Benefits of Wi-Fi Free Games

Wifi Free Games?


Games play an important part in our life. A life is incomplete without games. When you are bored of your hectic routine etc or when you have a busy schedule then you definitely require some entertainment. The best way to entertain your self is by playing games. Games enhance the mood of the person by making them mentally fit. So you can say that games are a source of mental health. Computer and mobile games are also much famous nowadays and most people play them with great interest. There are several types of games. Some of these require internet connectivity while some can be played offline. Most people say that the offline games are the best ones. There are different statements that support this statement.

Wifi Free Games?

Now a question arises that on what behalf offline games are best or what are the advantages of the Wifi Free Games? There are a lot of benefits of offline games. Some of these are given below.

No Internet Connectivity Required:

            Offline games don’t require internet connectivity. So you can play these games free for anunlimited time. When you play games via the internet then the major issue that you face is the speed of the internet that affects your game. If the speed of internet is slow then it will take more time to load frames. So in thecase of theofflinegame, you achieve this benefit that your game is not dependent on internet speed and you can play without any tension.


            Another benefit of offline games is that you don’t have to pay any extra charges for the internet. Usually when you play over the internet then the levels of the game, the graphics etc utilize more mbs. So there are great chances that you can receive ahigh bill from your operator. But in thecase of offline you can play games of your desire for an unlimited time without being worried for the charges etc. This provides thegreat facility of playing your favorite games and unlocking new levels by exploring the games further and further.

Play Anywhere:

            One of the greatest advantages is that you can play these games anywhere you want. You are not bound to sit at a specific place so that your device can catch the internet signals etc for the running of the game. Instead, you can play this game where ever you want. In buses, trains, planes etc. You are not bound to any specific area etc. you can even play these games in those areas where no internet is available. Sometimes the internet fails or the electricity fails due to which people may lose their progress and gets angry on that but in offline case, you can play your favorite game for you desire time.

There are a lot of other benefits of Wifi Free Games. These are the best games and you can play them without extra charges. Another good point is that these games don’t require the internet so these games will not eat the battery of your device.

Top non Wifi games of 2017

non Wifi games


Nowadays android and IOS system are full of games. The person can install a number of games to kill the spare time. Many games run when the phone or the computer is connected with Wifi but there are non wifi games are also available that person can play when there is no access to the internet is present. A variety of games is present in the app store that the person can play without the internet. The top rated games of 2017 that the player can enjoy without the data package are as following




non Wifi games



Angry birds

It is one of the top games of the year billion of people have downloaded it. The game does not require the Wifi to play. It is available both in Android and the IOS system. The game strategy is very easy and the player plays with the interest. He has to slingshot to launch the birds on the pig station. The player needs skill, logic, and forced to play. It is basically the physics based game and the player has to set correct strategy or angle to hit the pigs.

Subway Surfers

It is another awesome game that the player can enjoy without the internet. The person can download it free of cost and enjoy the unlimited run. The main purpose of the game is to collect the coins and prevent the runner from the obstacles that come in the path. Different power ups like a jetpack, coin magnet are added to make the game more interesting. Different missions are present that provide the rewards thus making the game more fascinating for players.

Jetpack joyride

This is the endless running game available both in Android and IOS system. The protagonist steals the jetpack that is armed with the machine gun. It is much identical to the subway surfers, the player runs and collects the coin to progress towards the other level. There are high tech gadgets that can help the player to face different challenges of the game. Different outfits are present that can give the jockey different looks some dresses are so funny that give the ridiculous look.

Bike race

It is one of the best racing game and the top rated game. It is an interesting nonwifi game in which the player trains the racer in a single game and can play different tournaments. It is the straightforward game. A number of tracks and challenges are present that make the game more appealing.

Unblock me free

It is the game that comes under the category of the mind games. The player can download and then play without internet connection. The basic aim of the game is to release the red block that is present between other blocks. The game has two modes, one is relaxed mode while the other is the challenging mode.  The player can connect through internet to play the game with multiplayer all around the world.

There are many games available in the app store that the user can download and enjoy the unlimited fun without the presence of internet.

Best games without Wifi on PC

non Wifi games

Best games without Wifi on PC

Many times it happens when the person gets bored when there is no internet presence and he has no activity to do, in that situation one can utilize his time by playing the games without wifi. It is good to download some games for the time when no internet access available. There are enormous games available that one can install in PC and spend the free time with good quality games. Some of the interesting and time killing games available on the PC are


games without wifi

Every day the same dream

It is the type of the video game, in which the family members are present and make the schedule to spend the day. The player gets ready, greet the wife and go to the office, the daily schedule is same but there some questions are present like what happens if not dressed properly or if disobey to the boss. It is the flash game, one must download flash player before downloading it.

Halo zero

It is another exciting game that has the side scrolling shooter; it is basically the 2D style contra shooter that has all the weapons to play against the enemies. Before playing the game, the player has to change some of the settings like language, default controls and volume controls. It is an amazing shooting game that runs without the internet.


It is the game with full of fun and amusement. The player does not die but loses the point as a strike with some obstacle. It is a highly recommended game and the person keeps smiling while playing. The songs are awesome and the player can spend the hours to play the awesome game.

Cave Story

It is another big hit and one of the best PC games. It is the Japanese freeware game that is translated to attract the audience from all over the world. The 2D and 3D version both are available.  One can easily download from the developer website and enjoy the unlimited fun. Install the 3D version to enjoy the game with high graphics.

Minecraft classic

It is the amazing mind game that requires proper attention and strategy to search the mines. There is no winning option, the player survives against the unending horders. Different building projects are available in which the player gets involve to have unlimited fun. The paid version is also available that have more entertaining features, the person can get it to enjoy the versatile features of the game.

Team fortress, battlefield, and Runescape are other games that enable the user to kill the free time and enjoy unlimited fun. Some games require subscription while other are free to download. The person who is bored from the studies or frustrated from the office work can play the above mention game to get relax and enjoy. All these games are quick to download and easy to play. No much computer specifications are required to install the game, these run smoothly in normal windows easily. These are the best games to spend free time.

Complete Guide to Games that don’t need Wifi

Games that don’t need Wifi


Life is full of troubles and busy hectic routines. Due to which people usually get bored and they start becoming angry on little things. So there must be a source of entertainment. For this purpose, games are available to entertain a person and to enhance the mood of a person. Games are necessary for themental development of a person. A fresh mind is also necessary for a healthy body and this is gained by playing games. Games usually increase the creativity level of a person. There are some Games that don’t need Wifi. These games run offline and don’t require any internet connectivity. Now the question arises that what are the properties of these games? What are actually they? So, brief answers to all of these questions are given below.

Games that don’t need Wifi

Games that don’t need Wifi:

            Games that don’t require Wifi connection are also known as offline games. These games run offline and are not dependent on any internet connection. These types of games are best as they can be played anywhere you want.  If you talk about mobile games of such type then you can even play them when there is no sim card in your mobile. These games don’t need anything else to run. There are a lot of benefits of these games. Like these don’t charge any money for playing. While the games that require Wifi charge money for the MB’s that are used against that game. So offline games are cheap. Most people recommend these games as they don’t take much of the device battery.

More about Offline Games:

Along with the battery, the online games take a major part of the ram for their proper functionality. But the offline games don’t utilize much data so the ram is not used much and is left for other processes. So the speed of the game will be much better in the Games that don’t need Wifi. No continuous connectivity is required. You can pair with your opponent and play the game offline. Another good point is that suppose you have a game that is available in online mode as well as offline mode. So now you can play this game in offline mode and practice hard to become a pro in that game and then play online to beat your opponents etc.

This will give you benefit in a way that your coins or points will not be wasted n online mode as you will never lose. So you have the option to lose in offline mode and learn as much as you can. They connect to online mode and beat the entire list of opponents by gaining high scores and earning points. In short, games are necessary for themental and physical development of a person. Your reflexes become strong, you learn how to play or work in a team, you learn how to face the challenges, and you also learn how to gain victory by using alimited amount of resources. So these games are best to make you sharp and strong.

How no wifi games are Better

no wifi games free


The Internet is becoming an important factor of our digital part of life. Many home appliances are also now focusing on the importance of the internet. Yet there are times when one can access the internet also when one does not want to use the internet. In all these time when internet access is not available, and a person has nothing to do, in short, he is gathered with boredom so he should be using no wifi games free. No wifi games are a partner in loneliness and are exciting, but this is not the only benefit of using no wifi games. There are many other benefits. Some of them are discussed below.

no wifi games free

No Virus:

The virus is one of the security threatseveryother internet user is facing. The worst part is that users don`t know where there is virus. Moreover, people used to download games from authentic and unauthentic websites. The unauthentic third party websites contain thevirus. These viruses slow down the internet and may record our working behavior and data. Though wifi games may also download avirus that is limited.

No Time Wastage:

How do game developers earn? Their main earning comes from ads they display. Such adswaste a lot of time as now one has to watch videos or adto unlock levels or earn some rewards. Such adslows down overall speed. Such ads in the middle of games or beneath the game may detractplayers and are aconstantly annoying.

Free or Minimum Payment:

Not all but many of these any wifi games free to download. If not free then they are available at minimum prices. Moreover one has to pay one time while purchasing for the first time. As it is not connected to the internet, so updates are rare and are free. On the other hand, they are not adding cost to internet use. Think of ascenario in which a player is addicted to a game which requires internet conncection,so he is adding overhead to his internet cost. Chances are there that websites are heavier, so they takeup much mbs then regular.

Best Partner in Boredom:

There are some activities onthe internet. Think of a situation in which one is waiting at doctor`s or for in conference and is bored couldn’t access the internet inthis situation no wifi games is the best option. Wifi games are economical but provide ahigh level of entertainment. There is no difference between wifi games and no wifi games and that be free.

There are many other benefits of playing no wifi game free. So there are many no wifi games like temple run,papertoss,plant vs. zombies and many others. Though you will need the internet to download this is aone-time cost. People also enjoy these games. Such games are good for kids to play. As there are many other risks involved in using internet based games.moreover, there are rough ideas that internet based games required user activities may capture apicture but there is no solid proof for this.


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Top Six Game Played Without WiFi



Mobile becomes an addiction of most of the young generation. It is necessity for some and comfort for many. It is a partner in boredom to many. People use social media for connecting with their friends, read the book and explore new research work.  Yet there are some peoples who like to play online games.  One thing is common in all of these activities, and that is need of internet. This need is increasing day by day. Yet there are situations in which a person needs to use the phone but with using the internet or spending a penny.  People latterly want some no wifi games. So here is the list of games which can be used without the internet.



Orbital Nine created Brain it on! The games belong to brain games. The games are the choice of many physics love. In this challenging game, one draws different shapes to solve puzzles. The game is versatile with different solutions for one problem. The game is designed so that one can play in different ways with sticking to the same situation all the time.




Jetpack joyride is the game developed developers of fruit ninja game,the Halfbrick Studios.  The game is for action lover adventurous peoples. The touch screen is used to control the movement of the character. There are different rewards for the character, i.e., coins,rainbows, etc. Coin guarantee spin at the end which holds different rewards for the player including customers and other coins.




Plants vs. zombies are one the most popular and we may call this iconic game developed by Electronic Arts. In this movie, one has to stop zombies from entering one`s house. One should plant faster,the faster he plants,and the more playersare protected. There are 49 plants including peashooters,cherry bombs,wall nuts and others to protect the house from 26 types of zombies.



Smash is the perfect game to demolish your depression and aggression through smashing everything coming your way? The game is also targets shooting lovers. Mediocre AB is the developer of this game. Sounds changes as the level changes however speed stays constant, and obstacles are there to detract the player.



Temple run is basically running game by Imangi Studios. This is another very popular and addictive game in which character has to run for life. The game is best for judging reflexive. Moreover one has to run in different directions,pass by different obstacles,and collect different coins and power up.



Paper toss by backflip studio is one of the simple and exciting games. The games like basketball throw. One has to shot a crumbled paper piece in the basket. The game is made difficult by adding distances and fan. The game is best when waiting for your turn at doctor`s, on the bus and anywhere where there is boredom.


There are many other no wifi games like word search, Jenga, Poptropica, and many other games. So worry no and download them in your phones to enjoy while there is no one except boredom.


Free games without wifi: Best android games of 2017



Gone are the days when there was need of wifi for the gamers to play their favorite games for the reason that free games without wifi are here to entertain you anytime, which doesn’t have need of internet connection for playing. If you need to know about the best games for the androids for the year 2017, you are standing here at the right place. You don’t always have wifi available so these games help you to have fun and entertainment anytime and anywhere so these type of games are really best that don’t let you feel bored.

List of 5 free games without wifi

Cook, Serve & Delicious

When you have this amazing game on your phone, you don’t have need of wifi to run or play it. This is the major reason that makes Cook, Serve & Delicious really popular in the year 2017. This game was launched in the PC version but now it’s available and works the best on tablets and smart phones as well. There are lots of hungry people in the game who are in need of food and you have to deliver the delicious food to all of them after you are done cooking it. This game gives you an entertaining time.



Cook, Serve & Delicious


For the android users, limbo is for sure one of the most amazing games available that doesn’t need wifi to play it. This game is for all the genius people out there who love to solve puzzles. There are numerous reasons for which this game is really loved by the people, no matter what the age and gender is. You need to give it a try.




Duet is a free game with no wifi. The players of duet say that they become unable to stop themselves from playing it again and again without any sort of breaks. There are lots of snipping balls that need to be controlled in an accurate order in such a way that it doesn’t hit something.  The most important thing to mention here about this game is that the both balls move side by side to each other.



One amongst a number of amazing free games available for androids which don’t need wifi to play is BADLAND. This game seems really simple yet it’s the most addictive game which is loved by its players a lot. The two most amazing attributes of the game that make it really popular are its good story and its excellent graphics. This game will entertain you, no matter where you are, at home or in a long travel.




Crossy Road

The last but not the least game in the list of 5 free games without wifi is crossy road. The simplest goals of the game make it really popular amongst the children of young age. All you need to do in this game is to make the chicks cross the road in a nice manner, saving their lives. The game is available for iOS as well as for android phones.

Crossy Road

Top 5 Free games that don’t need wifi

Minecraft Pocket Edition


The appetite for mobile data or Wi-Fi is growing all the time, but every person does not have the luxury of a secure or unlimited Wi-Fi network to play games on. Most of the people like to kill their time by playing games while on a subway or during a long flight. They really enjoy to challenge themselves to an adventurous game that could keep them on the edge of their seat. So they are looking for such amazing game but unfortunately, the developers are not fulfilling their demands. However, some smart developers of today’s world have solved this issue by producing an offline version of your favorite game. Here, you will come to know the top 5 Free games that don’t need wifi.

1.  Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft is the creation of Mojang. This adventurous game allows you to put your creativity in an infinite virtual world. You will have to explore the virtual world and customize it according to your creativity. Minecraft is a simple to play the game, but still, it becomes complicated at a later stage when you have to build more complex structures or items. You can enjoy the pocket edition of this game when you have no access to Wi-Fi.





2.  Shadow Fight 2

Players who like to play action games can enjoy the Shadow Fight 2 when there is no internet connection around. The 2D modeled fighting characters in this game make your flight enjoyable. This offline game revolves around the character “Shadow” who lost his body parts when he was trying to unleash the powerful demons. This character becomes the skilled shadow warrior who will fight with demons and their bodyguards.





3.  Despicable me

You might have watch minions all around the store when you visit a shopping mall such as minion shirts, stuff toys, etc. So you can also watch minions in your favorite game when you are traveling on atrain and you do not have any internet connection. Despicable me is one of the top 5 Free games that don’t need wifi. In this runner game, you will have to race with the minions and collect the bananas on the way. You can download this game for free on your play store.



4.  Plant versus Zombies

Plant versus Zombies is an arcade game which you can easily install free of cost. This delightfully animated game will keep you entertained all through your journey.  In this game, you have to repel the vicious attack by the dangerous zombies to your house before they enter into your home and eat your brain.




5.  Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a versatile game that is spreading through smart gadgets across the globe. You will find this game on almost every Android device. With this runner game, you will feel less chaotic and frantic during your flight. You will just need to avoid the obstacles or enemies that come in your ways. Doodle is the name of an alien creature whom you will help to hop as high as possible throughout the journey.