Final Fantasy VII Remake — Rude Boss Guide
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By Admin - April 20, 2020

Dealing with the Final Fantasy VII bosses is a nail-biting experience. The game has a total of thirty-one bosses. Other than those bosses who are a part of the side quests, most bosses that you confront during the game are the ones that are used for the storyline development. Rude Boss is part of the main storyline of the game and it appears towards the end of the game, after Reno had found his way into the grave.

What makes him so Rude?

“I am not a bad person, but sometimes I have to do bad things”, Rude. Rude is confronted by Aerith and Cloud after defeating Reno. Rude is known to be Reno sidekick and his death has set him on a path of revenge. Aerith tries to stop Cloud from going into a fight with Rude, but it is bound to happen!
Unlike Reno, the attacks of Rude are more brutal and difficult to defend. It becomes even more important to defend his attacks, since just one good blow of his can almost put you out of the game. It is advised to dodge his attacks sideways, rather than moving backward. His attacks, such as the Running Tackle, cannot be avoided by moving backward, and if you do decide to take a step back, Rude will get you one way or the other. Rude keeps his focus on Cloud, and Aerith remains pretty much unattended. You can use this to your advantage. Use Aerith’s Wind spell to pull up Rude’s pressure meter, and at the same time keep using Cloud to attack the boss. However, try to keep your control over Cloud during the entire time. If you bring in Aerith, there is a high chance that Rude will cast the Homing Sleep Spell on her and turn the tide towards him.
If you make it to the second phase, as Rude nears his death, he will use more critical attacks such as the Shockwave and Spirit Geyser. Try your best to avoid them by staying on the move all the time. It is only a matter of time before that Rude becomes polite!

He seems Cool!

Rude has to be the coolest looking boss in the game. You look at Rude and he does not look like a boss at all. Instead, if you compare Cloud with Rude, Cloud may seem more ferocious because of this melee weapon. Wearing those cool looking shades and a three-piece suit, Rude does not look like he was made to fight, but someone who might be running Shinra instead. Bosses are meant to be ugly looking, something you have not seen before, something that seems from out of this world. This is not the case with Rude, Rude is a very human-looking boss. The fight with Rude is also a short one, and it is comparatively easier to bring him down. Most of the bosses that have been encountered in the game require a team effort to defeat them. Rude can be defeated by Cloud alone if you are a good player. The developers wanted Rude to look less brutal, since it is depicted that Rude had not been a bad person by nature, but the unfortunate turn of events had forced him to do bad things.
However, as cool as he might seem try to pin him down, or else he will chill you to the ground. He is a boss after all.