Burnout Paradise Remastered Switch Review—tires to burn and engines to rev
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By Admin - June 23, 2020

Burnout Paradise Remastered is a racing game developed by the Stellar Entertainment Software LTD and Criterion Software. The game is published by the Electronic Arts also known as EA Games. It released on the 19th of June 2020. The game developers and publishers have already adopted a multi-platform approach by launching it on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and now on Nintendo Switch. This game is currently priced at $50.

Nintendo Switch has almost games for all gaming genres but there is one where they have always evidently lacked. This genre is racing or you can say open-world racing. The reason for this is that Switch hasn’t got any titles for it which will have taken the gaming community by storm. On the other gaming systems, for example, PC, you will have heard about the popular titles and series such as of NFS games, Forza Horizon games and The Crews but Switch hasn’t been able to name a single game which got immensely popular in the racing genre or provided a freely roaming driving experience and is known by the gamers. But things have changed after the game developers and publishers released the game for Switch.

Being the seventh in the Burnout’s list of games, players have huge expectations from it. The best liked feature of it is the option to roam freely (in the car) and explore the map instead of completing close-mapped races which you were confined to before. As for Burnout, this word also has the same idea behind the game. On looking closely at this game’s ancestors, you had to rush through the streets in the map with the maximum acceleration your car could go to. If you are here to drive cars like in NFS or some parking simulator niceness, this game isn’t your case. Driving mad with an imagination that there is nothing in your way or is there to stop you, you can win the race. Making things this worse is what fills the boost gauge in the game. You will have to leave some of your traffic disciplines, driving on the wrong lane and get as close with the traffic vehicles without touching them which adds to your boost, and using those boosts will help you get better positions among others.

BPR basis on the identical versions launched for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox a few years back. This Switch version has remastered the original textures of the game by combining them with high-resolution graphics along with increased detailing in the textures. Unfortunately, these additions and modifications aren’t that visible on the Nintendo Switch as it is a less power-consuming device and isn’t of so much high graphic processing console, but the game quality has amazingly improved making it a superb game to play. It is best to play it in a docked state. The reasoning behind this is the fps (frames per second). It has been tried not to focus a lot on framerates as some reviewers focus on them a lot leaving the main and important stuff to discuss behind. Indeed, greater the frame rates, the better the game experience but Burnout games have always managed to provide 60 fps leading to a very butter smooth and polished gameplay as it is quite essential when you need to drive fast and have quick reflexes to the gameplay for a win-win situation.

Graphics have indeed got better, looking marvelous at many spots, but not the best. The detail put is mostly likable and during some speedy moments, you can easily race within the Paradise City whilst looking at sneaky shortcuts, huge speed breakers, and bending roads. Some certain aspects make it difficult to see things clearly in this fast-paced game. Firstly, is the game’s system of day and night. Night in the game gets dark. If it comes in your mind that its night and meant to be dark. You are correct. But the implementation of it in a quick game like this can create problems for you as you won’t be able to see the corners and minor details. Action under an open sky in the daytime is already a deal and when in the night when you are having visual issues makes your experience bitter. This issue can be resolved by either fully increasing the brightness or turning this day-night cycle off for the game. This will show you some default undetailed daytime skies and you won’t be able to enjoy the experience for racing at night. A little tweaking to this would be much appreciated.

Secondly, visual elements get a downside when the game is played in handheld mode. Gamers are certain about frames but that’s not the issue, they still will be 60+. It is astonishing for Switch as to how it renders graphics at that pace and complex sceneries. This game’s engine does the job but during resolving things up, it uses some cocky dynamic resolution scaling making things more severe as things get faster. BPR comes with some other stuff that is commendable. Other than the Time Savers pack which was an ‘unlocker’ cheat giving you the chance to play the whole game without any pinch of struggle, this remastered version came to market with eight DLCs that were released with the past versions of the game. Time Savers pack also gave you access to all the vehicles, whether they are motorbikes or rare cars.

These additions feel very well if there are changes to the game’s core engine. But BPR relies almost with which its previous versions had. The game will start with a very shitty car and you will progress with it throughout the races. You will then upgrade your license and start upgrading your cars and getting a new one, slow progress though. The game developers have added 50 new cars in the DLC which makes the car in the game look a little old and worn out. This seems odd. You will also find some tiny things which looked much better in the previous games from the Burnout’s list. You can see the map of the race but can’t set a mark or point making it easier for you to navigate towards your destination. To change your car, you would have to drive to the junkyards, five in total, in the city. Otherwise, it is not possible. Game maps aren’t huge but unwantedly more time-consuming. Some players will complain about its $50 price tag as its previous versions haven’t been this expensive ever and it costs less on other gaming systems.

Burnout Paradise indeed has started showing its age but you can’t deny with the racing action you get playing this. But these things don’t fully justify this price. It is an amusing racing game with its thrills of swiftness, and you can buy it either now. Many players would wait for it to be on a promotion or sale, however.