Conspiracy on iphones: iPhone users criticizing company for malfunctioning due to facing critical issues of hardware ,software and security
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By Admin - March 5, 2021

Do you know that recently Apple has disclosed four of its new iPhone 12 models spewing some serious conspiracies? You might be aware of this. Let me ask you something. Do you also think that your current handset is working slower than usual? Well, this is happening everywhere.

After an Apple event, iPhone users always start complaining about the battery life and performance of their old blowers, and 2021 is no different. This year has also brought a serious iPhone conspiracy and the users are losing over it.

You might have seen posts on Twitter where iPhone owners are grumbling that their phones are not working fast than the normal routine. As per the conspiracy-minded people, this is because of Apple’s iPhone 12 launch event, suggesting that it is an alarming plot for you to get ameliorate.

The iPhone Slow down conspiracy:

Whenever Apple launches its latest version of the iPhone, people start blistering over the older version. Many critical thinkers have talked about the iPhone slowing down the process. Some of them say that it is all in your head. Your head makes you think what you want to think. Others say that it happens on every new launch of the iPhone.

Let me explain it through an example. Suppose that many of us are happy with the smartphone we have been using for over a year. But suddenly, the next day, when we see our friend showing off his latest version of the iPhone, then eventually our blower feels bulky, inadequate, and slow. Why? Because the handset we were using is no more an advanced set.

Hold on. Here is the good news for you guys. Yes, you are not the one who is facing this problem. According to the latest Google Trends, data that was first cited in the New York Times last year, the term “iPhone slow” has peaked once every year on Google searches since 2008 with each of the peak occurring right after the release of the new Apple model.

Possibilities of slowing down phenomena:

So, readers, there are two possible conditions to these spikes.

  • The first possibility observed is the (psychological phenomena). Didn’t you understand? Let me describe it in more simple words. Yes, it might be the psychological possibility that causes your old iPhone to get slow down after the release of the latest version. It is because once people know that a newer and upgraded version of the iPhone has arrived, they feel like their old blower is ultra-modern, and it is getting slow day by day.
  • The second possibility is more plausible. Apple always releases the latest version of iOS around the same time they launch the more upgraded version of the iPhone. So, this is another reason for the slowness of the iPhone that is certainly caused by the more advanced OS quaffing along with the older hardware. If you want to hold off on that iOS update, it is not even a bad idea but make sure that your device is not too much old.

The psychological aspect of iPhone conspiracy:

You might have heard about many iPhone conspiracy theories. Some of the conspiracy-minded people believe that iPhone listens to the conversations. Others say that when the latest Apple set launches, the old ones started becoming slower. While many conspiracy theories are formed on the poor performance, features, and battery life of the old iPhone sets. But is it true?

Well, the launching of a new operating system is just not a reason for the increase in the Google search for slow iPhone. This trending conspiracy has a psychological aspect as well that turns into a phenomenon.

Whenever a more advanced and sleek iPhone version comes out, people get automatically frustrated with their old devices.

You cannot deny the fact that the newer updates might not work effectively on the older iPhones which then results in slowing down the response time of the old iPhones. You won’t believe but most of the time, it’s all in our heads. Many of us make excuses to buy a new phone because it has more advanced features.

I suggest you that don’t rush. Let it be a planned decision that is not based on what you feel about your old phone but what it is in actuality. Because most of the time, your phone is doing great and you are just triggered to think that it has slowed down or not working properly.

Other conspiracy theories on iPhone:

  1. Planned obsolescence:

Not only iPhone but any company intentionally design a product in a way that it becomes unusable after a certain period. The same goes for iPhone. It loses customers after a specific period or forces them to get their phones upgraded. This happens usually when iPhone launches its new product every year and then similarly the old one loses its worth.

  1. Software conspiracy:

When Apple releases its new handset with an updated software then eventually the old handsets start working slowly. It also affects the performance of your new handset and also causes poor functionality. This is because the new version of the iPhone has more advanced features and is designed to have the upgraded software. This also causes the users to blame iPhone’s old versions.

  1. Apple intentionally seals their devices shut:

Yes, that’s true. All of the Apple devices are completely sealed. This means that you can’t repair your device yourself. If your device is not working properly, you have to bring it to the Apple company and pay them loads of money to get it repaired. Otherwise, they suggest you buy a new device. This iPhone conspiracy is continuously losing its customers.

  1. Apple devices are listening to or watching the users without their knowledge:

Different incidents have been recorded noticing Apple devices capturing the pictures of users without their knowledge. An incident noted by Apple is when Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf’s 100 nude photos have become remotely public from her notepad. This was one of the biggest conspiracies on the iPhone.

  1. Apple various biometric sensors:

Some people believe that the face and finger id sensors are for building the database id of the human biometric data. This database could be used for a lot of reasons and have many untold consequences related to user privacy.

Consider upgrading your old blower:

At the end of the day, there are a lot of reasons that make your device work slowly as the latest operating systems are designed in a way that they work better and have more powerful features on the new devices.

Additionally, the developers prefer making software for the new handsets and sometimes they even cease the support for the old devices. Therefore, if important tasks are missing from your devices, consider upgrading your mobile phone.

If you think that something serious has happened to your old handset and it’s not working properly, then you should think of getting the latest version of the iPhone that is more upgraded and has advanced features.


Conclusively, being an iPhone user, you might have heard about a lot of iPhone conspiracy. Some of the conspiracies are true in actuality. While some of the conspiracies are the results of the psychological phenomena of thinking. The launching of a new version is not always the reason for conspiracy. If your phone has slowed down or not working properly, this could be the way of how you react to the release of the new phone.