Scientists and Doctors are Expected to Treat COVID-19 by Cloning Antibodies
By Admin - May 9, 2020

COVID-19 has caused a bigger confusion across the globe than anyone anticipated. This is partly because of the different nature of the virus. The way that this virus mutates is something that the scientists have not seen before.

It is also a long-known fact that a human body has an inbuilt defensive mechanism against viruses and other diseases. Now, this fact has the attention of doctors and scientists from Mount Sinai Health System, along with a team from Sorrento Therapeutics. Sorrento Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company based in the United States.

Once the Corona Virus enters a human body, the body is bound to produce certain antibodies to defend itself against the harmful foreign body. Scientists are looking forward to extract these produced antibodies and clone them to cure Corona Virus in other people.

This pharmaceutical cocktail (a mixture of antibodies), is supposed to help deliver similar benefits as that of a vaccine. The antibody mixture would be injected into people who are yet safe from the virus, and it is supposed to increase their immunity against the virus in case they get infected. There is some good news for the already infected people as well and the chances are that if they are given a dose of those life-saving antibodies, they might be able to fight off the virus a little better.

It is said that the antibody mixture might as well prove to be a better cure than the vaccines. There are chances that vaccines might not cooperate with the immune systems of certain people, especially the old. However, the antibodies are expected to unleash instant immunity or a better fighting chance upon injection.

The scientists are said to be receiving around 1500 samples of blood that contains antibodies that could fight off the virus. Those blood samples are to be thoroughly tested for any traces of the Corona Virus. If the samples happen to contain the virus, it will not only infect the scientists but also prove to be harmful to the test subjects.

Scientists do not wish to stop once their pharmaceutical cocktail proves to be a success, and they wish to further their research into figuring the kind of antibodies that should prove to be the most beneficial against the virus. An antibody is a form of protein, and a human body does not produce a single kind of antibody, but there are several different kinds of them, suited for different circumstances. Once the specific antibody has been identified, scientists will know where to focus their research.

Once the lockdown opens up across the globe, the spread of COVID-19 is expected to shoot up again, and since a lot of other therapies have already been rendered useless because of the unusual nature of the virus, scientists expect their pharmaceutical cocktail to be a savior.

In case the virus mutates and develops an immunity to the pharmaceutical cocktail, scientists will be using three different kinds of antibodies to stay on the safe side. The tests are expected to begin anytime by the end of this month and if they prove to be successful, the pharmaceutical cocktail will be made available to the public by mid of July.