Top 5 Free games that don’t need wifi
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By Admin - July 15, 2017

The appetite for mobile data or Wi-Fi is growing all the time, but every person does not have the luxury of a secure or unlimited Wi-Fi network to play games on. Most of the people like to kill their time by playing games while on a subway or during a long flight. They really enjoy to challenge themselves to an adventurous game that could keep them on the edge of their seat. So they are looking for such amazing game but unfortunately, the developers are not fulfilling their demands. However, some smart developers of today’s world have solved this issue by producing an offline version of your favorite game. Here, you will come to know the top 5 Free games that don’t need wifi.

1.  Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft is the creation of Mojang. This adventurous game allows you to put your creativity in an infinite virtual world. You will have to explore the virtual world and customize it according to your creativity. Minecraft is a simple to play the game, but still, it becomes complicated at a later stage when you have to build more complex structures or items. You can enjoy the pocket edition of this game when you have no access to Wi-Fi.

2.  Shadow Fight 2

Players who like to play action games can enjoy the Shadow Fight 2 when there is no internet connection around. The 2D modeled fighting characters in this game make your flight enjoyable. This offline game revolves around the character “Shadow” who lost his body parts when he was trying to unleash the powerful demons. This character becomes the skilled shadow warrior who will fight with demons and their bodyguards.

3.  Despicable me

You might have watch minions all around the store when you visit a shopping mall such as minion shirts, stuff toys, etc. So you can also watch minions in your favorite game when you are traveling on atrain and you do not have any internet connection. Despicable me is one of the top 5 Free games that don’t need wifi. In this runner game, you will have to race with the minions and collect the bananas on the way. You can download this game for free on your play store.

4.  Plant versus Zombies

Plant versus Zombies is an arcade game which you can easily install free of cost. This delightfully animated game will keep you entertained all through your journey.  In this game, you have to repel the vicious attack by the dangerous zombies to your house before they enter into your home and eat your brain.

5.  Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a versatile game that is spreading through smart gadgets across the globe. You will find this game on almost every Android device. With this runner game, you will feel less chaotic and frantic during your flight. You will just need to avoid the obstacles or enemies that come in your ways. Doodle is the name of an alien creature whom you will help to hop as high as possible throughout the journey.