night Live. Kevin Hart considered many celebrities as his comedy inspirations, like George Carlin, Dave Chappelle, Patrice O’Neal, and more.

As of 2018, Kevin Hart net worth is $150 million.

Personal Life

Kevin did his first marriage in 2003 with Torrie Hart. His wife was also a comedian.  After six years of marital life, Kevin and his wife filed for divorce. They both have two children. Kevin did his second marriage in 2016 with Eniko Parrish. In 2017, Kevin became the father of Kenzo Kash. But soon after, Kevin admitted that has been cheating his second wife.

Career Highlights

Here are some noteworthy career highlights of Kevin Hart.

  •    Scary Movie 3 (Movie, 2003)
  •    Along Came Polly (Movie, 2004)
  •    Fool’s Gold (Movie, 2008)
  •    I’m a Grown Little Man (Stand-Up Album, 2008)
  •    BET Award (Best Actor, 2012)
  •    Think Like A Man (Movie, 2012)
  •    Let Me Explain (Comedy Album, 2013)
  •    Ride Along (Movie, 2014)
  •    Get Hard (Movie, 2015)
  •    MTV Comedic Genius Award (2015)
  •    Shorty Award (Best Comedian, 2016)
  •    Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (Movie, 2017)
  •    Night School (Movie, 2018)

What do you know about kevin hert net worth, Leave your comments below.

The first step for USMLE Step 1 2018, 28th edition PDF


Name of the book The first step for USMLE Step 1 2018
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Publisher McGraw-Hill Education / Medical; 28 edition (December 21, 2017)
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Content table:

The book content has been divided into 5 measure headings. After going through the content table below you will get an idea that hoe helpful this book will be for your USMLE Step 1 exam.


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Carrie Fisher Net Worth

Carrie Fisher Net Worth


Carrie Fisher is a very talented American Actress. Her talent is not confined to this as she is also a well-known screenwriter and Novelist. It is said that she also worked a lot as a performance artist. In this article, we are going to talk about her net worth. So as per facts, her estimated net worth is about USD 5 million. All the money that she has collected or earned is through her acting. People consider her a very talented novelist.

She worked in the most famous TV show Star Wars and she performed the role of Princess Leia. She also earned a lot of money through her novel writing and one of her novel named “Postcards from the Edge” is considered as the best selling novel of the time. She also wrote many screen plays and all these things brought fame and recognition to her. She also wrote the one-women play that was an autobiography. Its name was Wishful Drinking. Carrie wrote many books that were non-fiction. In this article, we are going to discuss Carrie Fisher Net worth. Let’s talk about it in detail.

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lil boosie net worth

 Lil wayne net worth


Net Worth of Carrie Fisher

Carrie played a very legendary role in the star Wars. It was not a very wealth deal as people were thinking about it. Her daughter is also in this field and she has inherited the fortune of her mother. Carrie’s mother was considerably wealthier as compared to Fisher. Carrie died on 27th December when she got a severe heart attack while traveling on an airplane. Her net worth is about 5 million dollars and it is as per the report of many people. Her mother died just after the day of Carrie’s death because of a stroke. She was planning the funeral of her daughter and her net worth is reported as USD 60 Million.

Fisher’s Worth is about 5 Million Dollars

There is a contradiction regarding this matter as according to one report published by AQwebs, her net worth is about USD 25 million. This is a very low net worth because all of her co-stars who worked in Star Wars have net worth much more than her. But as per most of the sites, it is said that her worth is about USD 5 million.

Carrie was the Best Selling Novelist

It is not true that Carrie got fame from her role in Star Wars but she was also a very talented writer. One of her Novel is considered as the Best Selling Novel of the time and it was Postcards on the Edge. Based on this book, she also wrote a screenplay. Her One-Woman play got a lot of fame and this play was based on her book Known as Wishful Drinking.

Her parents were also very famous Hollywood stars. She was the daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. Her mother’s net worth is about USD 60 million. She died at the age of 84 years. Carrie’s fame creased because she worked in many films as well. Her first movie was released in 1975.

How to Speed Up a Slow iPhone|You Need to know

How to Speed Up a Slow iPhone

Apple’s iPhone line-up has been getting popularity over the years and one of the best reasons is that iPhone devices offer a smooth and reliable user experience. Hence, if your iPhone is not running as quickly and smoothly as it once did, don’t fret. There are always some tricks that can help you to speed up a slow iPhone.

There are a few things you can do right now to boost the speed of your handsetand they won’t cost you a cent. These tips and tricks are particularly important for people who are using older iPhones such as iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5 and 4 etc. – all of the new features in the latestiOSupdates bring a drawback that can really slow older models down. If you want to earn some bucks, you can sell your mobile online at some of the most famous recycling websites.

10 Useful Tips and Tricks That Will Speed Up a Slow iPhone

Here are 10 tips and tricks that you should not miss if you are experiencing a slow iPhone device. These tricks will obviously make your iPhone work better!

  1. Reboot Your iPhone Device

If you find yourself with a slow iPhone, you can simply reboot it to make its performance better.

How to do it?To reboot an iPhone, Press and hold down the Home button and Power button at the same time until you see the Apple Logo on the screen. Now your handset will get rebooted.

  1. Remove Junk Files and Free Up Some Space

If your iPhone tends to run slower, you can restore its high performance by deleting apps, photos, videos, and other files you no longer need. iOS 11 offers a few new tools to help you get rid of junk files and regain some storage space.

How to do it?Simply go to Settings App, then General and tap “Storage &iCloud Usage and select”, and then select Manage Storage. It might take a second to load but you will be able to see which Apps, photos, messages and other files are taking up the most space on your handset. Then, you can enable Offload Unused Apps, iCloud Photo library, and Auto-delete old conversations to save storage.

  1. Choose the Reduce Motion Option

If you are using an older iPhone like iPhone 4 or 5, latest iOS may run slightly slower on your handset. Hence, there is a tip you can follow to speed it up again.

How to do it?Open Settings App, then General, and then Scroll down and select Accessibility, and then tap on Reduce Motion and turn it ON.



  1. Clear Your Browser’s History

To speed up your iPhone device, you can treat it like a computer and remove the browser’s cache, cookies and data.

How to do it?Launch Settings App, open Safari (or whatever browser you use), and then tap on “Clear History” and “Clear Cookies and Data.”


5) Delete All Old Messages

You can free upyour iPhone device by deleting old chats that you no longer want.

How to do it? With latest iOS, you can go to Settings, then Messages and tap “Keep Messages”. On that screen, you can select 30 Days or 1 Year which one you like. These options will delete your older messages and in the result enhance your iPhone’s performance.

6) Turn Off Auto App Updates

Like many other iPhone users, you would also love to enjoy new and exciting features by getting app updates. But if your main concern is speed and performance of your beloved iPhone, it’s better to disable auto updates.

How to do it?Open Settings App and then choose “iTunes & App Store”. Then,you have to push all the buttons to the left todisable the automatic App downloads.

7) Turn Off Location Services

This is a veryuseful trick not just for speed, but also for privacy and battery life. So many apps use location services to identify where you are and it’s usually not necessary. So, you can turn off location services and keep your iPhone device speed at its best level.

How to do it? Launch Settings App, then privacy and then tap “Location Services”. From there, you can select to turn it off for some certain apps or simply turn it off completely.



 8) Disable Background App Refresh

If you have so many apps installed on your iPhone device and now experiencing a slow handset, then you should go for Background App Refresh option to disable the animations. The reason is that it can slow down your iPhone and also cause battery drain.

How to do it? Go to Settings App, then General, and select Background App Refresh. You can simply disable the feature altogether or individually select what apps can refresh data in the background.



9) Clear the Cache from Built-in Apps

Cache files are the files that keep the data saved so that an app can easily access that data next time without looking for it. However, large caches can make your iPhone device slow, therefore, you should clear the cache of built-in apps.

How to do it?Simply find the folder that contains App’s cache using the junk tab bar on the bottom menu and then tap on the Clean Up Cache Button. It will remove all temporary files from pre-installed apps.

  1. Reset Your iPhone Device

It means you have to delete everything from your iPhone to restore its performance same as the new one. So, if you have experienced many of above-mentioned tips to speed up your device but still your phone is slow, then you can fully rest your iPhone.

How to do it? Simply launch Settings App, then General, choose “Reset” and then tap on “Erase All Content and Settings.” It will delete each and everything to restore your iPhone in a scratch form. Don’t forget to create a backup of data.

A Must-Know Tip! If you have followed all above tips but still experiencing that your iPhone is not working smooth, then you should consider selling it and buy the latest model. Yes, selling an old iPhone is a wise idea to get rid of a handset that is not satisfying your needs.

To sell your iPhone at a great price, you can visit one of the phone recycle compare websites such as SellTheMobile. By doing so, you can browse the “Sell my iPhone” page and get a list of prices offered by top recycling websites just by entering the iPhone details. Then, you just have to pick up the topmost deal to sell your iPhone device. It will definitely give you a chance to earn the most money that you can invest in your new handset.

What Will Martin Garrix Net worth Be Like In The Next 50 Years?

Martin Garrix Net worth

Martin Garrix Net worth

How much Martin Garrix makes?

Martin Garrix Net worth: $35 Million

Martijn Gerard Gerritsen is famous by his stage name Martin Garixx is born on May 14, 1996, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His Zodiac sign is Taurus. According to rating list of DJ Mag ( is a richest monthly magazine established in 1991 and distributed in UK, USA, Spain, France, Italy, Latin America, China, South Korea and Indonesia) he ranked 1st in the publish list of 2016. At the age of 16, he releases his first single named BFAM in collaboration with Julian Jordan. The young Dutchman earns a lot of fame and fortune in his early life. The net worth of Martin Garixx is $ 35 Million in the year of 2016. His per year income is $ 238,550 and he earns $ 55,339 from endorsements/sponsorships.

Initial Details of Garixx:
     Full Name:   Martijn Gerard Gerritsen
    Date of Birth   May 14, 1996
    Zodiac Sign   Taurus
  Martin Garrix net worth:   $ 35 Million
   Place of Birth   Amsterdam, Netherlands
            Age            21
   Popular as:  Dutch DJ, Producer
   Per Year Incom:    $ 238,550

Net Worth According to Years:

           Years:          Net worth
           2012            $ 1,214,550
           2013            $ 1,600,000
           2014            $ 1,800,000
           2015            $ 22,000,000
           2016            $ 25,000,000

Some Interesting Facts:

Early Life: He showed a keen interest in playing guitar when he was only at age of 8. At the age of 16, he releases his first single named BFAM in collaboration with Julian Jordan. In the year of 2004, he expressed interest in becoming a DJ after watching Tiesto perform at Olympic Games. He gets inspiration from track named Traffic and starts composing. He also said his Dream Mentor was Calvin Harris.

His Career: His debut song is BFAM in the age of 16 with Julian Jordan. He is discovered by Tiesto, whom he described as inspirational and legendary. In 2012 he releases Loop Masters. In 2013 he releases his album Animals and earns fame. In the year of 2012, Garixx won the SLAM! FM DJ Talent award. His top ranking single Animal got # 1st ranking in Belgium, United Kingdom.

List of Richest Dj’s of The World:

According to rating list of DJ Mag ( is a richest monthly magazine established in 1991 and distributed in UK, USA, Spain, France, Italy, Latin America, China, South Korea and Indonesia)

1)     Calvin Haris (115 Million)
2)     Tiesto (105 Million)
3)     Avicii (90 Million)
4)     D-Homem Christo (75 Million)
5)     Thomas Bangalter (70 Million)
6)    David Guetta (50 Million)
7)   Martin Garix (35 Million)
8)  Skrillex (33 Million)
9)  Steve Aoki (31 Million)
10) Kaskade (28 Million)

Earnings from Albums:

 Album Name        Earnings
 Gold Skies      $ 350,770
Other      $ 285,000
  Other      $ 140,337
Other      $ 220,930
Other      $ 172,022
Other      $ 140,032
 Total Income      $ 1,309,091

The net worth of Martin Garixx is $ 35 Million in the year of 2016. His per year income is $ 238,550 and he earns $ 55,339 from endorsements/sponsorships and his total income from albums and others is 1,309,091.

Secret Facts That Nobody Told You About Tory Lanez Net Worth

 Tory Lanez Net Worth

How much is Tory Lanez Net Worth: $2 Million

Daystar Peterson usually known as his stage name Tory Lanez was born on July 29, 1992, on Brampton, Ontario, Canada. He is Canadian singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer and hip-hop artist. The net worth of Tory Lanez is $ 2 Million for the year of 2016. His per Year income is $ 500,000 and his earnings from sponsorships/endorsements is $ 200,000. He is musically active since 2009 when he release his mixtape named T.L 2 T.O & his debut studio album is Chixtape II. But he is recognized or in other words gets popularity from his album named Lost Cause (2014), his current single named Say It reached in the row of Billboard 200’s 23rd position.

                 Full Name  Daystar Peterson
                 Birth Place Brampton, Ontario, Canada
                 Popular as Singer, songwriter, artist
                 Zodiac Sign Leo
                 Birth Date July 29, 1992
    Tory Lanez Net Worth: $2 Million
                 Per Year Income: $ 500,000

Net Worth According to Years:

              Year        Net Worth
              2013       $ 200,000
              2014       $ 300,000
              2015       $ 400,000
              2016       $ 1,500,000

Some Interesting Facts:

Early Life: He spent a part of his teenage years as a homeless kid, sleeping on a park’s bench. His father name is Sunstar Peterson is from Barbados & mother is Luella Peterson who is from Caribbean Island. With help of practice in childhood he refines his rapping skills, but after a little time, his mother died due to some tragic disease. Then his father and Tory moves Miami, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia. Where his father remarried and there he met with a friend named hakeem his last name Lane is a comment given by his friend hakeem.

Music Career: He is musically active since 2009 when he release his mixtape named T.L 2 T.O & his debut studio album is Chixtape II. But he is recognized or in other words gets popularity from his album named Lost Cause (2014), his current single named Say It reached in the row of Billboard 200’s 23rd position. In the year of 2010, Lane challenged a fellow Canadian rapper Drake by posting a video on YouTube. In the video, he said that Drake should listen to his second mixtape Playing for Keeps if he doesn’t like it Lanez personally give him $ 10,000. He is officially single but he releases song named Teyana after he met with singer Tianna Taylor. So we can rename it as a title of Celebrity Crush if we want.

Income from Singles & Albums:

    Albums/ Singles        Earnings
    Chixtape III        $  .1 Million
   Cruel Intentions        $  .2 Million
   Lost Cause        $  .1 Million
   I Told You        $  .2 Million
  The New Toronto        $  .1 Million
Total of Mixtapes & Albums        $ 1.6 Million

His per Year income is $ 500,000 and his earnings from sponsorships/endorsements is $ 200,000. Tory Lanez earnings from his mixtapes/singles/albums is approximately 1.6 Million in the of 2016 according to authentic sources.

Best Review Kanye West Net Worth 2016 & 2017& 2018 – Salary, Income, Earning

Kanye West Net Worth 2016 – Salary, Income, Earning

Kanye West Net Worth 2016 – Salary, Income, Earning

Kanye West Net Worth 2016: $150 Million

Kanye Omari West is famous by his stage name Kanye West born on June 08, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He is an American entrepreneur, songwriter, fashion designer, rapper, singer & record producer. In early the 2000s firstly his name come in front of an audience as a producer when he designs some hit singles for singers like Jay-Z & Alicia Keys. Kanye releases his debut album as a rapper in the year of 2004 named The College Dropout when he was 27 years of age. Then he releases his next albums named Late Registration in 2005, Graduation in 2007, 808s & Heartbreak in 2008. Kanye West Net worth $ 150 Million in the year of 2016 and if we add up his wife’s worth too then it will be $ 220 Million respectively. Kanye west earns $ 40 Million from a sale of music, $ 104 Million from concerts, $ 9 Million from YouTube & 50 Million from endorsements/sponsorships. His per year income is $ 17,397,500.


Initial Information of Kanye West:

                 Full Name:  Kanye Omari West
                 Birth Place Atlanta, Georgia, USA
                 Popular as Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
                 Zodiac Sign Gemini
                 Genres Hip Hop
                 Birth Date June 08, 1977
                 Net Worth: $ 150 Million
                 Per Year Income: $ 17,397,500

Net Worth According to Years:

              Year        Net Worth
              2010       $ 28,738,633
              2011       $ 40,786,990
              2012       $ 45, 594,543
              2013       $ 60, 302,120
              2014       $ 63,889,000
              2015       $ 65,903,302
              2016       $ 67,330,201

Some Interesting Facts:

Early Life: Kanye West mother is Dr. Donda (Williams) west was a Professor of English at Clark Atlanta University, his father Ray west was a Christian counselor & a former Black Panther. His parents split out by divorce when he was only at age of three years. He was raised in a middle-class family and get his early educations from Polaris High School. After completing his graduate degree from his high school West received a scholarship at American Academy of Arts in 1997.

Music Career: In early the 2000s firstly his name come in front of an audience as a producer when he designs some hit singles for singers like Jay-Z & Alicia Keys. Kanye releases his debut album as a rapper in the year of 2004 named The College Dropout when he was 27 years of age. Then he releases his next albums named Late Registration in 2005, Graduation in 2007, 808s & Heartbreak in 2008, My Beautiful Dark Fantasy in 2010, Watch The Throne in 2011, Yeezus in 2013, Life Of Pablo in 2016 and so on.

Personal Life: 

 Income from Albums:

          Albums        Earnings
    The College Dropout        $ 4,379,660
    Late Registration        $ 3,776,810
    Graduation        $ 3,442,321
    808s & Heartbreak        $ 2,036,776
    My Beautiful Dark Fantasy        $ 1,808,392
    Watch The Throne        $ 2,456,478
            Yeezus        $ 1,304,552
    The Life of Pablo        $ 324,286
     Total Income        $ 19,529,275

Kanye West Net worth $ 150 Million in the year of 2016 and if we add up his wife’s worth too then it will be $ 220 Million respectively. Kanye west earns $ 40 Million from a sale of music, $ 104 Million from concerts, $ 9 Million from YouTube & 50 Million from endorsements/sponsorships. His per year income is $ 17,397,500. His total income from albums is $ 19,529,275 his album debut album named The College Dropout is his most income earning album according to Forbes $ 4,379,660.