Destination Spotlight: Exploring Ghana
By Penelope Trent - April 16, 2023

Ghana is a beautiful country located in West Africa. It has a diverse culture and stunning scenery, making it an ideal destination for tourists looking to explore the continent. The capital city of Accra is filled with vibrant markets, museums and monuments that tell the story of Ghana’s long history. From its colonial past to present day developments, this fascinating country offers something for everyone who visits. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, there are plenty of activities available in Ghana that will make your experience unforgettable. From exploring traditional villages and sampling local cuisine to visiting historical sites and taking part in cultural events, there’s no shortage of things to do when you visit this amazing nation.

Getty Images/EyeEm/ Kwame Appah

One great way to explore Ghana is by traveling through its many traditional villages. These small communities have been around since before modern-day Ghana was founded as a state and provide visitors with an opportunity to get closer to the heart of what makes the country so special – its people! Visiting these villages gives visitors insight into how life works here on a daily basis; from seeing locals tending their crops or fishing off boats, to witnessing children playing games together without technology in sight – these experiences create lasting memories that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Although it may be tempting to stick to familiar westernised dishes, venturing out and sampling local Ghanaian food is a must-do when visiting the country. With flavours varying from region to region, there’s so much to sample – whether you’re tackling spicy stews and succulent grilled meats or trying a helping of the versatile fufu and a range of fried snacks. Plus, there’s nothing more exciting than getting a taste of Ghana’s vibrant street food scene!

History buffs will love exploring some of Ghana’s incredible historical sites. From Elmina Castle – one of the oldest European settlements in sub-Saharan Africa – to the impressive fortresses of Shai Hills, these sites offer a glimpse into Ghana’s tumultuous past. Not only will you learn about the country’s rich history and culture, but you’ll also be able to admire breathtaking views across the continent!