Engineers design a new versatile and cheap robotic dog
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By Admin - 2020-06-22 07:14:57

AI-based robotic dogs are a recent trend. While several such robotic dogs flood the market, they are expensive and resemble more of a stable than a dog. On average one of these robotic dogs could cost up to 50,000 dollars.

Engineers from NYU Tandon School of Engineering took this as a challenge and decided to create a multipurpose robotic dog that is easier on the consumers’ pockets. They have built Solo 8 that costs only 4,500 dollars and gives a performance comparable to its expensive counterparts.

In a research accepted for publication, it is explained that engineers used cheap plastic and DC motors that are easily available in the market to cut down the price. This is has made this friendly robot easy to build as well as easy to carry. It is said that the robot can be carried around in a backpack without any fear of it breaking down.

The dog could be 3D printed and easily assembled with house tools. Its manual is available for free on GitHub.

Talking of its versatility, the dog is capable of standing up even when it is thrown on its back. This is done by rotating its leg to 180 degrees. Other than that, the dog can be customized by professionals to perform several other tasks that it’s not designed to perform initially.