Final Fantasy VII Remake ⁠— Shiva Boss Guide
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By Admin - April 19, 2020

It is freezing out here! Well, it is meant to be freezing, for Shiva is blowing ice all across your screen. Shiva is one of the thirty-one bosses that you will encounter in the remake of Final Fantasy VII. Shiva is approximately the eighth boss that you will have to fight. Shiva is no ordinary boss, but she is a part of the VR missions. This also means that she is not part of the storyline and fighting Shiva is completely optional. Before you proceed on to fight Shiva, make sure you have unlocked the VR missions to save you the disappointment. VR missions are unlocked by completing the Battle Intel Quests. Once the VR missions have been unlocked, check up on Chadley every now and then to access them. They all have their own rewards once you complete them. Defeating Shiva brings in new Materia for the game.

The Icy Danger

Peace was never an option for obtaining new and more lethal Materia. Chadley is at play here, and puts you up against this ice-made monster in order for you to obtain new Materia. You have several options on how to fight Shiva: you can use Cloud in the battle, but if you feel like the monster is destroying the hell out of you, you can always opt for Aerith. Aerith’s Arcane Ward Ability can be a real savior.

The first thing you will notice when you enter into the battle with Shiva is that how beautiful and mesmerizing she is, and once you are back into your senses, the next thing you notice is that she is made out of ice. You would have seen it coming, since this is mentioned, in her in-game description, that she once healed the wounds of the planet with ice. Now comes the peak gamer moment, irrespective of the character you decide to fight Shiva with, bring out your best fire Materia. The fire Materia would do its trick, but might I remind you that none of the game’s boss was meant to be taken down that easy. Shiva is going to make you shiver down to your bones. Here is what you need to be on a lookout for:

  • Shards of ice (can be dodged).
  • Once Shiva has run low on her health, she will bring out her ultimate line of defense. She will have a circle of ice built around you, through which she will have a pillar of ice charge at you. this attack cannot be avoided, so make sure when Shiva is about to see her grave, you have your maximum health restored (cannot be dodged)
  • The floating orbs (can be dodged)
  • The wave of ice (can be dodged)
  • Watch out for her kiss! Once she sits down during the battle, do no take it as a sign of weakness. She will blow you a kiss afterward, and with there will be a trail of ice charging towards you. move your hand across the controller swiftly and do whatever you can to dodge the attack. If you fall victim to the attack, you will be stunned and at her mercy. (can be dodged)
  • The over-head icicles (can be dodged)

Shiva can seem like a pretty strong villain, but the characters you have in store are no less. It is difficult to defeat Shiva but not impossible. You need a good plan and a speedy movement across the controls. Also do not forget to change between the characters accordingly. Use whatever Materia you can. If you are fighting with your full squad, then what better way is there to bring down ice than fire? However, Magic Up Materia and Elemental Materia can also be used depending on your skillset, and the player you are controlling to fight. if the Ifrit has already been unlocked, then you must be a real dumb not to use it against Shiva. Just keep in mind that she is the strongest, when she is the weakest!

It is a Melting Ice

The fight with the Shiva Boss makes you glued to your screen. However, Capcom could have made this fight a little bit more challenging. It is a small figure and seems cute rather than being an evil Boss. With that being said, it does not take rocket science to figure out that fire is required to defeat Shiva, and then fire happens to be her biggest weakness. All of the attack that Shiva perform can be dodge easily, and all that is required by the player is to torture her by fire, this seems pretty easy. However, let us not forget that this Boss is a part of the side quest and not part of the main storyline, hence Capcom has decided to keep the quest less time-consuming.
The credit is due regarding the setting of the fight environment. Being an Ice Boss, the developers had put a lot of effort into making the fight environment feel a bit colder. So put on your heaters, and warm up your consoles, or else Shiva will get the better of you!