CrossFit Training
By Andrew Parker - February 26, 2022

The name CrossFit originated from the idea of cross-discipline fitness. This type of sports program aims to achieve strength and conditioning. Most programs consist of a mix of a variety of training exercises commonly including bodyweight exercises, aerobic exercises, and weight lifting. The idea behind these programs is to provide a variety of high-intensity functional movements over multiple domains and broad times.

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In general, by training in CrossFit, you will develop your fitness levels in some of the major components of physical fitness, including power, speed, flexibility, and cardio, as well as stamina, agility, balance, and coordination. Workouts usually begin with a warm-up, followed by developing a specific skill set, then some high-intensity workouts, and finally ending in either group or individual stretching. There is constant variation within the workouts, thus constantly providing the body with a new stimulus in each session. This is said to improve overall fitness levels. Due to the wide diversity of exercises and fitness disciplines covered during these workouts, there are numerous health benefits associated with CrossFit. Both your physical strength will increase and your aerobic fitness will improve as you continue to train.

In addition, since the workouts include functional exercises, your flexibility, agility, and balance will also be improved. The equipment required for these kinds of workouts is borrowed from multiple other disciplines. These include (but are not at all limited to) ropes, bars, kettlebells, dumbbells, mats, and even some gymnastics gear. Due to the wide diversity within each workout, and the variety of sports disciplines covered, CrossFit is suitable for all fitness levels, including, and especially beginners. Since the workouts are so varied and diverse, each individual can tailor their workout to suit their ability and current fitness level, which also makes it great for those recovering from light injuries too. However, it is always advisable to speak with a health professional first.