G-Dragon Net Worth 2020
By Admin - March 24, 2017

One of the most amazing, successful and incredible south Korean rapper is G-dragon. He is not merely a rapper, but a popular singer, record producer, songwriter, as well as an astonishing fashion icon. As he earned a name in his profession, he got a name G-dragon whereas his original name is kwon Ji-Yong. August is his birth month and 1988 is his birth year. He was born in South Korea. Want to know about the real G-Dragon Net Worth? You will find lots of diverse information on different sites. According to a recent estimation, his net worth is about $10 million.

A few more details behind the G-Dragon Net Worth:

According to an authentic source, income per year is around $ 1,347,320 which includes the earning from different sources. The average earnings are $ 458,670 from featuring, ads and endorsements. The child star has grown to such a popular and incredible person today. Why am I calling him the child star? The reason is that G-dragon started his career when he was merely 5 years old as he successfully released ‘Christmas Album’ but unfortunately, the contract with the company ( record company i.e. MS entertainment) was ended as soon as the album was released. The people liked it but they thought that they will never see him again on screen and he thought himself this thing too but this wasn’t a fact as he soon joined another company and they warmly welcomed him for his skills and he became popular again as soon as he met another amazing group of rappers ‘WU-Tang Clan’. At the age of 13 and with the help of this rapper group, he emerged as the youngest rapper again. After that, he worked with YG entertainment as well as Big bang too and successfully released a number of amazing tracks, which were gone viral.

G-Dragon Net Worth

The first solo album of G-Dragon:

The name of his first solo album was ‘heartbreaker’. It earned a good business as approximately 200,000 copies of it were sold and people loved it beyond limits and this was a great success for him. The reason for telling all this is that no one is born a star if G-Dragon Net Worth is incredible and surprising; there is lots of uphill struggle behind his success.

Income from different albums:

Name of the album: Heartbreaker
Earning related to that album: $ 1, 408, 85
Name of the album: Coup D’Etat
Earning related to that album: $1,387,654
Name of the album: One of a kind and heartbreaker + Coup D’Etat
Earning related to that album: $ 921,976
Name of the album: Lott’s new

Earning related to that album: $ 661356
Name of the album: G-dragon solo comeback
Earning related to that album: $ 575,963
Others: He earned $ 555,634 for other albums.

So, G-Dragon net worth is $10 million as mentioned above for which he is known to be one of the greatest as well as the most loved stars in the music industry.

GDragon is also a popular fashion icon admired for his artistic ability and stylized persona. As of 2020GDragon’s net worth is $30 Million dollars.
Net Worth: $30 Million