EXCLUSIVE: A Second Agreement In Georgia Between Democrats and Gwinnett County Is Discovered – This Illegitimate Deal Needs to Be Addressed
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By Admin - February 17, 2021

We’ve uncovered a second secret agreement between corrupt Georgia election officials and the Democratic Party machine.  This agreement is also illegitimate and its purpose too was to steal the election.

We previously reported about the corrupt actions which Georgia’s Chief Elections Official, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger took to help steal the 2020 Georgia election for the Democrats. That involved a secret March 6, 2020 “Consent Agreement” to alter absentee ballot procedures, between Republican Raffensperger and his State Election Board as defendants against the Democratic Party.

But then we found another election law complaint, this one filed by Stacey Abrams’ nonprofit, the “New Georgia Project,” (NGP) filed on May 8, 2020.  (See full agreement here or here.)  Hillary attorney Marc Elias of Perkins Coie was behind this agreement as well.

Georgia’s General Assembly, was never even informed about this first secret agreement so it likely it knows nothing about the second one.

The second agreement was also with Perkins Coie’s Marc Elias and Gwinnett County Georgia just north of Atlanta.  Gwinnett County has been part of the national Democratic machine’s strategic, well-funded plan to, under the radar, to turn “red” states and counties “blue” by whatever means necessary and Marc Elias is that plan’s leader. Since 2019, he was busy executing a very organized, nation-wide lawfare plan to quickly secure fraud-susceptible absentee and mail-in ballot changes in swing states for the 2020 election.

Their plans apparently worked as Gwinnett Republicans lost races for District Attorney, Sheriff, County Commission Chair, and suffered a flip of the 7th Congressional District seat.  One reader shared with us:

In one fell swoop, the national and state Democrat-progressive machine took power and control of key leadership in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Another American red county goes blue. This second, secret March 6 agreement does appear to have been a willful and planned ACT OF VOTER SUPPRESSION OF THE REPUBLICAN VOTE in Gwinnett County. Republican voters who live in Gwinnett County WERE, IN SPECIFIC, TARGETED BY THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC MACHINE and by every single public official in Georgia who signed, agreed to or who knew about the secret March 6 Settlement Agreement against that county. It is reprehensible that Georgia’s governor, Brian Kemp, a Republican like Raffensperger, is missing in action, ignoring the exploding crisis around him and unavailable to comment.

Gwinnet County Republicans and conservative voters will, it is hoped, immediately contact Lin Wood and ask him to help them file a lawsuit against this SECOND, fraudulent, secret, unlawful and unconstitutional March 6, 2020 Settlement Agreement and its envelope heist. In addition, Gwinnett County citizens and voters should contact Matt Braynard of the Voter Integrity Project who, RIGHT NOW, has teams of people on the ground in Georgia gathering hard, cold data about Georgia’s election.

In mid-November Lin Wood stepped in and filed suit against the state of Georgia addressing the first agreement signed by the Georgia Secretary of State that he believes is illegal.  In an interview on November 16 with radio host John Fredericks, Lin Wood stated:

The lawsuit I filed was against the Secretary of State and other appropriate defendants and it stems out of a March 2020 Consent Settlement that the Secretary of State entered into in litigation with the Democratic Party … that Consent Agreement made substantive changes in the absentee voting rules. You can’t do that. Only the state legislature is permitted to make a change in a federal election conducted in the state … As a result, you’ve got fraud of a massive amount through mail votes and you’ve also got fraud in the computer voting machines. …Trump won by such a large margin that they had to go out and get these mail votes in the middle of the night and try to carry some of the key states. But in Georgia the election is void and unlawful. It’s going to work through the court system unless the state legislators take action in advance of the courts. Because the election is void there’s going to have to a new election. They can’t do it for the President they’re going to have to do it through the electoral college. But every down-ballot contest is going to have to be re-done. Not going to be a run-off, there’s going to have to be a new election.”

Wood filed a suit requesting Georgia not accept the current results of the election due to the rules being changed and votes being made up:

Wood’s emergency motion was denied last night in Georgia:

1. A motion to delay certification of GA vote based on a flawed recount was denied this evening by Atlanta Judge Steven D. Grimberg. The oral ruling was unclear but he may have overreached to dismiss my claim that election was unlawful due to @GaSecofState consent agreement.

— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) November 20, 2020

In response, Wood will appeal the decision:

3. GA voters have rights. It is OUR right to vote. We The People must have legal right to challenge backroom deals cut by state officials. They will not sue each other.

An appeal will be filed to Eleventh Circuit.

I did not do this for GA voters because it was easy. Stay tuned.