Final Fantasy VII Remake — Malboro Boss Guide
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By Admin - April 22, 2020

Square Enix has been looking for creative ways to develop their bosses throughout their Final Fantasy series, and with the recent release of Final Fantasy VII remake, they have perfected their ways. You might come across a villain that is huge, carries destructible weapons, is a deadly sight to look at, and being in the same room with them makes you re-consider your life choices. Square Enix has achieved all of the above with the Malboro boss. How have they managed to pull it off? They have made it gross, worse, it got bad breath!

If you are an old Final Fantasy fan, you might already be familiar with the Malboro. Malboro has made its ugly plant-like appearance in the original Final Fantasy VII, as well as in some other part of the Final Fantasy series, after being introduced in the Final Fantasy II. In this guide we will be talking about how you can locate and fight this boss in the remake of Final Fantasy VII, as well as, what will you be achieving after defeating Malboro

Where to find Malboro

Malboro does not form a part of the main storyline, and fighting this boss is completely optional. Malboro can only be accessed after you have unlocked the hard mode of the game. To unlock the hard mode, you will have to complete the game on other difficulty levels. This means that once you have unlocked the hard mode, you would’ve become a pro at the game. But then again, the developers have put this boss in the hard mode for a reason!

Once you have unlocked the hard mode, you will need to replay the chapter seventeen. While playing chapter seventeen, the battle against Malboro would be available in the Combat Simulator.

Why would you fight Malboro?

Being an optional boss to fight, is it worth it to spend your time in a fight against him? In my point of view, you should definitely fight Malboro, as it will give you the Bad Breath skill. To obtain this bad breath skill you need to be controlling Cloud. Make cloud use the Enemy Skill Materia against Malboro just when he is about to attack you with his Bad Breath. After you’re done, Cloud will be left stinking because of the smell, and before it haunts you, have Aertith clean him with her Esuna.

Bringing down Malboro

Given the fact that by the time you face Malboro, you would have completed the game on several difficulty levels, hence, it should not be very difficult to defeat this boss. The first thing that you notice when you enter into a fight with Malboro is its huge tentacles, and what a big lump of ugly fungus it is.

You will be requiring no new moves to defeat this boss, just a perfection of the old moves you have learned throughout the game. You need to emphasize on your footwork and be swift about your movement. Have the monster covered from all three sides, using your three characters and switch between them accordingly. Use Cloud or Tifa to bring it down while it is using its Chow Down or Bad Breath. Use Aerith’s healing powers instantly if any of the characters takes some damage.

Malboro has come a long way from its appearance in the original Final Fantasy VII. From a naughty looking shrub, Malboro now looks like a proper monster, a monster you need to be afraid of. And finally, if you thought your breath in the morning was the only thing that could send people clinging to their lives? If so, you might want to reconsider that!