Assetto Corsa Competizione Review: the future of MotoSpot games

Assetto Corsa Competizione is a racing simulation, an automobile game published by 505 games and developed by Kunos Simulazioni. The game can be majorly classified into two modes, a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode with game rooms having a capacity of at most 20 people at a time. This game was released for PC almost a year ago but now this game is available for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game is full time racing with all the official cars and 200+ liveries. It contains real-time circuits and road maps. The graphics of this game are so applaudable that you do not even feel a little bit of inconvenience while playing it. The games contain not only two gaming modes but a series of different gaming modes like career mode, practice mode, special events, single race, race weekend, drag racing and many more. The game will continue on the bases of which game mode you use if it is a career mode then you will be placed in the driving seat of the car and you will have to do race against AI-generated cars to complete certain missions and upgrade your car or get a new one. The menu base in the game is incredible with the system of telling even the minor details of the car like the fuel and strategy, the electronics, the tires, the mechanical grip, the dampers, etc. Also, these options further have sub-options which let you know even more about the car. These options make your driving experience even better and let you know where your car is standing among the other cars and how well you need to upgrade your car for winning the race. This gets even much better as you start the multiplayer part of the game. The game modes like race weekend and special events enhance your knowledge about the different cars in the game and what they are truly capable of. These modes provide you a chance to race against different online players whose skill sets, and cars are better than you. The more you race the tougher the opponents you get.

This game provides you with real-time GT3 racing circumstances. Assetto Corsa Competizione uses the full extent of Unreal Engine 4 to produce realistic aerodynamic and other day, night graphics such that you do not feel whether you are driving a car in a game or real life. The detailing in the game at some places is so good that the game converts into a real-life GT3 racing game. While playing this game in the inner view camera it feels just like watching GT3 racing games on television. Also, the gameplay is incredible. In the Career mode of the game, Assetto Corsa provides you with a set of different difficulty profiles, the gamer, racer, and the pro. The more you increase the difficulty level the harder it gets to win but there is a nice increment in rewards too. Also, incoming DLCs and car packs let you increase your range of cars and increase the performance of the game.

Well with the game having extremely good features the game still has a lack of some important features. One of these is that the game is clocked to 30 fps which is not the recommended fps in some good GT3 racing games. Nowadays even most of the PC games come with minimum 60 fps cap. The game even has the support of Unreal Engine 4 but cannot be clocked at 60 fps which is a sorrow sight for a game having amazing 3-D graphics and mind-blowing gameplay. The 30-fps makes the graphics a little bit restricted and so the game does not run smoothly, as expected. Assetto Corsa provides the feature of making public rooms so that you can compete against challenging opponents but the unavailability of private rooms in the game is below expectations. It is one of the basic parts of any multiplayer game which according to the custom should be provided as soon as the game is released. This is another drawback of the Assetto Corsa Competizione gameplay. But it is an ongoing myth that the private rooms will be available for the PlayStation 4 int the incoming DLCs, but still, it is just a rumour. Also, we can hope that the Assetto Corsa Competizione developers will not let down the hopes of the players that play this game with zeal and zest and they will take into account the problems that users are facing in the game so that Assetto Corsa Competizione can rise above other GT3 racing simulators. One more issue which is not an important one but still should be taken into consideration is that the game has a hard-controlling system. You get a little bit off the track, there goes your car spinning like a Ferris wheel in a Theme Park, and keeping the car on the track is a tough task. But still what is a game without a challenge? So that is why it is not much of an issue. We hope that the game gets better in the future as the devs bring out more DLC’s and patches to the game so that old PC players do not feel any hinderance while playing it. But still, the game has to cover a lot of milestones to reach that level.

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