Demon's Tier+ Review—the action-packed dungeon-RPG
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By Admin - June 12, 2020

Many of you may think that era of games with 2-D characters has come to an end. But I need to tell you that you are wrong, mi amigo! Games make their reputation themselves. The other thing that matters is that everyone doesn’t have the same taste for games. The game I present today is named Demon’s Tier+.

In this modern era, major titles have turned multi-platform. Instead of sticking to one platform, and looking for a greater audience, they move to other platforms to make the game accessible to maximum members of the gaming community. COWCAT Games also tried to implement the same strategy. In 2018, they took 2 of Diabolical Mind’s PC games to Xbox One. Maybe you remember their names. One of them is Riddled Corpses X, and the other is Xenon Valkyrie+. After their fare response, COWCAT intended for the third one, and they present you with a combination of twin-stick action and dungeon delving, the Demon’s Tier+.

Demon’s Tier+ is the original creation of Daniel Fernandez Chavez. He was the developer of the PC version of this game. This game is one of the latest dungeon crawlers, which is trying to reclaim the dominance among those old-school titles which had a highly fantasized storyline and were the true portrayers of the capabilities of 16-bit graphics. You are going to like the gameplay as it is adequately straightforward. Packing uncomplicated mechanics, you would find dungeons filled with diversely powered enemies, and you would enjoy having a little fight with them in between. 

Demon Tier+ encircles around a squad of superheroes. It features eight characters: Berserk, Assassin, Archer, Knight, Wizard, and Cleric, along with two hidden ones. They all have their different set of superpowers and abilities. Some are heavy on defense and others on the attack. The power of healing and forming a ring of fire are two of the numerous inhuman capabilities. If you were playing by yourself, you would get the only Knight to start from as he is of mediocre power among these. These superheroes explore the dungeons and find evil species enemies who have illegally occupied the land and created an aura of terror. In the storyline, you will come across a flashback, which gives a glance of the story of the evil ruler who made it possible for evil elements to occupy the land, King Thosgar. A bold cavalier even sacrificed himself to eliminate the evil ones. You would find the King’s story interesting as to how it links to the game and keeps pushing the adventurous aspect alive. 

In-depth, 1200 years in the past, King Thosgar had indulged himself in learning some dark arts and obliterating the humankind; in the end, he got taken away by it. A fabled hero at that time fought the King, defeated him, and locked him, bringing peace to the land. Unfortunately, in another array of time, King Thosgar manages to unseal himself and again starts wreaking havoc. The situation then demands another brave hero, who will defeat the evil King, and flee his minion-army, managing to save the world from a huge mess. And that hero is none other than you!

The story behind this game is indeed very interesting, but visually, you may get a little fed up. The reason for this could be of subtitled way of bringing the story in a text style; you may find it difficult to read. In advantage, you may watch scenes displayed in 16-bit represent the heroes by their style charms and looks. Only this aspect can compensate for you, but the remaining game sense won’t disappoint you that much.

Be prepared because you are going to be facing a lot in this pathway of 15 different stages. In this twin-stick game of yours, you will be digging deep in the game and setting up plans to tackle things. In these level rush, you would be facing enemies and monsters who emerge from schematized cells. The issue with this is that sometimes, it spawns a lot of enemies and chests inside a very small enclosed area, making some game moments intense. All you need to do is find the exit and flee away. But no! Everything is not meant to be that simple. That’s not the case you are always going to find. Some levels require you to defeat all the enemies from the dungeons, open all the treasure boxes, or compete a stronger evil monster bringing it to its end. That’s all! Again, No! You must complete the mission with whatever difficulty you are put through, under 5 minutes. If you don’t, you would be confronting the Reaper, and the rest is history. I hope you got it!

Well, Reaper is a “badass” beast, and to add to this demon’s strength, he is indestructible! Things don’t end so easily again; it can peek from the walls with swiftness to reach you if it finds you. Don’t try to fight it as you won’t stand a chance against it. But after all this bad news, I need to tell you the solution. Find the exit and escape as soon as you can! Try to topple the evil monsters and enemy troops, open chests that may provide you with some rare and important currencies for making it possible to reach the end. 

You would find D tokens during your progress, mostly when killing strong monsters, which can be used to unlock new superheroes, upgraded weaponry, or get magical potions. There would be a different Gold currency that is used to increase specific qualities for the character, like his/her speed, life points, etc. Keep in mind! Death of your hero may lead to the loss of these perks. You need to understand the type of game you play as that matters here a lot and helps in crucial and tough levels. Spending the D tokens and currency on specific perks according to it makes it easier for you to fight the enemies on your way.

Numerous games out there are very well built in terms of graphics, visuals, etc., but lack the most important point. That is a lack of a variety of opponents. The same linear approach in this matter ruins the whole atmosphere of the game. For Demon’s Tier+, whatever you may say about the game, it has no issue with the latter problem. You would find many enemies powered uniquely arriving at a constant rate, and your mind would work on how to tackle them, that is their success! Hats off to the developer for perfecting the feature. The different array of species of enemies makes each one to be dealt with uniquely. This does increase the toughness of the game but makes it more entertaining. Beware of the ablaze objects and spikes as they aren’t for beauty; they are substantial threats!

On some peculiar points, enemy bosses appear to have a 1v1 action-packed match. It would be best if you dodged the fireballs in hordes guided towards you. They would be a little hard to win, but it would have your heart pounding. Boss fights are fun to be in, but as the game progresses towards ending stages and final encounter with the biggest boss, who is the core of the evil happenings on land which had peace. According to rules, it should be very hard and difficult, but you wouldn’t believe it, it’s an action-packed game with very low climaxed endings. It’s hard to believe, but that’s the truth! Fighting the end boss is far easier than the ones who were in previous levels.

Demon’s Tier+ has 3 staged difficulty levels. As the tiers increase, the game becomes harder to play. You and your enemies, both become stronger.

Although having a ‘not so shocking’ storyline, and some ignorable problems with an anti-climatic ending, Demon’s Tier+ unboxes an amazing twin stick feel. Upgraded weapons, hidden characters, and those boss fights make you delve into the game time by time. Fights with a variety of enemies don’t make your game experience turn bore. If you are an Xbox One gamer, then it won’t disappoint you!