What is eminem net worth?

It is amazing to know that the Eminem net worth is 210 million dollars.  He is pride of music world. He is a famous rapper, producer and a music director. In the modern music his hits are the vanity of this music world. An ordinary singer or musician can’t deal with the rap because music is not a cup of tea. There are some rappers in this world who have ruled over the nations, as well as they are appreciating the value of quality music. He is respected for his ability and for his singing quality. He is jack of all trades. He is acknowledged for his music choices and for his decision state of mind in everywhere throughout the world. Creating a memorable beat is very difficult for an ordinary musician.


eminem net worth

He is famous for his hits which he has created with an innovative strategy related to the business and unique work in the music industry. Eminem has introduced the world with new trends and innovative hits. He is a name of the authority and the power in the world of music. He is recognized for his solidity and firm behavior in the world of the music. He understands the pulse of the time.

  1. Intelligent

Having a special sense regarding music and the brilliance he is incredible due to his effective nature. He is now the name of excellence by introducing the world innovative music in many ways. No doubt being intelligent he is ruling on the world of the music.

  1. Solidity towards music Quality

He is leading celebrity in the world of music and is appreciated for is unique strategies due to his solid behavior. Preceding the production, he is the administrator of the music business and recognized at the Global level. He is for the most part thought to be a standout amongst the most persuasive government officials, most intense identities ever.He is famous for their leadership, solidity, wise business attitude. He is renowned for their administration and their sympathy towards individuals and his advancement.

  1. An Extraordinary music sense

The most important factor for music development is to understand the trend of the present time. Using the special tips and techniques for the progress of the modern musiche is incredible in his task. He uses the innovative technology in the production of the modern music and always introduces the new things to the world. They are extraordinarily special in their fields.

He has recorded music with FBT productions and Mashin Duck Records. He had done the jobs of dishwasher and cook. In 1996, he launched his music album and made his debut. The Slim Shady EP has come in 1997. It was a super hit of that time. He has a wide fan bank and this is increasing by the time. He has earned a great fame and his hit albums are the reasons of high Eminem net worth. The solid perception and the wide vision play a vital role in the progress of a person.

Best Review The Secret Story Behind Lil Uzi Vert Net Worth 2016-2017

Lil Uzi Vert Net Worth

Lil Uzi Vert is a hip hop artist. His real name is Symere Woods. He was born on July 31, 1994.  He basically belongs to America. Lil Uzi Vert Net Worth is $3 Million. He became famous after the release of his debut single “Money Longer”. He also released several mix tapes like Lil Uzi Vert vs The World, Luv is rage and The Perfect Luv Tape. He has also worked with a lot of rappers and in collaboration with them, he released different albums. His appearance on Migos’ ‘’Bad and Boujee made him even more famous. This hits billboards on the100th number. He is really hard working that why in his early age he has got a lot of publicity and is famous around the world.



 Lil Uzi Vert Net Worth

Lil Uzi Vert Net Worth:

            Lil uzi vert an American hip-hop singer born on 1994 took his name to the unattainable heights in very early age. He released several mix tapes like The Real Uzi in 2014 and purple thoughts EP Vol. 1 etc. His debut single Money Longer hit 23rd rank on the billboard charts. His single “ You Was Right” was featured on the wiz Khalifa singles and along with this it also hit 27th rank on the US R&B board. He released different albums in collaboration with various other stars like Post Malone, Mac Miller and A$AP Ferg etc. he earned a lot in his mix tapes. His total net worth is $3 Million. Lil Uzi Vert is single. He had a girlfriend but then they both split up due to certain hidden reasons. His fans really love him a lot and they always liked him in every platform.


            Lil Uzi Vert possesses superb rapping skills. Don Cannon listened to his song which was played on the radio by DJ Diamond Kuts. He signed adifferent deal with others actors. He gained more popularity after being featured with other co-stars like ASAP Freg etc in 2015. On 18 December 2015, he released his third mix tape Luv is Rage. His fourth mix tape was released on 15 April 2016. He also worked with some rapping groups like Migos. With their collaboration he released a single “Bad and Boujee” and it reached number 1 rank on the billboard charts. On his 22ndbirthday, he released his fifth mix tape “The Perfect Luv Tape”. This all helps him to gain more popularity and that’s why Lil Uzi Vert Net Worth is $3 million.

He has a lot of fame in his early age and with the passage of time, he will become aneven greater star. The secrets behind his achievements are his hard work and inspiration. He faced the whole world, he faced a lot of hurdles and problems but he remains solid in front of them and doesn’t lose his vision. This all made him strong and his workings made him famous. His mix tapes with several co-stars become famous. Along with this, his singles become even more famous which lead him to earn $3 million.

Know the Steve Harvey net worth

Steve Harvey net worth


Steve Harvey is an actor and comedian from the TV industry of America and is regarded as the most influential person in terms of his salary and not worth. The actual net worth he has is of 140 million dollars and his salary is 40 million dollar. He was born on 17th of January in 1957 in the area Welch, West Virginia. The universities he went to are West Virginia University and Kent state university. Steve Harvey net worth is so high because he is known to be among the richest celebrities in America. The shows he has performed are considered to be of great success.

Steve Harvey net worth


Early success

The early career has a great influence on the Steve Harvey net worth because those shows were beginning of his exceptional line of business. In 1992 he became the host for the Showtime at Apollo and that show continued till 2000. Meanwhile, a new show starred by the name of “The Steve Harvey show” that was aired from 1996 to 2002 with the 122 episodes. A show was aired by Spike Lee named “the original kings of comedy” and Steve Harvey was one of the four contestants present.

Success in recent years

With those exceptional shows he started off his career in an exceptional way and after that, there are many shows being aired featuring him. Right now, the shows he is doing include a morning show on radio by the name of “The Steve Harvey morning show”, there is also a talk show in daytime named “Steve Harvey” and the another one is “Family Feud”. Other than this, he has also entered into new fields of business to maximize his wealth. Other lines include some bestselling books written by him as well as a clothing line that is named after him as “the Steve Harvey collection”. A book written by him is “Act like a lady, think like a man”, turned out to be the best selling romantic comedy in the year 2009. This book was later turned into “think like a man” in 2012 and earned 100 million dollars at the box office. All these things make up to turn the Steve Harvey net worth portfolio into a huge success.

Married life

Steve Harvey was married three times in his life. The total children he has been seven. The first marriage was with Marci Harvey from the year 1980 – 1994 and they had twin daughters and a son. His second marriage was with Mary Lee Harvey that remained from 1996 – 2005 and they had a son. However, currently, he is married to Marjorie Bridge since 2007 and is living a really happy life. Steve Harvey states that his third wife is responsible for changing his life and turning him into a better man than before. Marjorie had her own 3 children and Harvey raised them as children. Even now they have grandchildren.

All the major contributions towards the Steve Harvey net worth are mentioned in this article, he is 60 years old and is still working because this is his passion.
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Best Review Post Tai Lopez Net worth 2016-2017-2018|Must Read !


Tai Lopez is a great social media celebrity and almost everyone present on social on social media is aware of his name. According to statistics, his videos are viewed even more than 200 million more times in a single year. Social media is a great power and it is an art how some people use it really well. Tai Lopez Net worth is the indication has he has the art to market on social media. Even he provides a lot of tips for making a social media agency. Some of the interesting facts about him are as follows.

Tai Lopez net worth


Tai Lopez Net worth

The estimated net worth of Tai Lopez is about 20 million dollars. Even at the beginning of his YouTube sessions, the money he used to earn was large and at that time his net worth was between 3.5 – 7 million dollars. The key point is that in response to the efforts he had put on, the huge platform is created for the masses on which the marketing can be done easily. This platform is being trusted and admired but many so marketing things over here is an easy task. The art he has is that he exactly knows what it takes to make money. There is a 67 stepped program initiated by him to gain success.

Business model of Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez Net worth is so high because it is the result of an exceptional business model. There are some paid courses offered y him on his YouTube channel and multiple videos, as well as ads, are presented over there to market. The fee a person pay to this model is recurring and this is the interesting point. There are some of the points on which he puts a great focus on. First of all, he pays a lot of money for the YouTube ads. The sales business is initiated by creating a sales funnels and then the people who do not become the part of sales tunnel are again targeted through YouTube ads.

Concept of trip wires

This concept is introduced in his business model. Actually, there are some products on the entry level that are popular among people; he targets that audience having general appeal to those products. These products are also low cost. The only trick is to get the person to develop buying habit by buying the first product, after that the trust is being built and people gradually move towards expensive products. This is a great marketing technique to grab a lot of customers and over this huge period of time, he has to build great trust that there are a huge number of people following him.

Free content

A lot of valuable content is provided to people for free. Those free things include free knowledge, a book of day summaries and the live webinars etc. This builds up the trust and loyalty and people start buying that ultimately increase the Tai Lopez Net worth. These were some of the really great qualities present in the business model of Tai Lopez.

Cool and funny WhatsApp group names for friends

WhatsApp group names for friends


Whatsapp is an interesting app to connect people all over the world. No matter in which country the person is, he has to simply download the app, and he has to add his sim number and get connected. Whatsapp provides the facility of individual conversation as well as group chat. Family members and friends create groups to have long term connection with each other and bets mean to share feelings. As the group member creates the group he loves to name the group. Some of the best, funny and unique WhatsApp group names  for friends are listed below

WhatsApp group names for friends

Best WhatsApp group names

Some people create a group for friends that are serious and sober. they love to spend time by taking about sophisticated topics as well as want t to discuss studies and office routine. For that besties, the group names can be

  • Happy house
  • Bonding
  • Buddies
  • People world
  • Public square
  • Strong ties
  • Good times
  • Whatsapp connection

Funny Whatsapp group names

Most of the times friends create the group to have fun. They talk, gossip and tease each other in a funny way to create fun as well as to refresh themselves. Some of the amazing and funny group names can be

  • Open book
  • Hungry for shopping
  • Heart catchers
  • Bold ladies
  • Recycle bin
  • Gossip geese
  • Beauty ladies
  • Just married
  • Ladies talk only
  • Protectors of Superman
  • Telegram lovers
  • 420 members
  • Bachelor’s party

Other group names

Girls and guys have their individual groups most of the time. girls create the name according to their type while boys name them according to their personality as well as activities.

The people chat to have fun some of other amazing group names that can be appealing are

  • Friends colony
  • Cursing fellows
  • Rocking stars
  • Mad friends
  • Strong bonding
  • Good times
  • X mate
  • So called doctors
  • Friends forever
  • Nonsense group
  • Best idiots
  • Teenagers
  • Smile please
  • Nonveg friends
  • Buddies

All the name are entertaining and amusing.  Some other cool names are

  • No girls
  • Best dudes
  • Life suckers
  • Lets party guys
  • Free birds
  • Free hulks
  • Amigos
  • Free birds

To name the group does not mean to tease other or to hurt other person’s feelings but it is created and named to have fun as well as to share the feelings. People share the photos, videos, life experiences and different happenings of life. They can discuss serious issues as well as take guidance on different topics. Professional friends create a group for discussion related to work and office. If friends create group one must participate courageously to enjoy the time and get know how about different people activities. The groups are best mean to stay connected, in this way people can help each other as they know about the issues that other person is facing.


Best ideas for funny group chat names

funny group chat names


When a person creates the group to chat with friends and family members he is given the option to name the group. Some people write ridiculous names that are astonishing but another name with a serious name that loses all the fun. It is good to enjoy the chat with some funny group name so that everyone takes interest in gossips. Some of the best funny group chat names that provide the group a life and make it more entertaining are given below.

funny group chat names

Names for family groups

Usually, a person creates the family group when someone lives outside the country or going to visit another city so that every member at home know about activities of each other. Family members express their feelings, show love and wish in different ways during different events. Some of the funny group names can be

  • Mad house
  • We talk a lot
  • Funny four
  • Fabulous five
  • Invincible
  • The Herd
  • It’s not good to be silent
  • Familia
  • Family ties
  • House full

Friends group name

To chat with a friend is fun and the best part to spend the night chatting with friends. When person creates the group for friends ultimately different funny and exciting name for group strike on his mind. The group name is according to personality and habits of person even some groups are named according to the profession of friends.  Some funny group names can be

  • Nonsense groups
  • Evil vs angels
  • So called engineers
  • We tie until die
  • Bachelors
  • Wondering minds
  • Life and music

Cousins group name

Cousins are attached with each other, they have a special affection and friendly relationship with each other. They fight as well play with each other. When they grow up they disperse in different university, city and even `in different countries. to stay connected with each other they create a group so that they can update about their activities. They can name the group as following

  • Grab club
  • Cursing cousins
  • World of cousins
  • Family gangs
  • Across borders
  • Cousin colony
  • Chat with brats
  • Weekend kings

Siblings’ group name

Siblings especially sisters create group especially when they get married and spread in different part of country or world. The different names that they can give to the group are as following

  • Sharing feelings
  • My blood share
  • Guiding sisters
  • My best friend
  • My first friends

Some general groups are created by professionals or class fellows to involve everyone that is present in class or office. The group names can be

  • Foodies
  • Walkie talkie
  • Block heads
  • Civil disobedient
  • The wood chucks

Different ideas strike in different people mind. They create group and give the exciting name to attract the group members. In this way they share activities, photos, experiences and life incidents to stay connected with each other. The group chats are meant for guidance, sharing of feelings and best way to spend the spare time.

How no wifi games are Better

no wifi games free


The Internet is becoming an important factor of our digital part of life. Many home appliances are also now focusing on the importance of the internet. Yet there are times when one can access the internet also when one does not want to use the internet. In all these time when internet access is not available, and a person has nothing to do, in short, he is gathered with boredom so he should be using no wifi games free. No wifi games are a partner in loneliness and are exciting, but this is not the only benefit of using no wifi games. There are many other benefits. Some of them are discussed below.

no wifi games free

No Virus:

The virus is one of the security threatseveryother internet user is facing. The worst part is that users don`t know where there is virus. Moreover, people used to download games from authentic and unauthentic websites. The unauthentic third party websites contain thevirus. These viruses slow down the internet and may record our working behavior and data. Though wifi games may also download avirus that is limited.

No Time Wastage:

How do game developers earn? Their main earning comes from ads they display. Such adswaste a lot of time as now one has to watch videos or adto unlock levels or earn some rewards. Such adslows down overall speed. Such ads in the middle of games or beneath the game may detractplayers and are aconstantly annoying.

Free or Minimum Payment:

Not all but many of these any wifi games free to download. If not free then they are available at minimum prices. Moreover one has to pay one time while purchasing for the first time. As it is not connected to the internet, so updates are rare and are free. On the other hand, they are not adding cost to internet use. Think of ascenario in which a player is addicted to a game which requires internet conncection,so he is adding overhead to his internet cost. Chances are there that websites are heavier, so they takeup much mbs then regular.

Best Partner in Boredom:

There are some activities onthe internet. Think of a situation in which one is waiting at doctor`s or for in conference and is bored couldn’t access the internet inthis situation no wifi games is the best option. Wifi games are economical but provide ahigh level of entertainment. There is no difference between wifi games and no wifi games and that be free.

There are many other benefits of playing no wifi game free. So there are many no wifi games like temple run,papertoss,plant vs. zombies and many others. Though you will need the internet to download this is aone-time cost. People also enjoy these games. Such games are good for kids to play. As there are many other risks involved in using internet based games.moreover, there are rough ideas that internet based games required user activities may capture apicture but there is no solid proof for this.


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Five reasons why I love you more than anything, Thailand

i love you more than


Every person wants to have a world tour, but they can only visit the entire globe in their imagination. However, there are some places which can bring you the flavor of the whole world. Thailand is one such place that can fascinate you with its peaceful and friendly environment. With every step you take in Thailand, you will find new tastes, warmth, smell, humility and spiritual peace. People who visited this place often uttered the words, “i love you more than any other place in the entire universe, Thailand.” This magical place makes you feel exotic yet comfortable with its relaxed lifestyle and delicious cuisine. This article will highlight the five reasons to fall in love with Thailand.

i love you more than

1.  The Sensuous Temples

You will find countless temples which are spread all over the nation to capture your imaginations. Thailand has lots of Buddha statuesthat will take you back to a bygone era. The magical atmosphere of the temple will take all your worries or tensions away, and you can feel the smell of calm and relaxed environment. The gold and silver buildings of temples are eye candy for every person who visits this place.

2.  The Amicable Thais

When you put your feet on this land, you will feel a very warm and welcoming environment. Every person living in Thailand reflect their happiness for you through a genuine smile. Sometimes, the language barrier becomes a problem, but that is not a big issue as Thais still cooperate with you in every sector.  They make your stay amazing by giving you lots of respect and helping you throughout your journey.

3.  The Delicious Cuisine

The way toa person’s heartis through hisstomach, so every nation focuses on the food sector to make it more delicious for the world around. However, Thailand gets very successful in providing a taste that could be a part of every restaurant across the globe. Today, you will find many Thai restaurants in the western part of the planet. Some of the most famous dishes include Papaya Salad, Pad KraPao Seafood, Panang Curry Gai, Fresh Fish, and Pad PrikDaeng Moo Grop.

4.  The Mesmerizing Beaches

The turquoise colored water of the wonderful Thailand beaches will convince you to say that i love you more than any other beauty of the entire globe. These paradise-like beaches are the stuff that the screensavers and postcards are madeof. The dreamlike offshore islands of Thailand will mesmerize you with its beautiful aroma touching your face. Thailand is the ideal destination for beach lovers as it offers lots of places with dramatic beaches.

5.  The easily accessible transportation

Thailand is famous for backpacking beginners as it offers easy transportation for the travelers or tourists. People can only enjoy their tour if they can find their transport easily. Thailand gives you a choice between different types of transport on very reasonable rates to make your tour memorable. The VIP bus is also available to give you a comfortable ride. If you don’t want to travel on a train or bus, then you can easily get the most reasonable domestic flights.

What’s So Trendy About Yandel Net worth 2016-2017 That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

Yandel Net worth


Yandel is a famous musician and besides it, he is a well-known songwriter and producer. He has the Puerto Rican nationality and he is in the field of music since 1995. His actual name is Llandel Veguilla Malave. The thing that made him more famous was his duo with Wisin. This thing made him more popular all around the world because of their great music. Together they are winning the hearts of millions of people around the globe. In this article, we will discuss the net worth of Yandel Net worth.


Yandel Net worth

Early Life of Yandel

Yandel father’s name is Julio Veguilla and her mother name is Lucy Malave. He was born in January 1977. His birth place was Cayey in Puerto Rico. He has two siblings named Gael and Linnette. The amazing thing about Yandel is that he got the job of a barber in his town right after completing his studies. This was the time when he entered in the field of music. At school, he met his friend Wisin. They both have the same interest for music so they form a duo on the year 1998.

Music Career of Yandel

In the year 2000, they made a debut album with Los Reyes. This album did very well and it was so successful that they sign with a subsidiary of Universal whose name was Machete Music. In 2003 they both release another album named My Life. This album also did a good business. His famous album named Pa’l Mundo was so successful that they touched the heights of fame. At the end of 2005, they gained a lot of success and fame. The two friends show their dedication to music and due to this they established their own brand and the label was WY Records in the year 2013. They did it after their Lideres Tour. The recent album Dangerous is going to release soon.

The Solo Career of Yandel and Net Worth

Yandel started his solo career in the year 2003. His two albums were released in the year 2013 and in the year 2014, they were certified Gold by RIAA. His solo career was also successful like his career with Wisin. This is the main reason he is liked by many people all around the world. Yandel net worth with his friend was USD 40 Million but his salary is not known yet. His fans search his Bio and Wiki pages all around the world.

Yandel is a married man and his fans don’t know his past relationship and dating history. For a long time, he was in the relationship with his girlfriend named Edneris. After a long term relationship, they got married in the year 2004. They now have two beautiful children and they both are sons. His fans have never heard rumors about Yandel dating another girl and cheating his wife. For this reason, they are enjoying a very happy married life. It is for sure that they will never get separated and divorced.


Susan Alice Buffett – the Daughter of a Business Icon

Susan Alice Buffett


Everybody knows the lady Susan Alice Buffett because of her great charitable works. She is an American humanitarian and she is the daughter of a great business icon named Warren Buffett. Although she belongs to a very wealthy family but she is famous because of her charitable works. He held a very honorable position in many related organizations. In this article, we will discuss about her life and her work in detail. Let’s have a look.

Susan Alice Buffett

Susan Alice Buffett as a great Humanitarian

Susan Alice Buffett is the most powerful humanitarian of America. She holds the position of chairman in three big charity organizations in the America. She is also the chairman of Sherwood Foundation. She also owns a charity organization whose goal is to eliminate poverty and to devote to public education. There is another organization named Susan Thompson Buffett foundation and she is serving this as a chairman. The goal of this organization is to deal with the health issues related to women. This is the largest organization of this group and the net worth of this organization is about USD 4 billion.

Susan Alice Buffett Work for Childhood Education

The best thing about this lady is that she also handles many early childhood funds and the main theme of these funds is to work for the early childhood education. It is for those families who have a very low level of income and thy can not afford the education of their children. She is so dedicated to her wok that she is the director of many non-profit organizations including many foundations that are African-focused. The main sectors of her works are education, children, health, and family issues. You will find her involvement in many other causes like trade, debt, AIDS etc. she is also working for the improvement of Africa and many African People.

The Life History of Susan Alice Buffett

She was born in 1953 in Omaha. Her short name is Susie. She is the elder child of the business icon Warren Buffett. Her father is a billionaire businessman and a great investor. In 1970, her parent separated and they remarried and remained together till 2004. Her mother also died in this year because she was suffering from cancer and she went through many surgeries, radiations, and facial reconstruction. In 1983, Susan Alice Buffett got married. Her husband name is Allen Greenberg and by profession, he is a lawyer. They first met in Washington. They faced a lot of hurdles in their married life and it results in ending their relationship in 1995. E is

Susie has god remarks about her father and she said that he is a simple man and he doesn’t care about money. It is said that he is the second richest man in the world. Susie told people that he is a little bit boring and people don’t like this thing a lot. He loves to have a simple lifestyle and money doesn’t matter a lot to him. He also enjoys the USD 10 hamburger from McDonald.