Dungeon of the Endless — one of the best multi-genre games makes it to PlayStation 4
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By Admin - May 19, 2020

If I had to define it in a single word, I’ll define Dungeon of Endless as strange. The game has no specific genre but is a combination of several different genres. Even though the developers like putting the game under the badge of a roguelike game, but it has more to it than a single genre. The game has elements from a role-playing game, real-time strategy, tower defense, and of course, roguelike.

With a genre this complex, it gets difficult to understand the game when you first start playing. The game does offer a tutorial at the very beginning, but it barely scrapes the surface of what there is to the game. Getting to know the game, in the beginning, is quite difficult and time-consuming, but once you scratch the surface and get to know what the game really is, the game will grow over you instantly.

You are put in charge of a group of highly dis-oriented protagonists who are trying to escape a crashed vessel. It might seem like a simple job, but you are in a possession crystal, that you have to carry till the end of each level. Each level will put you up against a series of unexpected events and monsters.

As you proceed through the game, you keep learning more and more about it. At one point I figured out an interesting strategy regarding the utilization of Dust. As I have already mentioned that enemies are only found in dark, you can use this to your advantage and channel the enemies into your trap. The game is extremely challenging, but only when you don’t put your mind into it!

In the very beginning, becoming overwhelmed by the plethora of elements the game throws at you is inevitable. There are chests, loots, events, and room layouts that are very complicated and difficult to understand. But, don’t give up on the game in its early stages, it will take time to understand stuff, but afterward, it’s a pretty smooth sail.

There is even a huge diversity in the characters that you can play with. Each coming in with their own set of skills and abilities. You also unlock new characters as you progress through the levels. Not just this, but you are bound to find all kinds of people on this crashed vessel, including prisoners. You interact with other people while transitioning between floors, let’s say in an elevator for example? These interactions can prove to be fruitful at times and you may find yourself with a useful addition to your team.

There are two crucial rooms on a floor, the starting room, and the escape room, and between these two rooms, all the magic happens. This is where you need to make the best use of your game knowledge, skills, and strategies. I found the operation skill quite useful during the game as it boosts resource production.

The graphics of the game are simple, and it is in this simplicity that the beauty of the game lies. The graphics are based on pixel art, and pulling compelling graphics using pixel art is indeed a lot of hard work. The overall theme of the game is dark, and this adds to the suspense of the game. once you light up a room, every single element becomes visible, with amazing attention being paid to the detail.

Talking of sound effects, they too compliment the theme of the game. The beauty of the sound effects of the game is that once you get to know them, and they are well rehearsed in your memory, they can help you with the strategy. It’s with particular sound affects you get to know what the game is about to throw at you; hence, you prepare beforehand. Overall, the music theme of the game is designed in a way to promote a mysterious game environment.

Finally, this game will never stop amazing you. it’s a game, you need to learn about, you need to watch tutorials, you need to ask around because there is more to the game than what meets the eye. I have played the game for quite some time now and it still feels as if there is a lot more to go, and there are more tricks and tactics that the game is hiding from me. If you are new to the game, I will suggest you experiment with the game. It will be a hard shot in the beginning as you get to know things and try to remember everything, but once you get the hang of it, the game becomes extremely malleable. There are thousands of ways you can approach an enemy, and there are times that you have devised a strategy for ages and then the game throws something new at you and you have to think of an escape at the eleventh hour with the knowledge you have at hand.

It is perhaps one of the best multi-genre games I have played. There is just so much to the game, that it never fails to amaze you!