Foods That Help With Hair Growth
By Ariella Jacobs - December 16, 2022

There isn’t anything wrong with wanting long healthy hair. Unfortunately, some people aren’t as fortunate as others. Now there are a number of different products available to you. This includes shampoos, oils, conditioners, masks, and sprays. But just because you are using these products regularly, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything more you can do. That’s right, there are a few other things you can try to help your hair grow. We are speaking about things that you can actually eat that have been said to help with hair growth. You never know, it might be a few of your favorite items.

If you are a fan of having eggs for breakfast or even during the day, you will be pleased to know that eggs help with hair growth. Eggs are high in protein and biotin both of which are needed for the growth of your hair. You may not know this but biotin is needed to produce a hair protein called keratin. Now if you are someone who enjoys fruits, you should know that berries are a great source of hair growth. This is because it contains vitamin C which is packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are proven to help protect your hair follicles.

You really want your hair follicles protected because you do put them through a number of stresses. This would include brushing it, washing it, and styling it. Another important vitamin your hair needs is both vitamins A and C. In order for your hair to grow it also needs iron. You can get all of this from something as simple as spinach. There are many more foods that you can eat to help with hair growth. This includes avocados, sweet potatoes, fish, nuts, and seeds. You see, you don’t have to be stuck with short hair if you don’t want to be, instead, you should look at your options and you never know you might find something that works for you.