Beginners Guide to Gaming
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By Alexandra Wade - January 19, 2023

For generations, games have been a source of entertainment and joy for many people. With the introduction of new technology, it is becoming even easier to become involved in this fun hobby. If you are brand-new to gaming, there is no need to worry. Here are a few beginner guides to gaming. Smartphone gaming is the top choice for beginner gamers. Many smartphones available today are ideal for gaming thanks to their processing power, large screens, and the App Store overflowing with games. All you have to do to start playing on your smartphone is browse the app store and search for the game.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/ Marko Geber

There is a lot to choose from, so it might be worth researching online before downloading the game. Then you can better understand your options, which games are better, and their prices.
Playing on the computer or PC is another option for learning. The graphics will be better than the small smartphone screen. It would be best to have a new PC with decent processing power that does not lag in getting the most out of PC or computer gaming. You should also install the latest updates, and this does not necessarily mean you have to get a brand-new PC or laptop, but it should be fit for purpose; bigger games require more processing power. Playing on a PC offers you more options as several sites provide various games. PC gaming is highly dependent on your setup. For the best experience, you will need a flat screen. Most games will work with your mouse or keyboard, but you can also find joysticks that are compatible with PC games, and they can open up your options for games.

Console gaming is probably the most popular form of gaming today. The console is more affordable than it used to be, reducing the risk of compatibility issues when buying games designed to run on a console you own. The primary choice when it comes to consoles is to use PlayStation or Xbox, both of which have their advantages; it is just personal preference for the most part.