Avoid Back Cramps As You Work From Home
By Alexandra Wade - February 8, 2022

With the shift to remote working, most people now spend a lot of time in front of their laptops. For example, software developers spend a reasonable amount of time writing and reviewing code on their desks. The default developer position almost always involves crouching down to write, which can cause back pain in the long run. To prevent these, here are some tips to ensure a comfortable working space, and hence prevent any aches or pains.

Getty Images/Moment/krisanapong detraphiphat

Create a working space

When working remotely, create a workspace and make it as comfortable as possible. For example, get comfortable chairs that reach the appropriate height to view your laptop/desktop screens. Also, use good lighting. Good lighting ensures you don’t have to crouch lower to see your screen.

Place laptop screens at eye level

Make use of laptop stands when the laptop is not at eye level. Not placing it at eye level causes bending down to work which causes a lousy position and cramping with time.

Practice good sitting positions

Most people, e.g., software developers, spend all day crunched in front of screens and sometimes assume wrong sitting positions that may lead to back pain. These positions include bending/leaning down to view laptop screens which put the spine in an ‘S’ shape. Instead, the appropriate sitting position keeps the back straight and eye-level contact with phone/laptop screens. Also, please do not cross the knees and feet, but keep them well-supported to avoid cramps.

Take breaks in between work to stretch.

Sitting in a single position all day can also lead to cramps, developer or not. Instead, take short breaks between work to stretch your muscles and relax them. It helps releases tension.
Anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a desk for work is prone to back cramps and neck aches. In these cases, using appropriate work equipment and good posture can help.