Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood (DLC) PC Review–one of the best DLC for Borderland series

Borderlands 3 is back with another DLC version comprising an awesome storyline. This DLC is named Bounty of Blood. It was released on June 25, 2020, by Gearbox Software and Gearbox Publishing. It was reviewed on PC but now it is available for PlayStation 4 and X Box One. Borderlands is a first-person, action, shooting game that has kept surprising people since than Borderlands 2 which was released in 2012.

As in the previous parts of the Borderlands series you start as a Bounty Hunter whose chief work is to find bounties and hunt them down. You go to Gehenna as for finding a bounty where you meet the new Sheriff in town. First, let us talk about Gehenna. Gehenna is a planet that has a town named Vestige. This town is mostly under attack by an evil organization named Devil Riders. These Devils have rides that are like dinosaurs, so they are known as Devil Riders. This is a new touch to the game. There will be an instructor throughout the game which is given a funny name “The Liar”. But he tells the truth. He is a little bit annoying but sometimes he tells some very important things like while fighting the final boss the weak spots of the boss are of great help.

So, coming back to the story. The Sheriff asks you to help him fight the Devil Rider organization to recover an important monument of the Gehenna Town. This is your bounty. The monument is named The Obsidian Stone. On your wayfinding this hidden organization you will also have to solve side missions to equip yourself with much better guns so fighting enemies would not be a problem. Loot was not so much easily available in the previous versions of Borderland series but this DLC broke those records. No loot is available even on the road corners. So, you would not feel your guns empty throughout the game. Vestige was a place to produce biological weapons, a complete warfare package, and the bases of research were the Obsidian Stone. They tried to tame the dinosaurs for their purposes, but it did not work out well. Later the Obsidian Stone was made the monument with the people settling around. But where there is law people are breaking it and this was the point the Devil Rider organization came into being. The main purpose of this organization was the retrieval of the Obsidian Stone any means possible. To achieve their objective, they broke the laws and tried to raid the village so that they could get their hands on the biotechnology. After many wars and huge massacres, in the end, the poor villagers gave up and the Devil Riders got the Obsidian Stone. Now you are given the duty by the new Sheriff to help him get the Obsidian Stone back. The game’s graphics are amazing. Also, the in-game toys (guns and other stuff) have incredible detailing.

Your shooting and aiming skills will be tested a lot of times in the game. This game is one of those which cannot be taken lightly because each corner each turn has a new challenge waiting for you.

The game has its good side has some minor tweaks which need to be taken care of so that the users can feel much more comfortable while playing the game. One of them is the storyline being explained by The Liar. He tells it in such a cowboy manner that it feels exhausting to listen to him but as stated above that for you not to miss important tips in the game you have to listen to him. The purpose of The Liar should be just to explain or point out the important stuff, not every single little bit. Also, the in-game puns are horrible. It has complained before in the previous versions of Borderlands that the game has too many unnecessary jokes. The developers have tried to take care of this issue but still, it is present. Well, it is just a DLC! In future DLCs, we hope that these issues will be taken care of because it is a developing game and still there is much to come in the Borderlands series. This DLC has amplified the hopes of the users and they will be waiting for the next DLC with anticipation. We hope that the developers will not disappoint them.

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