Real Life Photos Of Urban Hell That Prove We Are Living In A Dystopia
By Alexandra Wade - February 8, 2022

A dystopian universe filled with concrete, trash, traffic, and cramped spaces only seems like something reserved for movies. But sadly, this is already happening in some places across the globe. There are billions of people living on planet Earth, and as our population grows, so do our cities. While we are stuck in our own bubbles, we may not see the nightmares that sometimes come with urban developments. If you’re curious to see another side of our world, scroll down to find a darker side of urban society.

Modern Cairo looks very apocalyptic

If it weren’t for the two pyramids in the background, we would have thought this was straight out of an apocalyptic movie. The buildings are so cramped together and there’s a haze over the entire city, giving it a very eerie look. Many people go to Egypt to visit the famous pyramids, but many don’t see what’s going on behind the scenes, literally.