Scientists fear the spread of EEE-virus owing to the rising global temperatures
By Admin - June 12, 2020

As if the recent pandemic had not created sufficient panic, there is another virus that is taking its hold in America.

The Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) virus is spread by the mosquitos and it causes brain infections. Its transmission is very rare, but there is no approved vaccine to treat this virus in human beings. Scientists are fearing that this virus might spread more in the coming years owing to global warming. Extended summers in certain regions have increased the mosquito population.

The absence of a vaccine might seem like shocking news, since the virus first appeared in 1938, however, the majority of the people stay safe from the virus even after they are bitten by the virus-carrying mosquito. The harmful part about the virus is that once the patient recovers, they might be left abnormal for the rest of their lives considering the neurological impairments left behind by the virus.

These are not the best of times for American people. With the COVID-19 cases crossing a 2 million mark, over a thousand people are dying every day owing to this pandemic. The protests going on all over the country, and now there is a fear of this deadly virus spreading across the land.

The virus usually infects the horses and there is already an approved vaccine for the horses in the market.