How to Make the Best Out of Deep Rock Galactic
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By Admin - 2020-05-13 05:33:49

Deep Rock Galactic is developed by Ghost Ship Games, and it is finally coming to Xbox One and PC on the 13th of May. Here we have jotted down seven different tips for you to keep in mind before getting your hands on Deep Rock Galactic

Beware of the Darkness

Encountering and dealing with the darkness in the caves is one of the major aspects of the game. Your characters will come equipped with unlimited chargeable flares, along with a flare launcher. As soon as you approach darkness, make the best use of the resources at hand to illuminate your path, or else you will find yourself lying in a pit, seeking for help.

Make the Best Use of Your Team

You have a Driller, an Engineer, and a Gunner. They all possess a wide range of capabilities suited to their profession and they will help you pave your way through the mines. Have the Driller clear the path, and the Engineer build bridges and you’re all set!

What if you’re Lost?

The passages running through the caves can be very complicated and it is very easy to get lost in them during your co-op gameplay. If such is the case, bring out your Terrain Scanner to know your exact location. You can also use the Laser Scanner to point and bring the attention of your teammates at something important. Laser Scanner can also highlight your teammates to give you a better idea of where they are.

How to Fight the Antagonists?

The enemies in the game come in all shapes and sizes and they all have their weaknesses as well as special attacks. be the best judge of their attacks and when the enemy wave hits you make sure you know about their attacks properly. The ones that do most of the damage, take them out first.

Your Weapons are Upgradable

With all the minerals you collect from the mines, you can use them to upgrade your weapons. I will also suggest you to keep trying different load-outs for your weapons and then keep the best one for yourself. Check-in with your team members as well and see what load-outs they are using. You all can use a different kind of load-outs to bring out the diversity in your attack.

Move with the Team!

The game does have solo missions as well, but when you are playing with the team, stick with them. Playing together and solving problems with a combined effort not only makes the gameplay easier but also fun.

Don’t Forget to Take a Break

As fun as mining is, it is often tiring. Hence take some time out and hang out by the bar with your homies for a drink!