Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia Switch Review–a firmly average JRPG classic
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By Admin - June 26, 2020

Brigandine The Legend of Runersia is a role-playing turn-based strategy game developed by Happinet Corporation. It was an SRPG game that firstly released in 1998 with an enhanced version in 2000. After 20 years, the game has released again turning this into a series. The game released on the 25th of June 2020 and it was released for Nintendo Switch only.

Brigandine The Legend of Runersia is put in a nominal area of Runersia which is a mystical land having six different nations combined with each other. These all nations have their strong foot holdings due to their enchanted knight’s use of strong magic. All these nations have a magical artifact at their center named brigandine which is being passed from generation to generations and each one has been assigned with a quality like Sanctity, Freedom, Glory etc. The Holy Gustava Empire hasn’t got this brigandine, but they are strong due to their unshakable determination.

The beauty of this game is that it allows you to choose any nation from the total six nations which have their own tales to tell along with the hero. Whatever nation you choose from the six, the story has the same start for all. The story starts when some misconceptions take place and cause all other communities to enter a fight in which they had to conquer brigandines from other nations and bring the land of Runersia under one flag. You will come to know about the story from in-game scenes about many happenings and that leads to a typical JRPG type of final battle.

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Brigandine is filled with a story-related fun experience, but you will feel that aside from the story, there isn’t much you can do in the game. When you have a strong squad of your knight and monsters, you won’t be able to diverge a lot. Due to various knights and monsters, you will try making teams for different scenarios, but a single squad takes up so much of your time such as for upgrading their levels and items won’t let you switch often. This becomes an issue because you have many battles at the start of the game, and not some kindergarten level battles, intense ones! You will try saving your powerful monsters which make you sacrifice lower-powered ones. Lower difficulty levels are somehow easy to play but harder ones put you through time-scaled stages making farming and smaller knight armies more effectual.

Unfortunately, you will find this game cheaply developed and mostly from graphic standpoints. Much of visual beauty comes from a huge range of characters and some often-occurring splashing scenes which really in total looks marvelous. This game’s graphics are very basic of the units and the similar-looking environments. You will be very confused in differentiating between different units until you have monsters along with you but it’s somehow playable. Voice acting is amusing but not for dub lovers as they are in Japanese. Some of the soundtracks are very good, but not all of them. The main soundtrack is the best.

Brigandine The Legend of Runersia isn’t a game to be highly recommended. It’s a mediocre game. It indeed has a compelling storyline along with amusing artwork, but they are in a game with only 6 playthroughs. There is repetition in playing them and that takes the fun away. If this doesn’t disturb you, you will enjoy playing it but you want to play it more than one playthrough.