Children Friendly Games
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By Jade Kerr - March 1, 2023

The COVID-19 epidemic altered our connection with screens and gadgets during lockdowns and quarantines. Their passion for gaming grew even with our children. Your youngster will still spend some leisure time playing video, PC, or smartphone games. I’m not just referring to graphics when I say how far video games have advanced from the Super Mario Bros. games of the 1980s and 1990s. Developers have gotten crafty about hiding instructional lessons that children wouldn’t expect. Fun is also one of the best learning environments.

Colorfy is an online coloring book with excellent pictures for kids of every age. Your child can choose from more than a thousand images to paint, including mandalas, gardens, flowers, animals, patterns, and historic artwork. This coloring game also features a brand-new augmented reality (AR) virtual gallery that lets your kid see how their creations might seem in the real world! The National Geographic Society and Animal Jam worked together to develop the online virtual world of Animal Jam. It instructs children about zoology and the environment through games, quests, parties, and online social features. This is one of the biggest virtual worlds for kids, with 160 million registered users. Know that the parental controls are reliable if the idea of playing online worries you.

Getty Images/Moment/ Os Tartarouchos

Creating a world, exploration, resource gathering, tool creation, and light fighting are all possible in the game Minecraft. Players can adapt their strategy depending on the game’s modes: survival, creative, adventure, spectator, and multiplayer. Teamwork and the will to improve one’s reading and math abilities are both taught in Minecraft. Some parents revealed to iD Tech that their children read about biomes and began dividing supplies, figuring out how long it would be till “night” in the game, and calculating rations for adventures to get better at it.

Wordscapes, which enables children to discover new words and develop logic abilities, may appeal to fans of Words with Friends and Scrabble (the board game or the app). With just a few letters, you can solve crossword-style puzzles indefinitely (with a few free hints). The software puts you through certain stages of difficulty by forbidding three-letter terms and providing daily puzzles that need you to predict all the words in a specific order. The built-in dictionary in Wordscapes makes it simple for students to expand their vocabulary. Android and iOS both support gaming.