Dread Nautical PS4 Review — Hope Aboard!
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By Admin - May 3, 2020

Life seemed peaceful on the boards of Hope, drifting upon the currents of Atlantic Ocean, when some mysterious forces took over the ship, turning everyone into a hideous zombie-looking monster. Luckily, you are the only survivor? Or are you?

As far as the sound of the game is concerned, I gotta give it to the developers, they did a pretty good job with it. The background horror noises fit in well with the theme of the game. other than that, the sound of footsteps, accessing the inventory, and throwing blows to the enemies, they all seem pretty realistic.

Well, we have established that the cruise ship does not feel at home with the challenging gameplay and bizarre characters, the game is still fun. Even with such a simple gameplay, the developers have made those twenty levels really challenging for you. You have the resources to manage, moves to plan, survivors to recruit and a mystery to uncover. Hop aboard and help the ship crew find their way back to the safeties of land.