Do Essential Oils Work?
By Marc Gordon - July 8, 2022

With everyone and anyone having an opinion on skincare and health, it is really hard to know what to believe and what not to believe. Don’t worry, we understand the frustration. You really want to find what works best for you but with all these external opinions it can be hard. The same can be said for essential oils. Every time a celebrity or influencer uses an essential oil, it goes viral. This in turn causes you to be confused. This then leads you to ask if essential oils truly do work and if they do how do you maximize their benefits. 

Getty Images/Moment/Anastasiia Krivenok

The first thing you need to know about essential oils is that they have been around for decades. That’s right, you may not think it because of all the hype around it. Essential oils date back as far as time allows. This is because of their great benefits. Now with that said, they haven’t always been so easily accessible. In fact, the only way you were able to access essential oils is if you took the time to do the work and actually extract the oils from the plants. Now, this does require some work on your part. This is why manufacturers decided to do the work themselves and simply bottle the oils for you to buy. 

With that said, there are a number of different essential oils that you can use. This includes lavender, tea tree, rose, sage and so much more. If you are looking into essential oils it means that you have heard of their great benefits. Now to know if it truly works depends on a few things. This includes what you plan on using it for, how you plan on using it, and the purity of your essential oils. These are only three of the main things you need to consider when it comes to essential oils. You have to remember that essential oils all work differently and work differently for everyone.