ESO’s VLT captures a planet that is under formation
By Admin - 2020-05-24 08:36:27

Astrophysicists have discovered several exoplanets using powerful telescopes, but never were they lucky enough to catch one under formation. However, recent discoveries made by the powerful European telescope takes us around 500 light-years away, to the AB Aurigae star system.

The telescope projected an image of swirls of dust and gas as they spiraled around the star. This phenomenon is common, and scientists have seen such swirls of dust and gas around stars previously, but this time around there is a “twist” in the center. Scientists have tried linking this new peculiar discovery to the orbital patterns of the new planet that is under formation. Whatever the case might be with the “twist”, scientists are certain that this is where the new planet will take birth.

Astrophysicist, Emmanuel Di Folco, believes that the patterns that were seen are very similar to the pattern you will see in a lake as a boat cruise by. Whereas, other astrophysicists believe that studying the young systems could further help in their research, and pave the way for more discoveries regarding a planet formation.

While the swirling gas and dust are busy forming another planet out in the galaxy, scientists are craving bigger and powerful telescopes that can help them study this new phenomenon a little better. Scientists are interested in how these swirls bring about a new planet.