Everything you need to know about Caleb Walker networth 2020
By Admin - January 24, 2017

There are many people in the entertainment industry who get fame not by their own performances, but by the demise of another celebrity. There have been many people in the history that replaced their siblings in the film industry and got fame. One of such events took place in the release of the famous movie Fast and the Furious 7. Everyone knows the franchise and is one of the biggest Hollywood hits. It is the movie which gave rise to a star, Paul Walker. Upon his death, a few scenes were shot by his brother Caleb Walker who is now a celebrity.

Short bio of Caleb Walker

The walker brothers are known for many reasons. Everyone knows Paul Walker who was the star of the Fast & Furious series. Caleb M. Walker is Paul walker’s sibling. His full name is Caleb Michael Walker. He is also known as Caleb M. Walker and Caleb B. Walker. He was born on the 4th of October, 1977 in California USA to Paul Walker III. Caleb walker has a brother Cody walker who helped in the making of the movie. He has two older sisters Amy and Ashlee walker.

 Caleb Walker

The marriage of Caleb Walker

On the 19th of October 2013, he got married to Stephanie Walker. The wedding took place at the Dove Canyon Country Club CA. Caleb’s wedding was not big news at that time. Soon after the death of Paul walker, the wedding became a big hit. The reason was that his brother Paul was his best man. There are thousands of photos of his wedding available on the web that features his brother. He is still married to Stephanie.

The career in the entertainment industry

Although he is not a very famous actor yet, but his part in the Furious 7 earned him a little respect. He has however appeared as the son in the 2012 film the ultimate sacrifice. He has been invited to various TV shows. He also guest starred in “Teens Wanna Know” as a guest. He then worked on the movie Furious 7 in place of his brother.

The scenes of Furious 7 Shot by Caleb

There are a few scenes which were shot by Caleb in place of Paul. These are as follows:

  • The scene in the garage where Mia and Brian are talking early on in the movie
  • The scene in Abu Dhabi, the scene in which Dom crashes the car taking it into another building
  • The scene on the bridge in LA where the team is discussing their next move
  • Just before the final sequence of events where Brian talks to Mia on the phone
  • Some parts of the final fight in which he fights Tony.
  • The famous scene where the bus is about to fall off the cliff and he climbs back up.
  • The ending scene where the cars part; it is obvious isn’t it!

These are a few scenes which were shot by Cody and Caleb both. At current Caleb does not have any plan to make movies or be the part of the film industry of Caleb Walker.