Benefits of Social Media To Writers
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By Claire Miles - January 22, 2023

Writing can be a solitary profession and is often considered to have little benefit from using social media. But, in reality, with the right attitude and strategy, writers can use it to increase their ability to find a readership for their work. Here are some ways social media can benefit writers. Some writers have insecurities about their writing, with the fear of rejection. Writing regularly on a blog or social networking site allows you to experiment with new ideas and to write different styles without fear of scorn or mockery. You are likely to receive valuable feedback and helpful criticism from your readers. You can get instant responses and reviews about your writing experience and use them to improve and refine your writing technique.

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To connect with quality reviewers, you need social media. Most book reviewers buy books, read them, and rate them, which is not always the case. With so many books published, your book may not get the attention of reviewers. You need social media to connect with top reviewers and ask them to rate your book(s). Another added benefit of social media to writers or authors is that you can ask reviewers to arrange book tours, book covers, and more at a lower cost.

The rate of social media marketing your book is worth all the time and effort put into it. Whether you choose self-publishing or traditional publishing, social media can help you spread the word about publishing a new book. Although your self-published books will be available on all popular e-commerce platforms, social media is still the best way to reach a global audience. With so many writer and reader groups available online, you can join them and connect with a large audience. Social media platforms and even book communities also allow for organizing exciting giveaways that will reach a wider audience. Many best-selling authors credit these platforms for their successful online marketing strategies.