Command and Conquer Remastered Review—reviving the old strategy classics for the PC master race
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By Admin - June 14, 2020

Over the years of the gaming evolution, different titles and series have surfaced as games of their time that differed for each platform. Among many popular titles, “Command and Conquer” was one of the most popular strategical games series available on the PC. The most liked thing about it was that it interpreted the true meaning of this gaming genre. The very first title and the popular one of 1995, “Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn” was developed by Westwood Studios. The series was followed by another one that went by the name “Red Alert”. It had the same game sense and mechanics but put up in another location. And quite literally, these games rocked their times!

Two and a half-decade passed, and it looked as if Westwood Studios had pushed themselves out of the competition. But Electronic Arts Games cared about the gaming community and decided to bring a remastered version of the original titles submerged into one title from the 1990s, “Command and Conquer Remastered Collection”. The game released on 5th June 2020 on the PC under the badge of EA Games. It also intended to present a testimonial to the original series of the joy it gave to the players.

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As all games aren’t flawless, its not possible as everyone has its liking and disliking. Newly releasing strategy games have added some quite good features, which still aren’t available in the remastered version. You cannot move your full army to a point, such that they fight any opponents along the way. They keep focusing on reaching that mark, getting damaged themselves, and not resisting. You also cannot set patrols. Newcomers may also find it difficult to find paths and navigate through a huge area.

After all, this remaster is indeed a win-win situation. The arrival of a remaster after two decades did make it lose some of its fans, but the implementation of an old masterpiece in a new era does astonish old players who spent hours playing it. It’s an outstanding bundle and Electronic Arts is expecting this game to create an impact on the market. A fruitful response may also lead them to create the next part-hoping for the best. However, “Command and Conquer Remastered Collection” is like “Rose for Jack”. Those who have loved the 1995 version would be enjoying it far more than expected!