Final Fantasy VII Remake Shows Unexpected Sales Figures
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By Admin - April 22, 2020

Who would have thought that the year 2020 would have dawned on a remake of some nineties classic breaking records? Well, the newsstands its ground, and the remake of PS4 exclusive, Final Fantasy VII, has skyrocketed with over 3.5 million sales, within three days of its release, and drove a final nail in the coffin of previous, PS4 exclusive, record holder, Spiderman. Spiderman had managed to hit a benchmark of 3.3 million sales, within three days of its release, back in 2018.  

The development of Final Fantasy VII had not been a smooth sail for the developers. The game, after being announced in 2015, was supposed to hit the stores by 3rd March, 2020. Owing to some technical difficulties the launch of the game was delayed, and without letting the developers have a room to breathe, the world was hit with a deadly pandemic wave of COVID-19, further delaying the release of the game. Pushing through the odds, the developer finally managed to pull out the remake of Final Fantasy VII Remake on 10th April, 2020, almost a month later than it was originally expected.

Off to a shaky start at first, things could have seen better times back at Square Enix, as the sales of their remake took off. The critics have it that even though it is the worst time for the world, it’s the best for the gaming industry, and the remake of Final Fantasy VII stands witness to this. In this time of social distancing and isolation, the world has seen the importance of the gaming industry going up. Shut down in their cells, gaming becomes a favorite past time hobby for most, especially when it means playing the remake of their childhood dream.

Where to go from here?

The Final Fantasy VII remake is nothing but a success story. So far, the game stays PlayStation4 exclusive, and has seen some unexpected numbers in terms of its digital and physical sales. Final Fantasy VII remake will be enjoying its PlayStation exclusivity for about one year, before other platforms get to enjoy their treat, the next year. The Square Enix has also announced that the second part of the Final Fantasy VII remake is under development already.

The game has been made available on only one console, with only one part available for the players and it has created a huge impact across the world. However, there is a new shepherd in town. The Last of Us II is expected to hit the stores by the mid of May, of this year. The Last of Us II is another PS4 exclusive sequel to the 2013’s best-seller, the Last of Us, which has sold over seventeen million copies to the date.

I might suggest that you keep your fingers crossed and buckle up, 2020 is a roller coaster no one has experienced before.