You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Mimi Faust net worth 2016-2017-2018|Love &Hip Hop Atlanta Season Star

Mimi Faust net worth


Mimi Faust is a famous reality TV star and she is also a famous business woman. She is also the famous cast member of a TV show named Love and Hip Hop. She was born on January 1st , 1970 in Virginia. She has one child. Mimi was brought up by a single mother and Mimi named her child after her. She earned her success by being in the relationship with the producer of Love and Hip Hop TV show named Stevie J.

This person is the famous producer of Love and Hip Hop. Here she worked with many famous co-stars like Diddy and Jay-z. Here in this article, we are going to get some information related to the Mimi Faust Net worth. Let’s check it out.

Mimi Faust net worth
net worth of Mimi Faust

Net worth of Mimi Faust

The relationship of Mimi Faust and Stevie was very strong. At the peak years of his husband Mimi faust net worth was USD 20 Million but the money owned by his husband was somehow mismanaged and he was about to lose everything. Mimi as a supporting wife was there to help Stevie in his crucial time period and she restored his finances and career. She just bought his studio when he was bankrupt. She was so helping that she gets back his career on track. She also bought responsibly all his stage equipment and gave funds for his music.  Beside all these supports and financial help, he was not faithful to Mimi Faust. So they get separated and he married to the fellow Love and Hip Hop cast mate whose name was Joseline.

Activities of Mimi Faust to Build her Career

In April 2014 Mimi just made collaboration with a singer and writer named Nikko Smith and he filmed a sex tape. This tape was released by Vivid Entertainment and in the coming seasons of Love and Hip Hop, this tape film was a big plotline. Many people including his ex-husband and his new wife presented their opinion about this tape film.

How Much Money does Mimi Make with Love and Hip Hop?

As per a guide on TV celebrity’s salaries that was presented two years before, Mimi Faust just earned USD 20,000 per episode of Love and Hip Hop. It is just a huge amount as compared to most of the stars of the TV reality show at that time. For “The Real House Wives” Nene just made twice than Lisa which is USD 500,000 per season. The season just had 13 episodes. As per an article that was published in Lucrative Business about the TV show Love and Hip Hop, Mimi Faust net worth is about USD 1.5 million. With Nikko Smith, he just earned USD 5 million for her sex tape. Beside all these, as per a report, the amount paid to Mimi Faust by Vivid entertainment for footage is about USD 100,000. So hoping that you have got many ideas about the Mimi faust net worth.






How much is Luis coronel net worth?

luis coronel net worth


Luis coronal is the famous stage singer. His original name is Luis Miguel, Coronal Gamez. He was born in Tucson Arizona USA on 3rd February 1996. He has popularity because of Mexican style music and singing. Because of the popularity, luis coronel net worth is very high. At the age of six, he sang his first song and practice in the church as he used to go on Sunday prayers for the singing of the choirs, after that he started practicing boxing. After some time of playing boxes, his interest again develops in singing. He first time sang a song in the crowd. He videotaped his performance and uploaded on the youtube. From there, his rating started increasing and he got million of views with the positive reviews. At the age of sixteen, he was hired by the Del records. He posted various videos in the social media where he also got many likes and many people started following him. In this way he got populariy among the song lovers and gained the audience for his concerts and live shows.

Luis Coronel Net worth


Luis Coronel net worth in 2014

His first debut album with the name Con La Frente en Elto was released in 2013 and after three weeks of the release the album got high rankings and the people started loving his songs and enjoyed a lot. His album was certified as Gold and about 30,000 copies were exported at one time. In 2014, he won the award for the best singer of the year in latin Billboard music award ceremony. The luis coronel net worth during this time was $1,701,031 and it was the remarkable success for the new singer.

Income from albums

He had earned different amount from his different albums. All his songs are hit and famous and people love to listen to him. His famous albums and the income from the albums are as following.

Love is in the Air gave the income of $250,000, $187,500 was gained from the Medicine, killer Instinct. Quero Ser Tu Deuno provided the income of $171,429 while con La frente gave the business of $130,435

All the albums went super hit and the people enjoyed listening to the song of the famous singer with the super quality voice and the music.



Full Name: Luis Miguel Coronel Gamez.
 Luis Coronel net worth: $3,000,000
Yearly Money: $363,636
Popular as Singer



Albums Names Luis Coronel Earning from this Album ($)
Love Is in the Air 250,000
Mesrine: Killer Instinct 187,500
Quiero Ser Tu Dueno 171,429
Pieds Nus Sur Les Limaces 153,846
Con la Frente en Alto 130,435
Total money of these Albums 893,210
  • Luis Coronel Birth Day Date: February 03, 1996
  • Place of Birth of Luis Coronel: Tuscon, Arizona, USA


Luis Coronel  net worth in these years (USD)
2012 1,538,461
2013 2,033,898
2014 2,500,000
2015 2,727,273
2016 3,000,000


Popularity and net worth during years

The luis Colonal becomes famous because of his excellent voice and type of the songs he used to sing. He is popular among the American as well as the other countries citizens. Luis Coronel net worth in different years is rising. In 2012 it was $991,123 and raised to 1223.491 in 201, the value has been increasing and now in 2017, the net worth of the singer is $3,000,000. The annual pay of the coronel is 363,636 dollars. He has become the famous singer all over the world. He amuses his audience with his special music and the voice. People love to join his live concerts and show to have an evening full of fun and joy.



Some Secrets Thoughts About Keyshia Cole Net Worth 2016-2017 That Will Turn Your World Upside

Keyshia Cole Net worth

Keyshia Cole is a famous singer and she belongs to America. Besides singing, she also composes and writes songs and she is also a talented recorder and producer. Keyshia Cole was born on October 15, 1981,in Oakland which is a city in California State. Her Mother name is Frankie and her Father name is Virgil who is a boxing trainer. She never lived with her father and she even doesn’t know him till a paternity test confirmed that Virgil is her father. It is all because Keyshia’s mother and father did not have a good and strong relationship. They always have differences in every matter. But here in this article, we are going to give you some information about Keyshia Cole Net worth.


Singing Background of keyshiacole net worth

Before Knowing Keyshia Cole Net worth, we are going to tell you something about her singing background. When Keyshia was just 12 years old she once met with a person named MC Hammer. Both of them recorded some songs together. They worked so well that a strong collaboration was built between the two and it became a strong desire by Keyshia to become a star. Keyshia decided to move LA when she was just 18 years old and that was the right time to follow the dreams. He started spending time with top and coming singers and she no doubts worked hard to earn fame and success for her.

Keyshia Cole Net worth

The Music Career

She sang a soundtrack in 2004 and it was fabulously hit. She started making name for herself. She is such a talented singer that she released 6 albums at that time and become a star. After that Keyshia was in a relationship with a star named Daniel Gibson and a year before they got married. Now they have a little boy. Keyshia is working on her new album now a day and she is quite happy with it. Let’s discuss the Net worth of Keyshia Cole.

Keyshia Cole Net worth Net worth
2012 $9.5 million
2013 $9.5 million
2014 $9.5 million
2015 $9.5 million
2016 $9.5 million
2017 $9.5 million






Net Worth of Keyshia Cole

Keyshia is still working hard to increase her net worth. She is putting more efforts in her work and music to make it better and bigger than before. Keyshia Cole Net worth is not enough to make her a big star like many other richest divas in the music field but being a 32 years old singer she is OK for herself. Her two albums named “A different me” and “Just like you” were so hit that they top on the billboard chart. She also gave many singles and they came in top 40. Her most hit song was “Let it go” which was landed in the year 2007.  The net worth of Keyshia Cole is 9.8 million dollars but this comes nowhere Beyonce’s cash which is 350 million dollars. This estimation is just according to a survey on celebrity net worth. If Keyshia wants to come near Rihanna then she has to give more hit songs as Rihanna’s Net worth is 90 million dollars. She can also work hard to catch other singers like Ciara.




All about the Jared Padalecki Net Worth and wealth


Television and movies are regarded as one of the fastest ways of making large amounts of money. Actors and actresses charge hefty amounts from their producers to act in their projects. The more popular an actor is the more money he will be charging in return for his acting services. With all the glitz and glamor associated with celebrities and stars of television and film, fans are often curious to find about the lives of these stars. This writing is also about one such star from the famous series called Supernatural. If you are interested in finding out about the Jared  Padalecki Net worth then this is the right place.

Searching for Jared Padalecki Net Worth:

Getting inspired by their lifestyles and looking at their wealthy statuses with the feeling of awe and wonder is a common practice. There are a number of online portals and websites that help fans access this type of information about their favorite stars and celebrities. You can also search for Jared Padalecki Net worth and get a number of results on your search engine page.

Jared Padalecki net worth


Took a start from the Gilmore Girls:

Anyone who enjoys watching television must be aware of Jared Padalecki. He is a famous US actor that has developed a large net worth during is asmall acting career. He has not only starred in a number of television programs in America but is also known for his loveable roles in Hollywood movies and films. He started his career from fox television’s famous reality program called Claim to Fame. This is where his acting career lifted off from. One of his top ranking shows that brought him into the celebrity limelight is the Gilmore Girls. He played a heart throbbing hunk and handsome love interest of one of the leading ladies in the show. This role was played by the star in the early years of the 2000s.

Jared  Padalecki Net worth ($)
2012  5 million dollars
2013  5 million dollars
2014  5 million dollars
2015  5 million dollars
2016  5 million dollars
2017  5 million dollars


A number of famous shows and movies like Super Natural:

Later on, the actor was also cast in the famous television series called Supernatural. Other shows and movies in which he has acted during the course of his acting career include Do not disturb, ER, Cheaper by the Dozen, New York Minute, House of Wax and Cry World.


The net worth of the Famous star kept on soaring high:

The actor has acclaimed this popularity through his ability to transform into various roles. His professional acting studies have also contributed towards his success in the entertainment industry. This was one of the greatestboosters for Jared Padalecki Net worth enhancement. According to estimates the current wealth and net worth of the actor hover in millions of dollars. Some say it is close to 5 million dollars. He is also part of some of the new projects in Hollywood like the remaking of thepopular movie Friday the 13th. If you are also looking to find the net worth of your favorite stars and celebrities, then you can search on the internet and get some accurate and great results.

Best Review Gigi Gorgeous Net worth 2017|A Self-Made Cover Girl

Gigi Gorgeous net worth


Gigi Gorgeous is Canadian actress, model, and the internet star. Her original name is Gregory Loren. She is famous for the YouTube fans. Her fashion related videos have about 150 million views. Gigi Gorgeous net worth is not much high but she is satisfied with it. She is courageous and hard working lady, she is doing her work and earning a pretty good amount through her career, although she is cricized by some people because of transformation from the man to transgender but she didn’t care about it and keep on struggling to get the best in the world.

Gigi gorgeous net worth with years

The famous star has incredible worth among her fans and audience. Gigi gorgeous net worth during different years is discussed below.


Gigi Gorgeous Net worth ($)
2014  $800 thousand
2015  $1.4 million
2016  $2 million
2017  (USD) $4,500,000


Personal Information About Gigi Gorgeous
·         Gigi Gorgeous Yearly salary $352,941

·         Born place Montreal, Quebec, Canada

·         Born date Monday, April 20, 1992

·         In Pounds: GBP 1,800,000

·         Gigi Gorgeous Endorsement and Sponsorships: $78,431

·         Source of wealth: (popularity) Actress

·         Full name: Gigi Loren Lazzarato


·         Born: April 20, 1992, Montreal, Canada

·         Age: 25

·         Height: 5′ 9″

·         Nationality: Canadian

·         Education: George Brown College

·         Parents: Judith Belding Lazzarato, David Lazzarato

·         Siblings: Cory Lazzarato, Adam Lazzarato

Gigi Gorgeous net worth

She was born in Canada on April 20, 1992. She is a model, an actress, makeup artist and publicly came out as a transgender woman. She learns for the fashion in the George Brown college. For the social LGBT community, she was given award Trailblazing social creator; she did modeling for different fashion shows as well as did acting in the short films like I hate myself. She also plays role in the Access Hollywood, Good work, The Avenue, The Insider. She is also famous for working on transgender issues. She got her name because of her incredible work for LGBT society; she is trying to resolve the issues and the problems of the people who are the part of this community.

Social platform as a source of career

According to some people, social media is not the proper source of earning money but the gigi has proved through her hard work and sincerity towards her career that the social platform is an excellent mean for generating the money. She is getting a handsome amount through the YouTube which is a billionaire company. She is getting views and engagements for her videos and se can earn good salary each month.


Popularity among the fans

She has a huge following in the social media. She is the popular star in various social media sites. Her channel on YouTube has more than 2 million subscribers and more than 300 million views. On Instagram, she has more than 2 million followers. In many TV shows, she is invited as the guest to know about her aim and strategies related to her career. Her documentary is also released recently, in which she had described the aim of her life.

She has undergone many operations to convert herself from the male to the transgender. She has undergone rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, facial surgery, and hormonal therapy to convert her personality. Although she got much criticism on this transformation but because of her popularity and work many people admire her. It is her courage and hard work that made her famous and the Gigi gorgeous net worth is $2million. This is an enough amount to get famous and popular among the audience. She can earn 350 dollars per day and 127,000 dollars per year from ads in her videos.




How old is barron trump?

how tall is barron trump


A 10-year-old boy was seen excited at the inauguration of Donald Trump. He was found there with his mother. Who was that younger being? Why was he excited? Was he near or dear of Donald Trump? Was just there to watch the 45th president of the United States of America? Although hidden from news reporters but he was actually the youngest son of Donald Trump. He was seen at the event with the new First Lady Melania. Barron Trump is at the limelight since his father becomes the President of the country. All the Americans and other nationality individuals find it quite interesting to know about the younger Trump. When was Barron Trump born? What are his hobbies? how old is barron trump? how tall is barron trump? What about his siblings? Where does he live currently? All these questions will be the discussed in this article.

Who is Barron Trump?

Donald Trump had three marriages and had 5 children. Barron Trump is the youngest and the only child of Donald Trump with his current 48 years of age wife Melania Trump. His parents married in the year 2005 and he was born on 20th March 2006. He has two half-brothers and sisters. He is currently enrolled in the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School which is located in New York. This institute costs about £31,000 per year. When he is having holidays, he spends his spare time in the Trump Tower as this tower has a big floor solely to him or sometimes he plays golf with his dad. He is sometimes known as littleor Mini Donald because his personality and looks resemble a lot with his father. Barron is believed to be the first son who is moving to the White House.


how tall is barron trump

How old is barron trump?

Since Barron Trump was born in the year 2006 so he will celebrate his 11th birthday on 20th March 2017. His age is closer to his 8 nephews and nieces rather than his siblings. There is a huge age difference between Barron Trump and his half-siblings. It is said that the age difference between Donald Junior and Barron is about 28 years which is a quite large age difference for siblings.

How tall is barron trump?

People observed that Barron Trumps seems quite tall according to his age when he stands close to his Dad. So what is the height of Donald Trump? Well, it has been reported that the height of Donald trump has shrunk from his age. In his initial years, his height was 188 cm but now the height is dropped to 184cm. Barron Trump seems about 2 to 3 inches above the shoulder of his dad. Moreover, his dad also never stands with a straight posture so his height can be taken as 182 cm.  According to the apparent height of Donald Trump, the height of Barron Trump can be assumed as 147 to 159.5 cm which is actually quite tall for a boy of 10 years of age. So it can be predicted that he will beat his father height in the near years.




Everything you need to know about Caleb Walker

Caleb Walker


There are many people in the entertainment industry who get fame not by their own performances, but by the demise of another celebrity. There have been many people in the history that replaced their siblings in the film industry and got fame. One of such events took place in the release of the famous movie Fast and the Furious 7. Everyone knows the franchise and is one of the biggest Hollywood hits. It is the movie which gave rise to a star, Paul Walker. Upon his death, a few scenes were shot by his brother Caleb Walker who is now a celebrity.

Short bio of Caleb Walker

The walker brothers are known for many reasons. Everyone knows Paul Walker who was the star of the Fast & Furious series. Caleb M. Walker is Paul walker’s sibling. His full name is Caleb Michael Walker. He is also known as Caleb M. Walker and Caleb B. Walker. He was born on the 4th of October, 1977 in California USA to Paul Walker III. Caleb walker has a brother Cody walker who helped in the making of the movie. He has two older sisters Amy and Ashlee walker.


 Caleb Walker

The marriage of Caleb Walker

On the 19th of October 2013, he got married to Stephanie Walker. The wedding took place at the Dove Canyon Country Club CA. Caleb’s wedding was not big news at that time. Soon after the death of Paul walker, the wedding became a big hit. The reason was that his brother Paul was his best man. There are thousands of photos of his wedding available on the web that features his brother. He is still married to Stephanie.

The career in the entertainment industry

Although he is not a very famous actor yet, but his part in the Furious 7 earned him a little respect. He has however appeared as the son in the 2012 film the ultimate sacrifice. He has been invited to various TV shows. He also guest starred in “Teens Wanna Know” as a guest. He then worked on the movie Furious 7 in place of his brother.


The scenes of Furious 7 Shot by Caleb

There are a few scenes which were shot by Caleb in place of Paul. These are as follows:

  • The scene in the garage where Mia and Brian are talking early on in the movie
  • The scene in Abu Dhabi, the scene in which Dom crashes the car taking it into another building
  • The scene on the bridge in LA where the team is discussing their next move
  • Just before the final sequence of events where Brian talks to Mia on the phone
  • Some parts of the final fight in which he fights Tony.
  • The famous scene where the bus is about to fall off the cliff and he climbs back up.
  • The ending scene where the cars part; it is obvious isn’t it!

These are a few scenes which were shot by Cody and Caleb both. At current Caleb does not have any plan to make movies or be the part of the film industry of Caleb Walker.


Who is Melania Trump and her net worth?

All about Melania Trump net worth

Melania Trump formerly knowns as Melania Knauss was born in Yugoslavia (now Slovenia), in the current wife of American president Donald Trump. She has a college degree in fashion and architecture bur pursued her as career as a fashion model. She became the legal resident of United States in 2006, after a year of her marriage to the president. Melania Trump net worth is estimated about $11 millions, which is not dependent on her husband’s wealth, but she herself has started a jewelry and watch line. Donald has a prenuptial contract which will not allow Melania to have much share in his wealth after divorce.


Things you do not know about Melania Trump net worth

  1. Melania can speak up to 5 languages and English is not her first language. She can speak German, French, Serbian and Slovenian.
  2. She is running many charity causes including The American Red Cross, The Police Athletic League, Fifth National Love Our Children Day, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Boy’s Club of New York.
  3. She has been a face of prestigious magazines like GQ, Front, InStyle, Vogue and Bazaar.
  4. Instead of supporting her husband political campaign she has been not that political active. But with that she always supported her husband causes whether they are about immigrants, even though she herself being an immigrant. Or about revealing Obama’s age she said,that, Obama the president at that time, should show the certificate of his birth because it is not her husband demanding but the whole America who have voted for him and even those who do not have.
  5. Her wedding dress costs $100,000 and it took 550 hours to get it ready. And her wedding ring has 12-carot diamond that costs about $1.5 million.
  6. She had a star-studded wedding and her wedding ceremony included Bill and Hillary Clinton, Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Kelly Ripa and Rudy Giuliani.
  7. She first refused to give Donald her number as he saw her in a party back in 1998. But later contacted him after the party.
  8. She was blessed with a son in 2006 named, Barron Trump and she spends time with her by taking him to sports practices and helping him doing his homework.
  9. She is the third spouse to her husband.
  10. Her house has crystal chandeliers and murals printed on the walls, and house is decorated with marble and 24-carot gold.

     Melania Trump net worth
    Melania Trump net worth

Melania Trump net worthpolitical appearances:

She has been a major support to her husband and once said to a reporter in an interview

“I encouraged him because I know what he will do and what he can do for America. He loves the American people and he wants to help them.”

She prefers Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump to speak for her father. Instead of proving to be a gold digger she formed her own business line so Melania Trump net worth became up to $11 million approximately. She is an inspiration for many Americans.


Yes, portions of the speech appear to be directly plagiarized from Michelle Obama’s speech.

You can see the comparison here: Part of Melania Trump’s Speech Sounds an Awful a Lot Like Part of Michelle Obama DNC Speech


melania trump net worth

Melania also stated in an interview with Matt Lauer that she wrote the majority of the speech herself with “just a little help”. So this means she either lied about writing it, or plagiarized the speech herself.

In any sane election year either would be considered major gaffes, but this is 2016 and it barely registers on the list of awful and/or stupid things done or said by the Trump campaign.

Considering that Melania isn’t a politician herself and that English isn’t her first language it’s more likely that she had a speech writer.

So, why did the speech writer lift parts of the speech from Michelle Obama? There are only two explanations:

  1. The writer was lazy, did a search for “first lady convention speeches” and did a little copy/pasta, OR
  2. The writer intentionally sabotaged the speech by inserting plagiarized lines from Michelle Obama’s speech

Either scenario should be damaging for Trump as it yet again reinforces the dysfunction and amateur nature of his campaign.

Interestingly, Donald Trump once praised Michelle Obama’s speech: Donald J. Trump on Twitter

UPDATE: It has also been pointed out that a portion of her speech included a lyric from Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” which has gained internet notoriety for its use as an online meme/prank called a “rickroll”.

Did Melania Trump include a Rickroll in the middle of her convention speech?

This would appear to suggest that the Trump campaign was indeed trolled by a subversive speech writer.

UPDATE #2: A Trump Organization staff writer (and ballerina? Is a Ballerina to Blame for Melania Trump’s Plagiarized Speech?) named Meredith McIver has come forward to claim responsibility for the “accidental” plagiarism in Melania’s speech: Trump campaign blaming ghostwriter Meredith McIver for Melania plagiarism scandal

Read her full statement below:

melania trump net worth

Still no word how a “rickroll” made its way into the speech.

I urge everyone to await confirmation from Trump PR man John Miller on whether or not “Meredith McIver” is an actual person.

More of my thoughts on Donald Trump and the 2016 presidential election:

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Best Review Ivanka Trump net worth 2017|You need to know the truth

Ivanka Trump net worth


The world owns successful businessman and women. The recent research shows that women own more skill to progress. Women will list as the successful in the next 15 years.  Women will lead in the business. They will be in the list among the top ten richest in Forbes. The biggest factor is women and has to realize their strength. They lack certain facts and support. Once they get the relevant guide, they will get more successful.

Women who get their hands well in the beginning learn from the factors. Such women try to be typical of the current state of affairs. This habit helps them with a boosting amount of income. They can gain more confidence. It is essential that women need to follow the strong principles like men. It is in Forbes 2011. More than 70 million copies are sold since the first book. Forbes is still one of the successful and robustly sold book. The book reports that the business success for women is fast. They will progress with able to test. The only woman has to understand, apply and adopt the concepts.

One of the best women is Ivanka Trump. She lists among the successful business women. She owns a major political background along with a rich father. Take a look at Ivanka Trump net worth. It’s her mind which made her this successful.


Ivanka Trump net worth

Ivanka being so successful joins her family company. The company of selling properties in 2005. Even though she is the daughter of real estate king. She was more into achieving dreams during her lifetime. She is a successful fashion icon. Ivanka produces a great worth from her fashion line. Her selling efforts prove to be worth of $250 million and the net worth value as reported in 2013.

The fact that Ivanka Trump net worth value increases andboosts like a snowball is true. It . She invests $1.1 million in many startup companies and gains profit from TwigTale and a Delaware Registered LLC. She owns a great apartment which worth more than 27 million dollars.

Trump holds much of great property in the New York. Trump and her husband have a keen interest in real estate business. Many of the Trump projects are still in progress. Ivanka is likely to take the ownership of these projects.

How society precepts?

Our society is a male dominant. All boys grow up with a vision. They have to follow the principles and have to be rich. Men must think before making a move. They have to handle the charge of their families. Men are reflected as the inherent part. There is no doubt that the true confidence of men has stepped on the peak. It is the habit develops right after their birth.

However, most of the women in our society are learned with the skills. Women have to manage the home. They have to nurture the children and deal everyone with love. The primary task they have to deal is with heart. They are well known as the peacemakers but not as leaders.

Ivanka Trump business

Things are quite changing in this era. Women can also achieve success like men. The women can learn these principles sooner, and they can enjoy many earnings. Likewise, the case has been seen. Reports about the Ivanka Trump are always on headlines. She owns a $150 million of net worth. However, her net worth is not only from the business she owns. She is also a former model and a writer. Being the vice president of the Trump party she handles, many cases.

Ivanka Trump also owns the delicate and trendy jewelry line. She introduces a lifestyle fashion line. The fashion line includes all the women items. Items include the footwear, outerwear, eye wear, and fragrances.

Ivanka Trump net worth


Ivanka Trump was born in 1981 October 30. She is the daughter of Ivana Trump and Donald Trump. No doubt she owns a real good background. It is the main reason behind her success. She focuses on every aspect of real estate. Ivanka always hit the news headlines. She also takes care of every advantage of the hotel management. Ivanka Trump born in New York and has two brothers. Her parents got divorced in 1991. Her schooling is from Chapin School. Then she admits in Walling ford Choate Rosemary Hall for high school.

She took Economics in college. She stepped up from Wharton Business School.

Business Profile

She is well known among the people. The Heiress of the rich father, Trump. It was stated that she is the fortune of the family. She is well known as a sharp businesswoman. Her net worth value is $150 million. The amount she gets from the Trump business. She positions as the Vice President recently. Trump is running many other businesses. Her Empire a fashion line, and jewelry as well. She will soon come in link with the Firm of Dynamic Diamond.

Ivanka is a fashion icon. She takes part in many shows. She has perused her career in the expert modeling. You must say that Ivanka Trump is earning with both hands. Ivanka is doing the major job of the successful business woman. Her role is also in the industry of showbiz. She has joined a fashion line. Her nature surely stands out in a crowd. It is evidenced by her net worth value.

How does she get into the modeling?

It is simply not any surprise that Ivanka has got into a fashion line. Visibly, it is due to the father’s care. You may also be shocked by the news. Ivanka was not into the family business. After her college, she got a good offer. She was at first hired by a famous firm. The firm was Management of America known as the Forest City. She has recently got in link with the Diamond Company. It was due to her jewelry brand. Her retail store will surely be announced soon.


Before showing success into the world of Business, Ivanka got fame. She was a successful model. You might have heard about the teenage magazine “Seventeen,.” In 1997 Trump was featured on the magazine cover. Ivanka appeared as the model in the same magazine. There is no doubt that Trump has also made his looks in Golf Magazine. He was seen in Elle Mexico, Stuff and Forbes as well. Ivanka, the daughter, worked for the famous American Brands. Trump also worked for Tommy Hilfiger and the British Bran Vidal Sassoon’s Jeans.

In 2007, Maxim ranked Ivanka as the 83rd in the list of 100 hot ladies. This title is known as the great reflection of fame through the modeling career. Her modeling career added an enormous amount to her net worth.

Ivanka in Trump business

Ivanka Trump also plays her part in the Trump Society. She worked as an Executive Vice President. She is recently switched as the Vice President. Also went together within the business with her brothers. The Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and father Donald Trump also work with Ivanka. Ivanka has made her presence in the various TV shows. Also made her appearance on the Apprentice show. The show which is well known as the war.

Ivanka as a writer

In October 2009, Ivanka wrote a book titled as The Trump Card.

The net worth of Ivanka Trump

Many people and fashion followers of Ivanka keep on asking the questions. They want to know about the net worth amount. It is due to the net amount she is on the top. She is famous as the fashion icon. The net worth value of the Ivanka Trump is almost $150 million. In many interviews and reports, Ivanka has stated that her net worth Continue reading “Best Review Ivanka Trump net worth 2017|You need to know the truth”

Best Review How Tall is Donald Trump 2017 ?Secrets You Must Know !

How tall is donald trump

An air of excitement spread when elections are about to held in the country. The eyes of the entire population look towards the major figure of the nation and they make different assumptions regarding the new President. Media has a significant role in making one popular among the people of the country. People are always exposed through media to the significant figures of the nation. Every person favors a particular person in the limelight and a hot conversation prevails on the social media. There could be certain factors that compel people to vote for a particular figure.  Many studies indicated that personality of the candidate is greatly influenced by his height. What are the factors that are responsible for the success of a significant figure? What about American politics? how tall is Donald trump?  Is he the tallest president in the history of the United States of America? Where would the politics lie in the 5 years of a span?

Who is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is the 4th child of Fred Trump who was a renowned businessman.  He started his business with a loan of $1 million from his father. After struggling for years, he got successful in managing the extension portfolio of his father in the New York City. Fred Trump was the real inspiration of Donald Trump and he always tries to follow his father’s footsteps. Later on, Trump shifted his business to glitzy Manhattan projects and becomes the owner of most popular Trump property. This Trump tower was expanded to Istanbul, Philippines, and Mumbai. He also builds certain casinos and hotels in different parts of the country. Moreover, he is also the author of several books and also the owner of certain merchandise that sells almost everything. In short, he is the leading businessman of the era.

How tall is donald trump

  • Marriages of Trump

Donald Trump had three wives and the most famous one was Ivana Zelnickova who was his first wife. After their divorce in the year 1990, Trump married the second time to an actress Marla Maples in the year 1993. They divorce after 6 years of marriage then he married MelaniaKnauss in the year 2005. He has five children and the younger one is Barron Trump who is 10 years old.

  • Trump and his way to politics

Mr. Trump was interested in the American politics since 1987. In doing so, he entered into politics as a candidate of Reform Party. When birther movement was run in the year 2008, he becomes the most outspoken member of the movement and talks bluntly about the birthplace of Barak Obama. In the year 2015, Trump officially announced his desire for entering into the White House race. He said that the country really needs someone who can do great in the long run. He tried to make his position strong for the upcoming elections. He runs certain controversial campaigns regarding the American economy and claims to build a boundary wall between the United States and the Mexico. He runs another campaign to ban the immigration of certain Muslim individuals in the country. A huge population protest against these campaigns but still he becomes the candidate for President.

Trump being the winner of elections

All the campaigns run by the current president of US were marked by certain controversies. Despite such controversies, he was confident about winning the elections against Hilary Clinton. He consistently informed his supporters that his presidency era would hit the blow against the establishment of American politics. His campaigns were always successful which enhances his motivation level. Despite certain few pundits believe in his success, Trump beat Hilary Clinton and becomes election winner. He is considered to be the first president of the United States of America who did not serve in the military. People might be attracted to his campaign due to his personality of height.

Impact of height on the election winner

The height of a person plays a strong role in developing his personality and the taller height is always enticing for people. It is evident from many studies that people having taller height are more successful through election because they always have strong leadership qualities as compared to the shorter people. People have a strong belief in their decisions. Therefore, they elect such person as their president who has decision making power.

Height does leave some impact on the voters but it is not always true. The United States of America had their smallest height president of about 163 cm and this do not lie in the tall people category. However, certain statistics and studies reported that tall people beat the elections about 19 times while smaller height aspirants won only 8 times since 1900. Another evidence for the impact of height on the success of the election winner reported that about 60% of candidates who won the election since the year 1789 to 2016 had larger heights than their opponents. However, the tallest President of the United States of America was Abraham Lincoln who had a height of 193 cm which was just 2 cm greater than the current President. The average height of the Presidents of the United States of America is 5 feet and 11 inches.

how tall is Donald trump?

Donald Trump, an American businessman, has a height of 6.3 inches or 191 cm which definitely lies in the category of tall people. It is even evident from the history of American election that candidates having tall height are always threat for the opponent because the taller height individual has greater chance to strike the blow. The reason for such fact is that the American people have more believe on the taller person rather than the shorter one. Although, Trump is not the tallest candidate in the history of American politics but he is at least taller than Hilary Clinton.

What Donald Trump’s personality depicts about his future politics?

Donald Trump personality depicts a lot about his future politics. Most of the people who had a conversation with Trump found him quite flummoxing. Certain psychologists have assessed the personality of Donald Trump on the five trait dimensions.

  • Socially dominant person

Donald Trump is found to be highly extroverted with quite low agreeableness. He is believed to be socially dominant which indicates his concern for resolving certain social issues that might be prevailing in the country.

  • Remain in touch with audience

Donald Trump is believed to keep on interacting with people because it is almost impossible for him to remain still. It is assumed that he will remain in touch with the American people at least on social media.

  • Take risk in Life

The extrovert nature of Trump tends him to take big risks in life. It is evident from his business career that he enjoys taking risks. However, his decisions are not fixed one; he is quite flexible and pragmatic in his decisions. He is found to be less ideological than the previous presidents. Trump can switch from his position easily particularly when it is needed in negotiations with Congress or other foreign leaders.

  • Truthfulness of Trump

When the truthfulness of Trump was assessed, it is evident that about 24 percent of his claims are true while 75 percent are false. So people could not believe his claims which he made during the election campaign.

  • Induce fear in audience

Trump father always told him that this world is a very threatening place to live so deal with it accordingly. As a result, he kept on inducing fear in his audience by saying again and again that something bad is going to happen in the near future. When he was inquired about this, he told that something scary would happen to others. It means that he is going to scare the other world with his policies. It is the outcome of his blunt and outspoken personality.

  • Narcissistic personality

Trump personality is found to be quite narcissistic because he also uses his own video clips in workshops. He uses his own name for almost everything. It was also depicted from his conversation and speeches. Such people really like to be the epicenter of any gathering and they struggle hard to achieve this aim of being great in the gathering. If president becomes narcissistic then it would not be less than a double-edged sword. His entire family and educational history indicated that he was an enticing person in his social gathering. So he would definitely work to prove his greatness through certain political policy whether it is the immigration policy or terrorism-related policy.

  • Sense of discipline
  • As Trump was enrolled in military school for some period of time, it inculcates in him the sense of discipline and strengthens his ethical values. So he will plan to make the country more discipline.

    • Persona of warrior

    Trump gives a persona of a warrior which compels the audience that he will actually transform the America as a Great America.

    Apart from how tall a Donald trump is, there are other factors that contribute to the success of an election winner. Actually, the entire personality of a significant figure depicts his future political goals which cannot be ignored

    Immigration and Donald Trump

    Donald Trump major aim is to revise the immigration policy. Immigration basically means amnesty, open borders, and cheap labor. The goal of immigration is to set aside the country’s own needs and give priority to the other nation. Trump is extremely against this policy and he believes that a country cannot succeed until it strengthens its boundaries. Trump discourages immigration with respect to the following three principles.

    1. A nation cannot be called as a nation if its boundaries are not strong. A strong wall is needed on the borders.
    2. A nation should have a strong law and this law should be passed according to the Constitution.
    3. If a nation does not serve its own people then the term nation should not be used for them. There is a need of improvement in the wages, security, and jobs solely for Americans.

    In doing so, he took certain steps as well.

    • Building wall on the border of Mexico

    He compels the Mexico to make a deal about creating a border wall between the United States of America and Mexico. He focuses on keeping the illegal immigrants out because the leaders of Mexico have taken the benefit of the United States through illegal immigration.

    • Returning of all the criminal aliens

    As Barak Obama had released approximately 76,000 aliens who had a criminal conviction in his own custody since 2013, so Trump makes it mandatory for all the aliens to come back to their homeland. He is doing this by canceling their visas to other countries and considers it an official crime.

    • Penalties for visa overstaying

    As lots of people visit the United States of America on a temporary visa and do not leave the country after the visa expires. Trump considers it dangerous for the national security. He enhances the penalty for people who do not leave the country when the visa expires and he considers it a serious crime.

    All these factors indicated that Trump is trying to isolate the United States of America from the entire world. In these five years of a span, every sort of trading or immigration between the United States of America and other countries would come to an end. The United States of America would lie as a separate nation on the world map. The boundary of the country would get so strengthen that not even an insect would be able to cross it.

    Revolution in Economy

    Trump was a businessman before coming into politics. So he would surely certain business strategies as well and will focus on the employment rate. According to Trump, if immigration policy is revised then it would have a significant impact on the economy too. It would create more space for the American workers in certain industries. A huge percentage of immigrants are serving different industries or companies so removing those immigrants from their jobs would definitely create a room for the local people of the United States of America. He believes that middle class is the backbone of a country so if they suffer then the entire nation will suffer. According to his policy:

    • The wages of the low-earning workers will be enhanced.
    • Teenagers will be offered certain jobs
    • Schools, hospitals, and other communities will not be ignored.
    • He would create better trade with the People’s Republic of China because it is a country of a strong economy.

    Although Trump is suppressing trade to a large extent which actually contributes a lot to the nation but he has already planned certain alternative strategies through business. As millions of immigrant workers are ordered to leave the country so it would definitely affect the economy of a Super Power but employment rate would increase to a larger extent. People are also happy with the employment rate rather than the economy of a nation. Moreover, he is expected to promote the health-care system through certain deals with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

    Trump and Terrorism

    Trump is applying a single strategy to bring terrorism to an end. He has signed an order to cancel the visa of people belonging to seven Muslim countries which include Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, and Iran. Trump claimed about the continent of Europe that people might not have heard about any serious attack in Europe which indicates that they are not that threatening to the United States of America. However, he said that all the Muslim majority countries had serious terrorist attacks and they themselves are responsible for such evil act. He has ignored the fact that the United States of America itself could also be the reason for ever increasing terrorism. Canceling the visa facility of seven Islamic states will just inculcate hatred in the Muslim community towards the people of the United States of America. This will create a wider gap between two biggest religions as well.

    Trump tendency towards Russia

    Russia and the United States of America were found to be the biggest rivals of history. As both the countries fight for becoming the Super Power of the world so they never had a soft corner for each other and they tried to beat each other in every field. However, the 2016 election bring revolution and both the countries are on their way of friendship. Why is that so? How is it possible that such rival could become friends? Well, it is quite controversial side to touch and every person is making his own assumption regarding this issue. Some say that Donald Trump won the election because of Russia while others reported that Trump had his property there in Russia. These are mere assumption and the actual truth is not known. But one major thing which could be seen in the near future is a deep friendship between the United States of America and Russia although it seems pretty weird to some people.

    Ending Remarks

    how tall is Donald trump and where would his future politics lie were the focal points of this article. Hence, in a nutshell, there are many interesting things expected to happen in the near future. Certain things would be quite surprising while others might be disgusting. Whatever happens will either be in the best interest of the nations or the President, future will tell.